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Nice little game! There should be bonus score for going through opposing traffic though :P

Oh, thank you!

Hi Jaime,  thanks, glad you like it! Yeah I see what you mean regarding sound. I have a weird tendency though to start obsessing with something like non-fitting sounds, and did not want to go down that rabbit hole yet 😉 I also did not want to wait mich longer with a first release. hopefully it won’t take too long to add, though!  Yeah thanks for your feedback, both are likely to come some time next month!

Hi, thanks a lot! Glad you like it! 

Yeah the style is pretty much a taste thing. Initially I did want to do a more high-end, textured look, but found the "placeholders" to have their own charme in their simplicity :)

Music and sounds are among the next things I hope to add soon, stay tuned :P

Yeah, performance optimization will definitely come sooner or later, probably when I transition to beta. But thanks for the feedback, on my machines its mostly no issue.

Level editor and zooming might or might not be on the way ;)

The "economy" part is simply the theme / setting. You are correct, it is a pure puzzler :o)

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I appreciate it!

Thanks! Really? When the turn ends on its own or when you press the button?

Heya Folks,

Today I released the first alpha build for my new Ware-Chains-Themed Puzzler, Puzzle Pelago!

You might enjoy it if you like puzzle games or economy sims, or both, or you just like traveling islands and rebuilding their economy after a storm. 

It’s playable on windows, Mac, and inside WebGL compatible browsers (sorry Netscape Navigator).

If that sounds interesting or you, please have a look (and some clicks, although the start screen is nice, too).

I am very open and curious to any feedback you might have, and don’t hold back!