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Nice little Jam game, really enjoyed the audio! gameplay was snappy and responsive and the graphics were clear and readable. I did soft lock the game on the last level because I missed some coins and dropped to an area where I couldn't jump back.

Great entry though!

Great concept! I really enjoyed placing the orbs and seeing the impending void consume it all, really like how its done. I would have maybe enjoyed it more if there would have been a fast forward button after the first run. 

Good job!! 

This was a fun experience, very moody and spooky, I liked the camera flash item, reminded me of fatal frame. The story was pretty great too! and the sound design was fantastic! Great Job!!

Thank you very much for your kind words! I'm glad you liked it :)

I played all I could, but the storm just gets progressively stronger no matter what I did and I could get very far with the black fog getting me, it seems as though there might be more level to play but the powerup doesn't last long enough for me to progress so not 100% sure if that was it hehe.

I did enjoy having the struggle against the storm but wished it would have eased off a bit so I could make further progress. Good Job though!

Great Arcade action with great graphics and music. Played through several times in quick succession. Great Job!

Good Shooter, needed some audio to make it a really great jam game.

This is really fun! just needed a way to restart the level if you've gone over the time and more levels, but the gameplay, graphics and audio were top-notch!

Great job!!

Took me a moment to realize what to do; however once it clicked it had some good ideas for a platform puzzler, cool concept

Quite Chill, controls were a bit fiddly but I got the hang of it, found I got stuck a bit too easily on the edges of things (like a real Kayak!) Great checkpointing and the audio and SFX made just wondering around a nice experience.

Good job!

This is super cool, the minigame is a bit too hectic which does lead to some accidental losses but the rest of the game, presentation graphics and audio work really well together

Catline Miami! Fun idea, tank controls made it slightly difficult to control the cat, I wish there were some SFX to go along with the audio track as the graphics and story bits were really great.

Good Job!

Fun Idea, really subverts your expectations at the beginning when the ball hits the brick and the sand drops the first time, brilliant!

This is great! My only feedback would be that there only seemed to be one move and no combos or anything like that, maybe having punches and kicks or something like that. Other than that, the story, graphics and audio work really well together and the cutscenes were soo rad too! great job!


Pretty Interesting Idea, but was too tough for me, the AI would swarm me super quickly after I fired a shot at one of the guys. also, not sure what the water was for... maybe I just didn't survive long enough... 

nice game idea, I enjoyed the potion brewing at the beginning of every run, the graphics were very nice and it felt good to control. I did have an issue during one of the playthroughs where I destroyed all the other creatures but I was unable to proceed, meaning I had to restart, but apart from that it was a really nice Jam Game

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Thanks for the feedback. I did set the entire games rooms and cameras to 64x64 pixels with only the size of the viewport being set to 704x704 so it wasn't a tiny square on the screen. It seems as though that was not enough as Gamemaker seems to do some hokey pokey business. That's my bad (doh!). 

I checked the resizing of the application surface and I can now see the end effect makes more sense, honestly I don't know how I didn't realize during development, woops... I will release an update with just this patch after the voting ends with the fix for this.

Cool game idea with a very good overall level of polish. Good job!

Really like the intro and the interpretation of the invasion theme, the gameplay was straightforward, could have benefitted from a pause from intro to game play though as when I played the first time a TV spawned straight away smashing into the ground resulting in me losing almost immediately. Replaying it a second time I managed to get all the way through to the end and it was fun trying to catch the bigger items first and then mopping up what was left on the floor.

Fun game! Good Job!

Yeah I think you're right, there maybe needed a few more levels to build up to the last level; however totally understand that with time constraints its hard to do those things. Personally I felt the number of levels and length were great for a jam game.

 I did in fact get stuck often on the last stage and its probably due to the volume of things that were happening, lots of NPCs the spikes etc. and narrow corridors made it harder to actually get around than I expected.

Cool idea using GPT to generate a rough level design that you refined to make use of btw :)

Great game! the gameplay was fantastic and had lots of juice, the audio and graphics really worked well together and the mechanic was really creative, on top of that it was all packaged into a robo western!

Thanks for playing my game! I saw the issue you mentioned where the knight wouldn't interact correctly but it wasn't easy to replicate and I was running out of time unfortunately... post jam updates for sure :D

Thanks for playing my game and the feedback. I hadn't thought about the contrast but looking at it now, I should've corrected that! 

Also yes, unfortunately I was unable to balance it all before submitting as I've realized that the cost and time some of the activities take is a bit unfair, making it quite tricky to keep up with the difficulty.

Making GIFs or videos of the gameplay would definitely help other users.

Thanks again for the feedback :)

Good job on the game, I struggled with the last level as the difficulty spiked. It was quite easy to understand what to do which was great, however I felt the controls were a bit tricky. also it felt like the player would get stuck against corners very easily which made the last level harder with so much going on. Great music and menus nonetheless and the graphics got the job done clearly.

Nice one!

Well its paint but on PICO :). It worked pretty well. I really liked seeing the bucket do its job after I drew a triangle from lines and made it fill in a colour. I struggled the most with knowing which button the PICO controller represents, but that's just because of my lack of use of the PICO platform, it was easy enough to figure it out as you had stated on your page and the tool-tip explained it.

Good Job

Great, creepy story, snappy gameplay and great audio. The town seems like it was ready to expand on the story further if continued on.

Good Job!

Thanks for playing my game. Yeah there are some bugs I was unable to squash before the deadline. 

I was considering fleshing this out after the jam so your reply is indeed encouraging :)

Wow! This is absolutely fantastic, everything worked so well, it was really enjoyable with great graphics, sounds and just the right length for a game jam.

Well Done!

Such an interesting idea for a game. I did struggle a bit when a lot of the debris was on the screen at the same time; however I managed to complete it. The Audio was functional but got the point across as it increased the immersion.

Great Job on a very cool idea!

This was surprisingly addictive, nice self paced challenge with nice music and graphics. 

I feel that the resolution was much higher than the 64x64 though.

This was a really fun bite-sized experience. 

I read the instructions on the page but I was quite a bit lost the first round (that's on me lol) and got a score of 700. I played a few more times and I figured out how to react more efficiently to the fire spreading, it felt really good to successfully manage the fire with the water teams and fire breaks (I got a top score of 5250). Once the mechanics clicked it was really enjoyable, I really enjoyed that the map seems to be randomly generated (or from a list of maps), extending the gameplay. 

The graphics were nice and fairly clear but I struggled understanding the menu options for setting out the water etc. (This was the case for my first playthrough where it didn't click that the dots were substitutes for the numbers) 

Maybe more audio feedback like when the fire's are being put out would've enhanced the experience further.

Great Job!

That would be awesome, however sometimes its just not possible due to time restrictions and extra testing etc. hehe

I tried the tutorial first (which I can see from the game page isn't fully functioning so that's fine). I then got through to the 2nd level but I ended up in a situation where I only had some subterranean troops and the enemies had a flying one, meaning I couldn't attack them and they couldn't attack me which was a shame. 

The Audio was pretty decent but I was struggling to make out some of the words for the story elements which was a shame as I could see that some effort went into that!

I think without the resolution restriction and a bit more polish, the vision for this game could be matched.

This is a Great Game! The Graphics and Audio were really well done and matched the theme you went for and suited the gameplay as well. It was a great puzzle game! Could see more levels being made along with some more story (I got 2 endings as well!)

Great Job!

This was really well made. 

Great idea adding a Boss fight as well, diversified the gameplay! 

I found it a bit on the easy side (which is a good thing for a game with an end haha!). It was a nice experience for a jam game. 

Great job!

It is difficult to balance things out especially when implementing new things. Having made use of events and delegates in a practical setting will definitely set you up for other projects in the future, if you don't continue tinkering with this one!

Thank you very much for your feedback, it is extremely welcomed :) I mentioned in another reply that I have a list of things I ran out of time to implement, having the mice/cats patrolling was on the list that just didn't make the cut. I am now working on a post-jam release with those improvements as well as your suggestions for using the cheese outside of just distracting as I can see that it will definitely improve the gameplay loop and create more interesting puzzles as well :)

Thanks for playing! I saw some of the replay as I didn't catch you online, I realized I made the levels too wide in some places (doh!) also the HUD disappeared in later levels (doh again!)... I've got a list of updates to work on from the feedback I've received from everyone which is great :)

Hey, not to worry... maybe to make the process of shooting easier on the second level with the charges, instead of right-clicking to increase the charges one at a time, maybe holding down the right mouse button instead increases the charge value over time? Just a suggestion, but don't be too hard on yourself, its a learning experience :) and you will surely be able to build on top of this if you do proceed with updating it or taking what you've learnt to your next project...