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This was a cool concept. Unfortunately I kept spawning off level on subsequent levels meaning I had to restart lol! I did enjoy it nonetheless. 

really enjoyed the art and concept, was a nice little interactive experience.

This was a great representation of what the quarantine felt like to a lot of people haha! Liked the nice little references to past thumbs stuff :) 

Loved the tune, gameplay was solid and very enjoyable. Had some tense moments but managed to get through it after a few tries!

OK this was actually really surprising and fun, it helped that I didn't actually look at the game page I think. 

The art was pretty good and the fishing mechanic worked really well I thought.

This was really enjoyable, great art work, music fit the theme really well also. 

Hey this is pretty straight forward *OMG I got eaten by a giant worm!*

Really enjoyed it, reminded me of minesweeper but much more stressful haha!

Hey really appreciate the feedback, thanks for playing. I will look into allowing fullscreen as I hadnt thought of users with 4k monitors as I don't have one... woops 😅

There's also a bug where sometimes defeating the boss doesn't trigger the ending so I need to figure that one out and also the getting stuck on terrain sometimes.

Thanks for playing my game 😄

Hey thanks so much for playing my game :)

Nice! Will check it out later for sure!

Very cool mechanic and idea!

This was really enjoyable, controls were quite good, ambience was good, concept was good too, I enjoyed having to manage the suspicion levels etc.

For improvements I would have added maybe some highlighting of areas, for example when sending units between regions or if a region was approaching full suspicion or was fully corrupted. Maybe some other random events.

Great Job!

This was an interesting concept, could have used some music maybe and a little more direction within the game to help figure out what to do etc. however I saw that some details were noted on the game page.

The gameplay concept is definitely something that would be worth exploring I think as well.

Hey so this was a trippy little thing haha! Really enjoyed the concept; the art and music were really nice too, it had a very steady pace to it as well.

The art on this was really well done! it had some nice eerie music to go along with it too which really helped boost the atmosphere, I really enjoyed the blurbs from the NPCs as well.

My only critique would be hit detection seemed a little off, I would be what I would've thought was within attacking range but I needed to be closer.

Also, I think it may have been a bug, but I couldn't progress beyond the second floor after getting the guy with the blue gun. (Unless there are only two floors.)

Other than that, it was really good and I wanted to play more :)

This was a fun game. I agree with Roman_hyacinths points as well. Was fun trying to survive longer and swapping weapons at the right time to take down a bunch of the on rushing cultists was exciting. 

Good Job!

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Thanks so much for playing! I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for playing and for the constructive feedback.

There was some input delay mechanism I added for the menu which seems to be making it cause this for everyone and I knew it was delaying too much but I ran out of time to correct it. I agree on the music, I sort of picked some eerie music together which I thought would work well but I guess I needed to pay more attention next time haha! the same with the SFX, I wanted to add some for movement and some particle effects but again, ran out of time so had to prioritize :)

Again, thanks for playing, its very appreciated :)

Hi, sorry you couldn't play it. Unfortunately I don't own the gamemaker studio licence to build HTML games. I looked into Mac OS builds and its something I need to set up (not as easy as setting up a standard Windows build sadly) but can be done, its the same as with Linux builds. This is something that I will explore going forward.

This was a nice entry. The Gameplay was solid and simple and it was clear what needed to be done to win. The production quality was good, the character design, boss and environment were great. The win and lose screens also added some humour.

Good Job!

OK I was smiling throughout playing this, I really enjoyed it and the tone. I felt myself a decent speller but wow, this picked some absolutely devastatingly difficult words to spell when the difficulty cranked up haha!

My only critique was that the narrator spoke a bit too softly and adjusting the audio settings I couldn't make it any louder.

Good Job!

Sorry to hear about the controls being messed up in the main menu... I did struggle getting the menu inputs to work as expected, especially when using the gamepad which maybe caused the issues.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing it!

The production quality on this is astounding! The concept is great, the gameplay was really engaging and everything was packaged incredibly well.

Great Job!

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Nice gameplay, was simple and enjoyable, loved how the art reflected your sanity. Would be interesting to see the concept be taken further as the pacing feels like a "Shiren the Wanderer"/"Pokemon Mystery Dungeon" style game, maybe adding a lovecraftian creature that chases you at some point etc.

Good Job!

This was very eerie and creepy, great atmosphere. I think it captured the lovecraftian nature of the theme really well as it creeped me out throughout.

Great Job!

Tentacle hands are the best hands! seriously, this was quite fun, albeit short... would have played much more and the artwork was fantastic! Lighting and general atmosphere were great too!

My only critique (other than it was short :) ) would be that getting caught reset you back to the beginning, maybe checkpoints at the beginning of every room would solve it; that isn't really an issue though due to the length. 

Good Job!

This was really good overall, creepy and gave me jump scares along the way haha! I do admit that I had to use the walkthrough a handful of times to figure out some of the puzzles (the button pushing one really confused me lol); however the fact that you got about 20-30 minutes of gameplay in was great. The story itself was decent given the amount of time for the jam too!

Like another comment mentioned, there were some spelling errors, and the only other critique would be the reaction time when the chases would start would catch me out more often than not haha.


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I really enjoyed the concept and not getting your cover blown. Was a bit short but given the time limit its a great entry. Getting caught was also fun. Good job!

Really nice concept, the only slight issue I had was in seeing where I could place the tiles after the CPU's turn. Apart from that its really good. Great Job!

Really nice concept, the only slight issue I had was in seeing where I could place the tiles after the CPU's turn. Apart from that its really good. Great Job!

Hi and thanks a lot for playing :) you are absolutely right about the graphics, I specifically kept them simple to allow me to focus on the mechanics and finishing a jam game, maybe as an update though :D

Was fun attempting to manage everything, especially near the end. Very good job!

Enjoyable little game, art style reminded me of old style atari games which was quirky, shame there's no music or sound effects, but it a very nice little adventure game, especially considering your circumstances!