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I really dig the puzzles in this one. The player speed is a bit fast, but at the same time barely making it past certain obstacles at that speed was satisfying. Overall a pretty well made game. Good stuff :)

The only real thing keeping this game back is the lack of music. Very polished experience, excellent work.

The visuals are fantastic. Reminds me of mirror's edge and other parkour-type games. My mouse kept escaping the game onto my second monitor, and it made it much harder to play, but I had a good time with this one overall. Good stuff.

This game is adorable <3. I feel as though it only needed 1 collecting objective though, not 2.

Solid work :)

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Once I got used to the jump on a timer, it became immensely easier. I wish I could turn the mouse mid-air when it jumps. The forced jump sends you backward, so if I stand backward, when I perform the mid-air jump i'd like to turn around and get double the distance.

Neat concept, you don't see many games made in unreal for these either. :)

The slippery controls matched the theme extremely well. I wish the spikes were a little more telegraphed though.

Good stuff dude.

Sprite work and sound were great. The varied environments kept the action interesting, and OH MY GOD! I HATE THE MIMIC APPLE SO MUCH! hahaha

I think I beat it in a little under 200 seconds. Well done.

The concept and the atmosphere (lighting, sfx, and particles) are pretty spot on. I like 'locking' things into place, but I wish there were some more interesting scenarios to utilize such a cool mechanic. 

I'm really curious to see where this game goes in the future, there was a lot of love and effort put into it. Good job :)

Not a huge fan of collectathon styled platformers (e.g. collecting coins to advance), but this one has some neat ideas. On paper, I liked all the sub-weapons sharing a resource, but bombs are more essential to advancing than shooting.

The controls and jumping are overall pretty good, the art is pretty cute too.

Hey! I couldn't get the game to run properly on my machine, but one of my partners did and wanted to leave you his feedback:

"good first attempt. keep it up.

The level is kind of long and you have hp and I found that due to how tall some of the objects were that the insta kill pits could come out of nowhere if you fell down from some of the mountains, so I would recommend having spikes that deal damage there or something akin to that instead.

I liked that there were secret paths even if some of them didn't really lead to anything.

Going on down slopes was awkward due to how you would just fly off of them.

People have talked about the ai enough; with how slow the attack was, I just ignored the skeletons mostly, there was nothing really keeping me from jumping over them.

The extra movement tech in the game like the wall jump and the increased jump from going up slopes was interesting, but also didn't really fit the flow of the level overall. I think they could work more if you made a more vertical level than horizontal and truly implemented them as feature rather than as a pby-roduct of missing edge cases.

You did it though. Its dope."


Extremely solid experience w/ the core mechanic. I was freaking out about the clones stacking until I realized you can reset all of them with the R key. The controls were crisp and I appreciate the checkpoints. Good job! :)

I love the squash and stretch on the jump! <3

Sliding up onto platforms is very weird, but I ended up getting used to it. Adding checkpoints would be really cool, but overall I had fun. Good stuff.

I ADORE the graphics and style of this game; they are the most polished i've seen so far.

I liked the simple controls and mechanics of the game; however, it was a bit weird to me that your run+jump height is significantly higher than your walk+jump height; it made some jumps impossible until I realized that. Also, it took me a couple of tries to see where the un-safe zones were in the ice.

Very cute game! I'd love to see where this heads in the future.

I wish you could hang on the tether and aim throwing the shuriken simultaneously. It would make some of the jumps a lot less punishing.

I like the concept a lot though, and the tethering is really well done. The ground movement could be a little smoother, but it seems a bit intentional because of fast you can pick up speed through other means. I had a lot of fun with the mechanics even though i'm bad at it. lol

This game stresses me out... in a good way! It provides a great sense of urgency from the temperature mechanic, and makes hitting those difficult jumps more satisfying. I wish the game relied a little less making jumps off of the edge, but I did get used to it after a while. It played well, good job :)

I enjoyed the difficulty a lot, despite not being able to grab all of the meat. I wish it were easier to go between standing and crouching states. Overall a good job :)

I love the use of color in this game. The overall aesthetic is absolutely adorable.

Like what Frank said, falling off the map can be brutal, especially around the end of the stage.

I hope to see even more from Babsi one day. :)

This game has some seriously gorgeous visuals. The base work of the gameplay is solid; very reminiscent of Punch-Out and other old-school beat em ups.

Because of the way stamina is set up in the game, it feels like the player is getting punished for making correct decisions. Defensive maneuvers like blocking and dodging consume stamina when they should be a means of conserving it.

Additionally, I wish attacks from the enemies were a bit more telegraphed so I can react and choose a defensive option accordingly.

Overall, this game has great potential as a quick, fun, fast paced beat em up. I'm very much looking forward to any updates, if you choose to do so. :)

The progression feels really smooth in this. The later levels are challenging and might require a second or third try. I wish the camera rotated a little faster, but I appreciate that the level design revolved around the way the controls were set.

Excellent work!

This game has style, great art, and a stellar gameplay. (I LOOOOVE some of the more advanced spells)

My only complaint is that the player can get overwhelmed pretty easily. It can feel straight up punishing at times from a single accidental miscast in the later levels... but at the same time, the difficulty is appreciated :)

Sound effects and controls were on POINT! This one is easy to learn and the harder puzzles really make you think.

My only complaint is that there aren't more levels. :(

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I loved the concept. Movement was a bit challenging, but I was able to adapt eventually.

Really appreciated the visual gauge for the power-ups.

Nice work :)

I'm absolutely loving the art! It's so polished that it makes me wish that there were sounds to go with the adorable veggies getting sliced apart.

I think it would feel a lot smoother if the animation for the chop didn't momentarily freeze the hand from moving forward.

Good work :)

I had a lot of fun with this. The RGB puzzle took me a bit to understand, but once I got it, I was like "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh!".

I wish the execute timer was a liiiiiittle shorter though, so I can input the commands a little faster.

Excellent work :)

I loved the music and sound effects! The challenge was much appreciated.

I did end up breaking the game in one of the playthroughs! I lost my sword somehow in the room that you can't advanced through unless you destroy the 2 yellow enemies. I got farther into my next playthrough though ;)

I really love seeing good voxel art being used in games. Kiddos!

I kinda wish that turning the sub didn't use air, but at the same it DID make me panic even more when the octopus started to move. Haha...

Very nice work.

I appreciate how much effort you put into the story and the voice acting. The mechanics are challenging and the punching animation makes it super satisfying to blow away the asteroids. Nicely done!

I wish the input window for entering B1+B2 (Jump) was much shorter, so I can move and attack w/o getting jump accidentally. That being said, I like how many mechanics you were able to implement on 2-buttons. I appreciate the difficulty, and the sprite work and music were fantastic. Looking forward to updates in the future :)

I absolutely loved the sprite work and music. The foreground sprites are a cool visual treat and also serve to make it harder to time certain jumps. Well done!

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The visual guides did such a good job of teaching me how to play, that I didn't bother with the tutorial. Having multiple difficulties is a welcomed feature. Excellent work!

Arrow Keys to move
Z/X to Shoot
A/S to Manually reload