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wow, really amazing work, congrats

Yes, now is much better to play

wow, amazing game. i really like it. I dont see any problem with this low poly style. the game really needs sound, i usually put placeholders when starting the project, because sound makes a gigantic difference on how the game is played and enjoyed. zoom and reset are good features to have too.

it was hard to understand at first, but after playing a little I really enjoyed my time.

Nice game. But I think that the first level starts too hard. I had some problems getting used to spinning the globe because it goes too fast. And each place bar goes down really fast too. I needed 4 or 5 tries to get an average on it.

really cool concept, but it is too hard for me hahahah you should add a lvl screen ou hud with the lvl number, so we can say stuffs like "i got to level x" and compare how far a player can go. I think I did 9 or 10 lvls, i stopped 2 or 3 lvls after the first bullet lvl.

Yeah, the game is really hard, i had no time to make any balance or add a feature to make the game more casual. I tried to add a kind of continue that you have to pay Ores to restart the lvl, but I saw that I could not develop it on time, so it was removed

I dont know how or why this Mapshots folder appear, but i know that it will always appear even if the project dont use the plugin. I think that the deployment process copy everything on Steam\steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV\nwjs-win to the deployed project, and the Mapshots folder is there. About the default assets I dont know. When I delete then they dont go to the deployed project, maybe in your case the img folder is in that nwjs-win that i told before. But i really dont understand how the process works and dont want to broke it, soh i leave that folder untouched

thank you for your feedback. I had no time to improve the maps and make them appealing, most of them didn't receive any kind of update after their creation

At first i was like "WTF!? mouse click? That makes no sense!" later I was "Whow!! WOW!! Oh Lord!! this controls feels amazing!!" hahahah playing the game is fun, that car control is different, but it is a good different. you should keep improving this game.

It's really good to see another RPG Maker user on this gamejam xD your game is really cool and i dont have any observations about it, but your game folder can be improved.  The OrangeMapshot plugin creates this Mapshot folder and deploy it everytime you deploy a game, and it has 30 mega of images from another project on it. When you start a new project and will be using a small amount of the default assets is better if you first backup all the image, music and sounds and then delete everything that you will not use. I personaly delete everything and just add when I need it. If you do something like this, your folder would lose 100MB. If you do something like this and deploy in html5, your folder would lose more than 130MB.

It is a really fun game, but is hard to understand. You need a better tutorial and a training dummy. The enemy spamming attacks makes the game almost impossible to play, you should just add a cooldown on it. The belt for life bar was a really good ideia. The moving and plataforming feels great. I really think that this idea can be developed in a awesome game.

yeah, i had no time to balance pickaxe repair and Ore drop. Just in the last floors or if the player got the worst nightmare that repairing will be necessary

I design almost every one, in some of them I did procedurally generated the floor layout and chose myself the elements positions. In other floors, I've copied things for the layout, I've used a Space Invaders enemy design as a map, a Pacman maze and I've also made a level Tetris inspired

this hook mechanics feels so good!!! i think this mechanic in a 3d plataformer would be amazing

this beetle moving kill was a bug that apear and i could not fix on time

the dark effect was something like "what can i do really fast" and the result was amazing, but is really punishing when you dont know the dungeon, specially in the higher floors

yeah, "look at map" was a really poor choice

i got really luck with art and music, i got it really fast on opengameart