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Pick any of the THEMES:

  • Cartoon style, sprites, UI;
  • Cell shaded characters, environment items;
  • Playful,  background loops or soundtracks;

What is Asset Jam?

Asset jam is the JAM you make and share your assets to be used in game jams by other devs. It can be (non-exhaustive list): 

  • 2D/3D Design - characters, objects, environments or even asset packs;
  • UI elements - things like buttons, panels, etc;
  • Audio -  background music, sound effects.

We're working on improving this concept. Stay tuned!

What are the rules? 

Pretty much do whatever you want and let free rein to your creativity ! The only constraint is to make something that corresponds to the given theme. There is no official time limit, because different types of assets may take considerably different time to make, however, we HIGHLY ADVISE to SET TIME LIMIT for yourself and share how you did compared to your expectations. The assets released for this jam are supposed to be made free to use in games, (especially in games made in jams) and should be released under an appropriate license or have a permission granted for free use. 

We also suggest to try and document your development process if you want to get feedback on your workflow or want to share it for others to learn. You can find an example of Jerboa_44 doing it with her 3D workflow (Check the Pipeline.pdf).

Of course, have common sense, making intentionally offensive stuff is a no go and will most likely be put out. 


The themes this jam are provided by the hosts. You can pick any of the 3 themes you like. 

You are free to interpret the theme how ever you want!


  1. Use Free and open source software;
  2. Add an Easter egg (from a known movie or game).


RocknightStudios will show off your assets live on stream (date to be announced), same time as our Community Stream.




INSTAGRAM: P.S. We have a community run Trijam discord


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3d cell-shaded model made in Blender3d
A growing group of platformer tiles and objects.
Made with nice orchestral VSTs, and free to use with credit.
​Two seamless looping BGMs, a "game over" jingle and 6 sound effects
Rad furniture for all your mallsoft needs. Will be updating with new pieces occasionally.
A simple blender model made for Asset Jam 12
This wood model kits is very easy to complete with your kids. Package includes three formats: blender, obj and x3d.
Asset created for Asset Jam 12
Small, but complete, set of pixel sprites of kitchen and cheff.