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Sadly I thought that given that the ball direction is changed with the X axis analog input in a keyboard+mouse it was going to be a bit akward so I decided to only support gamepads :(

Love the tron-like look, and the audio is great!

I'll be rating games from here so check out my game please!

Really fun and a very cool theme, Bob is a nice dude

Thanks!! Apparently there is a problem with some controllers and the rewind mechanic thanks!!

I'll be checking and rating games from this post so I would love it if you did the same!

We made a tennis game where you can rewind the ball to a previous position, not the most creative, but we had a fair amount of laughs when I said, WII TENNIS BUT WITH TIME WARPS

Please rate my game and I'll rate yours!

Thats weird, I've tried it with Xbox One controllers, Xbox 360, and PS4 ones and all of them worked fine

Hey guys, I made a tennis game with a friend for the game jam and we've got only 6 ratings which is a bit sad, I'll be checking games out so it would help a lot if you checked ours!

Great great job on the game

Hey guys, I've checked some games from this thread, would love it if you checked mine!

Very very cool

Great graphics and idea!

Fun idea

Loved it, nice ambient, and nice little mechanic

Very fun, as a musician I was very impressed with the piece, and... THE LICK

Holy milk this was fun, speed run worthy

A bit tricky to undertand but a nice concept

Blobs that fight and rewind nice

Aesthetically pleasing and fun and relaxing, nice!

It's a bit buggy but a nice concept none the less, could be expanded into a nice game!

Beautiful, so stupidly beautiful, both graphically and musicaly, a cute character with a unique trait, and a funny narrator, great game!!

So cute my man got old I love it 

thx kbsa

Looks like Contra or Commando but the controls aren't good, some enemies are hard to see and depending on when you spawn you will instantly die, but hey the music is great

A fun endless runner with nice art, nice job!

Looks great, feels tight and it's a lot of fun, great job!!

I like the graphics and there are 2 dogs which is double nice, but I don't think the game fits the theme properly

The contros feel super tight and I really admire using splines to create the track, but the lack of audio is a shame :(

I didn't understand the mechanics but there is a dog

Thanks for playing the game! Yeah I'm pretty sure I could have done a better job on explaning things, I'll make sure to make a detailed tutorial or explanation for next projects!

Love the graphics and the music!

Love the graphics and the music!

The controls are tight and the game gets challenging, but I wouldn't say it was fun