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Hi! Thanks for playing Worldwide, glad you liked it. Before launching, I was thinking to add an extra button to show the icons animation en each level instead of reloading the level, maybe in future updates. Really thanks for feedback and tips, it helps me a lot :D 

Wow! Really thanks for playing worldwide and your comment. Glad you liked it! :D

Graphics are super good. I think gameplay starts too fast, in few seconds you must have houdini fingers to master the game. As other comments, I agree with controls but I really like rhythm genre and this game is a good starting point for further updates.

Thanks for playing and chilling! :D


Thanks for your comment!! Glad you like this experience :D

haha thanks!!

Many thanks for your comment and tips!! For sure I'll think about it for next updates :D

Nice graphics, liked so much the color palette. Simple but addictive gameplay and good progression. I liked the cloud option to water all the flowers at the same time. Maybe for next updates you can add more variety of flowers and mechanics (game balance) to challenge even more the players. But really, well done, congrats :D!

So challenging, liked! Overall is a good game :D

Graphics are very engaging, controls need more work it seems player slide a little bit after jump. Anyway, platformers are always a good choice! good job!!

The background music is really good and with that art lines remember me to a musical score. Maybe it would be nice to make bigger or highlight the bullets and add more elements to challenge the player against enemies. Anyway, well done!! Congrats :D

Really thanks for your comments, feedback and tips!. Very good idea adding a button that helps to generate new sakuras. Yeah, definitely, with more time these weeks, I'll try to add more content and gameplay variations and maybe make more chapters about japanese culture. Thanks :D

Thanks!! Glad you liked :D

Really good game and level design! About audio, in my case the background music stops from  the first level.

Thanks for your comment! That's the feeling that I was looking for when I made this experience :D


Same problem, game doesn't seem to load :(

You catched that childhood nostalgic feeling making this game, congrats!!

Nice "Jack and the Beanstalk" concept, smooth player controller but there are some bugs that have to been improved (keep falling when die...). Maybe in future updates :D

Nice game idea, maybe more inspired on halloween/darkness than spring but well done.

I like turret games but it doesn't match with spring and growth theme. Maybe you could add a different color palette to match more with the spring vibe, or grow the turret when beating waves.

Epic the sounds after shaving sheeps haha! Maybe a little bit annoying the razor movement but I think this a nice game idea to have fun.

A nice game made by kids! you have a lot talent, keep making! :D

Wow difficult to master but nice game! As previous comments, this game would be perfect on mobile, people like this type of games on that platform! Congrats :D

Addicting!!, you created the base to add more content in future updates. Liked the music, it's relaxing and match within the game! Congrats :D

Hi, many thanks for your comment!! and realizing those little details in the game. For the tree I had to split it in many parts and set delays to catch that "growing vibe".

I'm not that good in matching games, but really nice to play! Well done :D

What a big sized map, so much work in 48h, well done! Epic Mario's sound effect when moving player.

So relaxing very well done!! :D

Liked the platformer idea maybe I'd change the sfx for something more smooth and add background music to immerse more the players. Congrats :D

Love the music and bee sound!! Nice gameplay.

I also had troubles with controls especially with keys and trackpad but I liked the experience, good idea! :D

ohh poor frogs! I really liked the visuals and hana's art style! Congrats :D

More challenging than expected, wel done!! :D

Liked the incremental economic mechanic in your idea! Congrats :D

Love to unlock keys while playing, well thought!! :D

Enjoyed the game! Easy controls and addictive gameplay. Congrats :D

Thanks for your appreciation!! :D

Thank you!!