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A browser game made in HTML5.
SpikyAndrew updated a asset pack 57 days ago
Lin Ji rated a soundtrack 71 days ago
A downloadable soundtrack.


  • Riding an Animal with Large Paws:

The soft, pulsing chords drift carelessly but with purpose above a soft, deftly articulated and masterfully compressed cello bassline. Playful children’s bells create counterpoint in mood over what feels otherwise like a militaristic march, albeit the sort one would sooner identify with dwarves in [copyright of the Tolkien Foundation] than anything of Our World. The title couldn’t be more apt, though utterly unpredictable in detail; I can only begin to imagine what sort of a mythic, quadrupedal, fire-breathing beast is pacing so softly yet so regally through my Kingdom. A stern minor progression drones in the background, though the piece sounds modal instead of simply Aeolian, trudging along at a leisurely 120 B.P.M. over a Medieval soundscape. (Though the piece is technically a march in Em, the frequent introduction of major-sounding flutters overhead, like birds, usher in the use of regal borrowed chords, most noteworthy of which is the A Major in the twenty-fifth measure, allowing the minor melody to briefly flit in and out of the unmistakable E Dorian Mode: a true stroke of compositional genius.) The only stylistic drawback is the unimpeachable “click” each time the track repeats a cycle. The application of reverb or a note sustained across the bar-line might help us to overcome this disruptive speed bump in an otherwise seamless ambience.

  • Our Hideout Behind the Waterfall:

Mystifying, high-pitched winds quickly find their footing in a lush, aquatic romp before returning to their home in the sopran(in?)o skies. All I can advise here is an E.Q. that emphasized the midrange rather than the high tones, which retain a piercing quality more suited for horror than adventure. This piece is short enough and dramatic enough to be the album’s closer, though I must sympathize with the composer’s intuition about its strength as a Middle Movement. Were it simply expanded, perhaps for up to ten minutes, its unequivocally cool, Disney-sounding string/wind riffs would satisfy the anticipations they so coquettishly inspire in the listener, yet at present they only retain the serenity of a haiku: providing us a taste of adventure before suddenly disappearing for a very long time.

  • It’s Always Fun with You:

This is fun if you like drinking tea and hanging out with anthropomorphic owls in fairytale woods. The piece follows the same instrumental paradigm as its preceding tracks, using pizzicato cello to lay the groundwork as winds embellished with light but powerful, distinctive glockenspiel glimmers sing a song without words that proves Kierkegaard wrong in denouncing the wordless power of music, all in a few short, nonsensical but sincere phrases. The composer entertains her guests in the manor (pun intended) she knows best: starting with a simple but iconic melody, carved from a fluid chord progression that is teased long before it is revealed, in a masterful web of harmonic counterpoint, a communal call-and-response chorus that, with a gently rustling cymbal crash, sets the stage for the Guest of Honour: an indulgent Cello Solo.


We can all expect many great things from this promising new soundtrack artist, whose music is not without a healing quality and innocence we need as millennial gamers. I eagerly [and S!NCERELY] await further dreamscapes.


Lin Ji.

unluckycloverfield published a asset pack 72 days ago
A downloadable asset pack.
80's aesthetic props (current focus on furnature) inspired by real photos of malls in california during their golden ages. Uploaded as simple blender with file so you can export and play how you wish. *warning* Some textures are not incl...
Retronous published a character 72 days ago
A downloadable character.
This model is a submission to the Asset Jam 12 hosted by Trijam and rocknight studios : preview : This character includes a rig...
VividGlo published a soundtrack 73 days ago
A downloadable soundtrack.
Three BGM loops created with nice orchestral VSTs. Use freely, but with credit, please. I'd love to see what you make with it--please reach out and let me support you! Created in a couple hours for Asset Jam 12, under the theme "Playful bac...
RodZilla published a asset pack 73 days ago
A downloadable asset pack.
A simple Blender model made for Asset Jam 12 (cel shading theme was not suited for procedural textures or materials this time), with very simple cel shading.
phobos published a asset pack 73 days ago
A downloadable asset pack.
Mini stage select GUI assets : - Up to 25 stages for your game - total : 84 sprites You can use this asset for personal and commercial purpose. Credit is not required but would be appreciated.
Zed Hanok rated a asset pack 73 days ago
A downloadable asset pack.

Commercial quality! So superb! :)

Zed Hanok published a asset pack 74 days ago
A downloadable asset pack.
Gradually I'll be adding to these graphics various tilesets and such, in various styles. I'm doing this to practice pixel art. Generally I take inspiration from some CC0/pub-domain tiles, so I'll try to keep a Dev Log of my inspirations for...
CreativaGS published a asset pack 74 days ago
A downloadable asset pack.
This is the set, it has different transparencies depending on the item. Combine the items to get interesting images, character has 4 view basic walking Do not claim as your own work. You can recolor it or combine but you should always give...
SpikyAndrew published a asset pack 77 days ago
A downloadable asset pack.
Submission for Asset Jam 12, the theme was "Playful background loops or soundtracks". Two seamless looping BGMs, a "game over" jingle and 6 sound effects in an 8-bit style. Composed in MuseScore3 with GBFont used for the retro sounds and A...
trashart published a asset pack 78 days ago
A downloadable asset pack.
P hysically B ased R endering export of a cartoon style grenade free to use anywhere. No strings attached, created for Asset Jam 12. Can see a render and explore the model here before downloading:
MG BEATZ updated a game 85 days ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
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