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The Jam version is done yeah lol

We didn't have time to record all of the lines for the last scene yeah. 

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Thank you for playing! If there are any bugs in you want to report, just let me know. There will be more in the future!

You can use the Reload Scene button in the pause menu if needed. That I will do that, thank you for playing!

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What bugs did you encounter? Also the magical/normal forms is explained at the start of the gameplay, it's tied to the day and night cycle. Unless do you think I should change the tutorial in some way? Thank you for playing

my apologies I didn't specify. The projectiles that the player fires off.

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I really enjoyed playing this! I'm a huge Souls/Borne fan.

The flying mechanic is really good and interesting, great use for it. My only issue with it is when you exit out of the state it stops the player's Z movement if you pressing W or S while exiting the state, maybe this is intentional? Projectiles are good, particle effects need to be a tad slower it's hard to look at. 

Other than that wow color me impressed. I had a lot of fun. Boss fights were awesome, especially Hyper Fairy. That was sure hype lol

Thank you for playing and thank you for the feedback!

Hey Yang! Source file is attached to the project.

Thank you for informing me, I will make those changes imminently 

Hello! I am a programmer in the Unity engine who is well versed when it comes to scripting in C# and Javascript. I am looking for a Sprite Artist and Sound Designer/Composer for this Jam. I already have a 3D Modeler and these are the last roles we need to fulfill. Please reply to this thread with your portfolio and your Discord Id. 

Hey Cristián! I sent you a friend request on Discord.

Thank you!