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Puzzle Pelago - A Drag & Drop Economy

A topic by Hallgrim Games created Jun 16, 2018 Views: 348 Replies: 4
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Heya Folks,

Today I released the first alpha build for my new Ware-Chains-Themed Puzzler, Puzzle Pelago!

You might enjoy it if you like puzzle games or economy sims, or both, or you just like traveling islands and rebuilding their economy after a storm. 

It’s playable on windows, Mac, and inside WebGL compatible browsers (sorry Netscape Navigator).

If that sounds interesting or you, please have a look (and some clicks, although the start screen is nice, too).

I am very open and curious to any feedback you might have, and don’t hold back!

Nice game, I like its idea. I think that this game will fit mobile devices the best.

I understand that it's just alpha, but, anyway, I'd like to put my thoughts about it.

Graphics. I'd highly recommend you to make higher-end graphics and change style from "low poly" to smth more pleasant for eye. I'm not against the "low poly" style, but when I see 10th+ game that uses this style, I'm like "Ohh, again..." If you have some folks who are good or who would like to train their skills in 3D modelling, you can ask them to help you; it's worth of it, because this game has potential.

Music and sounds. It just needs them both (:

Optimization. Despite the fact it has quite simple graphics, it runs too slow (I experience constant framedrops while playing it).

Gameplay. I guess you plan to add more complex puzzles with bigger maps. If so, then it would be good to have some zoom tool to zoom in and out to see whole the puzzle on the screen.

It would be great to have some level editor to allow people to create their own levels and share them with each other.

BTW, I don't see any economical part in this game (like "Stronghold" or "Knights and Merchants" have). For me it looks like just puzzle game.

Hi, thanks a lot! Glad you like it! 

Yeah the style is pretty much a taste thing. Initially I did want to do a more high-end, textured look, but found the "placeholders" to have their own charme in their simplicity :)

Music and sounds are among the next things I hope to add soon, stay tuned :P

Yeah, performance optimization will definitely come sooner or later, probably when I transition to beta. But thanks for the feedback, on my machines its mostly no issue.

Level editor and zooming might or might not be on the way ;)

The "economy" part is simply the theme / setting. You are correct, it is a pure puzzler :o)

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I appreciate it!

wow, amazing game. i really like it. I dont see any problem with this low poly style. the game really needs sound, i usually put placeholders when starting the project, because sound makes a gigantic difference on how the game is played and enjoyed. zoom and reset are good features to have too.

Hi Jaime,  thanks, glad you like it! Yeah I see what you mean regarding sound. I have a weird tendency though to start obsessing with something like non-fitting sounds, and did not want to go down that rabbit hole yet 😉 I also did not want to wait mich longer with a first release. hopefully it won’t take too long to add, though!  Yeah thanks for your feedback, both are likely to come some time next month!

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