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Julio Maass

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Got to level 40 with almost 200 kori :)

Looks like teddy bear is the best item, combined with the sword, and a good skilltree.

Great game, love the concept. Its a good improvement over Fire & Brimstone, less luck, more skill based.

I like that you can choose the music

I made a video showing how to get all gems, in case anyone is unable to unlock all classes:

Hey! We uploaded a new version without the bugs. :) Also, we are working on a longer version of the game, and will probably launch it next week, if you are interested.

Hey! We uploaded a bug free version today, if you want to try it. :) Also, if you have just one heart, picking up another ability will give you another heart. Sometimes its worth it. Also, every ability works as a checkpoint now.

Still working on a bigger world for the game. If you liked it, stay tuned, we will probably upload a new version next week! :D

Hi, level designer here! Saying its a bit complex its a good enough feedback! 

Yes, we are already working on more levels! And yeah, I think we had too much content for such a small game :P On the full release, with more levels, you will have more time to get used to each one!

Hope it didnt ruin the experience for you, and that you had some fun! :)

Hi! Level designer/musician here! Just here to say that if you didnt had any power swap in the game, you sure are a pro player lol! Once you get the 2nd power up, it changes the ability every time you get hit! xD

Anyways, thanks for trying our game :) I played yours too, love engaging story driven games like it!

Hey! Level designer here! Yeah, I have to agree, the difficulty ramps a little fast in our game lol. Unfortunately, I made the music for the game first, and ended up making the level design in the last few hours. I tested all rooms, but played the game as a whole only after the developing time ended. Obviously, its way easier playing one room at a time lol.

Anyways, hope you had some fun with it! We are already working on a full release, an this and other flaws are getting fixed. Thanks for your feedback, it helps a lot!

Hey, level designer here! Thank you for your comment!

Actually all rooms were designed in a way that you can go through with any power! Some of the aren't as obvious, but you can do it. Every ability got an platforming aspect, so the gameplay keeps changing. Of course, as a dev I'm way more used to them, so its easier for me (as it is to any dev, playing his own game).

We are making a longer game for the post jam, so it has more time for you to get used to the weapons. So you wont be getting the hardest weapon (magnet) in the hardest rooms (spiked ones) lol! Hope it didnt ruin the experience for you, my job here was really rushed.

Also, if you like one weapon more than others, you can skip the other power ups, and finish the game with one weapon (any of them)!  That way the weapon change mechanic wont bother you. We also thought it would be easier if the game paused when you get hit, so you can plan your next moves with the next weapon. Just an ideia. :)

Thank you for your in depht comment, it will surely help us to make a better full release!

I'm not a developer, just wanted to help haha. I think the dev answered the same time as me :P

Also I tought you would be controled in the next puzzles when it ended, I would love to see that aproach if it get expanded.

Tihs puzzle is perfect, I had to play it all! You came up with very clever rooms, in that short time. Also, the character is adorable, and when I translated the ending...  Its so heartbreaking :( 5 stars, make more of it!

Love the game, is nice to feel invisible in the face of the enemy! Also is good that you have multiple ways to dodge attacks, each player can play it his own way. Great game!

Nice tip, I didn't realise it! Yeah, it got a great ninja feel!

Amazing job! Not much to say, besides: 5 stars! Hope to see you in the top scores, you deserve it.

Character's health is on the lower part of the screen :)

Looooll! That needs to be put on the game xD I think a funny dialoque would work on it xD

Nice, the game has potential! These wobbly characters from that pack are a good recerence for animation.

Hi! Musician/level designer here. Glad to hear that  you liked the music! Comparing it with kirby is a very good compliment! :D

About the checkpoint.. Yeah, I misplaced the last one so it wasn't working. :( Too bad, if you die in the last screen, the game sends you back to the toughest section. I only noticed it after the voting phase started. We already fixed it for a post jam version, but it seems to bother a lot of people here (and with good reason). 

Anyways, thanks for the feedback!

Hey! Musician/level designer here. Glad to know you noticed it, your comment made my day! :D Actually I was meant to only make the music for the game, but we where running out of time and I ended up making all level design in the last few hours. It was my first time doing level design, so it was really stressful to make it so fast!

Very engaging game! Graphics are cute. :)

So true! Happened to me too xD

Hi! I keep getting something around 30 something. My best was 39 :)

I thought the same lol

Good job making a crafting game out of control! At first I thought the inventory was too small, but then I realized that you can store stuff on the wheel and had that "oh" moment! I think having an infinite linear world is a great twist (pun intended) on the genre. I think it could work as a full release!

Cute game as always! Subtle things like the sheeps turning back when they touch the dog helps the gameplay a lot, and make the game feel more alive. Also: go pico8 o/

Really clever! Thats a 5 star for sure! Dont know if the 3rd stage was easier, or if I was getting good at the game, because I passed it way faster than the 2nd lol

Glad you liked it! Pro tip: If you like one the weapons more than others, you can skip the other pickups, so you stay with your favorite weapon. ;) Though you have to stick with the first weapon until you take the one you like. If you like speed running, I recommend taking spike imunity, then jet pack. :)

Yeah, I think it would be a good aproach. Needs to be tested, of course.

Yep. I wanted to test all cards too, but I dont remember if I managed to do that. I think I missed maybe 2. It felt great when you got that big strong cards.

Nice game! Is it just me, or this game is always on speedrun mode lol. I feel it could be cool if when the guy runs out of pills, he cant stop jumping or running forward. He could bounce on walls when running and out of control, so the player dont get stuck. :)

Card with personalities is great! I just wish it was longer. Still have to take a look on your other games :) Also, wish you luck with Pongeon, its great too, and fits the theme really well!

Great idea! The humor, and the house being carried are a nice touch!

Really clever concept for this game. Too bad you had to hurt some blue squares to make it. Some sacrifices are necessary.

Hey, nice concept, going out of control on high speeds. I think that being unable to turn the car will make the player want to go slower though. Maybe when you go faster, the car turns faster when you press left and right, so its harder to control. That way the player will want to go fast but the game will be harder. Just an idea. :)

Managed to reach the purple balls! :D Its a pretty hard game, it need some checkpoints so we dont lose the progress. Music is cool!

Killing other stones is a nice adition and adds a lot of strategy I think. Also is very satisfying. Sometimes for some reason I rolled the dice and couldn't move my pieces, and had to reroll the dice. Anyways, good job on the jam!

Challenge accepted! Got 929 after a few attempts. :D I like that the machines take longer to break on the tutorial mode, so you can get used to what tool fix each one. :)

Nice idea! The graphics effects are very cool.

I like the colors of the game! I took a while to realise that the demon shoots with the mouse button lol