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My new JAM: Animated Music Video 2021. I am very nervous about this JAM. I really need to study and practice a lot… A year of time for a video…, I need more time!

Recién hoy, he publicado este JAM… Estoy muy nervioso, por que hay muchas cosas que todavía no sé hacer. Por supuesto, tengo un montón de ideas en la cabeza. Como va a ser la primera vez que aplicare muchos nuevos conocimientos, no espero que me quede muy bien.

My new object 3D, a voxel chess. The 3d object was made with Magica Voxel. This was my first voxel style object.

Normal world

Today, I released the 64 bit version of the debian package too.

This is my first debian package. From now, my games will have debian packages…

Thanks for your assets… What about use on commercial games?

You are right… Thanks…! I have refused a lot of invitation because of this… When the new cathecism was published I read both: Trento and this new version. But, my memory fails a lot…

This model has normal and low poly version. Three formats: blender 2.79, x3d and obj. My new 3d model is distributed with CC4 license. So you could use it on your own commercial games. I did it for Asset Jam 13.

My new Roulette

Asset Jam 12 is finished. I am very happy with this opportunity of show my 3D assets. The first time, I think that it will be very easy to do the best Asset. It was a terrible mistake. Each time Asset Jam is more and more interesting and complicated.I am very happy of my lost in a Jam without any rattings or votes.

Thanks a lot… I hope do not damage your good looking textures, but adaptation to other software could be complucated. Sorry for this…

Thanks for your excellent asset… Then, blender has toon shaders…? This is great! What about use on free and commercial games?

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Thaks for your very useful asset package… actually I am reading a bit about Unity and Blender. Sure your asset is very appropriate for me. What about the use on commercial games?. This is not really a problem, because my next 3D game on 2021 will be free… Sorry, I think your package is excellet…, but what is the meaning of

  • free of charge - 2 any yours of animation to order?

I bought the original model very cheap on a Chinese Store. It is a simple puzzle on balsa wood, around 50 pieces or more. download

I made whit object 3D for Asset Jam 12. house

Thanks for your asset… they are funny and look very well.

Good idea… thanks for your invitation. Actually I am porting some 32 bit games to 64 bits. Of course, I have a lot of assets I want to improve too.

Thanks for your game… Some years ago I publish two videos on Instagram… I made it with POV-Ray, but I recommend you FractInt.exe for Windows, because this program has a lot of fractals with equations.

magnet 2 julia <-0.1,-0.3>

magnet 2 julia <10.1,-30>

Ocassionally I used fractals to create some objects on my project FreeRay or to create textures for my games freeray.

Please, I thanks you if you add buttons to capture images to create easilly some textures.

With the FreeRAY-2019 release, my LGPL POVRay library reachs 175 objects. Actually you could download almost all of them on the official site of POVRay. I know: These objects are for animations and static images…, my conversion tool it is very complicated to use on games; my output it is very disappointing. You could mail me if you need some hints, with a lot of work and rewrite some code, it is possible a better conversion.

If you want to combine POVRay and Blender you could read this article… PovRAY-Blender HINT: Combine your characters on Blender with POVRay backgrounds, and look for many POVRay utilities on the internet… Aeroplane (toy)

Hemos agregado una versión para Android de Origamis iniciales. Las versiones para Windows y MacOS se han actualizado a 64 bits. Además hemos agregado a Linux como plataforma objetivo. Agradecemos las justas críticas de los usuarios acerca de nuestras versiones MacOS, notarán que hemos corregido notablemente varios defectos.

Barco de papel


Thanks for your assets. Actually I am planning a 2D game. It is possible to use tha asset on a commercial game?. I think this project game will be ready in 2021.

My new release is a 3D model based on a real craft I see on Internet. You could try to make with your children, the model is very easy to do without any explanation.

It is some different to a real tulip…

Please contact me if you host a Pareon 2021 JAM or so... Well, actually I am a follower, so It is possibleunnecessary. I think it is a great idea, but I do not understand the people.

This is a Howitzer Mountain, a real weapon. It was very versatile and easy to transport. 

It has two versions: Normal and LowPoly. Format: Blender, obj and x3d. The obj files are separated on five parts; for easy inclusion on your game almost immediately.

New object 3D

NOTE: This object was submitted to a jam.

Thanks to your attention... I will continue with Pascal. I like program on Dos, my most important problem for now, is UEFI booting. Of course I am waiting FreeDOS resolve the problem. Rufus (USB booting) works well with my software but compiler is not working. Sorry, it is another history....

I am a FreeDOS and other systems game programmer... but my games on FreeDOS do not have Sound yet. Are you using Allegro?  I am using Freepascal... it is not Allegro friendly. I thanks for some Hint to sound on Freepascal...

I have read a lot about sound blaster go32 djgpp Dpmi interrupts hardware interrupts. But it is not working yet.

My page

My plan is recommend to use Freedos on Virtual box. So users will have some sound blaster emulation.

Very thanks, for your game... I like program on native DOS and next import to other systems. I think it is convenient , but people think I am wrong.

I am testing many improvements of my own system.

Recently I migrated from old SDL to SDL2. This is my first release with SDL2. Also this is my first game for MacOS 64 bits. Users will note that installer has a more traditional look for MacOS than my previous releases. I abandoned my own installer, to a more powerful and confiable system.

Well, DOS version do not use SDL. This simple game was submitted to many DOS jams.

This starship is based on a real project. Honestly it is impossible yet... only an humanity dream for now.

With this 16 new objects, FreeRay has 175 models LGPL at present.

Thanks..., I want to participate in Asset Jam 8 also.

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Many years ago, I promised 64 bit version of my old releases on But I am always very busy to do it.

I need motivation... So, why do not host a JAM about this? I think it is a funny idea...

Sure, someone of yours has a similar problem with your old releases. I offer yours a very simple solution... 

Let's join my new jam now...!

32 bit to 64 bit JAM

Bumpcars 2019 is my  first game with PC and Android version.

This game was submitted to two jams. Because of jam rules, PC version was written with 50% of assembler code.

I want to invite you to the Jam Today I release my submission. 

Estoy nervioso... pero sé que podré terminar a tiempo.

Thanks for your submission to the assembler competition. This game is 100% pure assembler...! Fantastic...! Now I am going to test in FreeDOS and the VICE emulator...; My submission will be only 50% (Most of the work was made for Michael Kamburelis and Castle Engine, many years ago)

Thanks... Really I only need one version, of course.... for great and easy custom cubemaps for my next realease... and Fun!