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Very sweet game. I love the art, music and gameplay.

Very quality VN

Me  like FFII mechanics 

Hey shrooby! It really isn't your fault as it is with the game not having functional controller support for the jam build, my apologies about that. I'm glad you were still able to get some enjoyment out of the game. 

Thanks for playing! I was actually considering a VR version, you never know lol

Thank you for the feedback. The concerns you've raised have been addressed in a patch that'll be released post jam, thank you for playing!

Yeah apologies for the photo issue. The camera targeting system issues have been patched in a new update that'll be coming post-jam. I appreciate you taking your time to play through the game that much! lol

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Thank you so much! Yeah, we'll be releasing a patch very soon that fixes the photo issues you've been having. Thank you for playing!

Looks like a bug, I'm gonna look into it.

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Thanks! Did you try switching interactions with Aya to open the gallery?

What are you stuck on?

it up now

Build will be uploaded later today.

You can fullscreen the application with either F10 - F12 I believe. As for the window, that was criteria for any jam submission for the resolution size, sorry about that.

Okay, I pushed a new build that might have fixed the issues you were having. Let me know if you have anymore questions or problems with the game

Yeah, most likely. The latest build is the GFBully1080p-1.0-win one. Glad it works for you now, enjoy! Lmk if there are anymore issues

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Should be fixed now, let me know if there are anymore issues!

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Hi Aoba! I don't know if I can help entirely but I can try! What platform are you playing on? (WebGL, Windows, Mac, etc.)

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I'm very glad I waited for V0.9. I enjoyed my time with it a lot. Very polished, puzzles made me have the "aha!" moment and a lot of great surprise moments. There was a lot of thought put into this game. Still need to play through it some more. I look forward to playing in this world some more.

Yeah I agree with this critique, I should've put an option to flip the track and redesign the UI further to incentivize the player to view the characters more. Thank you for playing!

Yeah sadly the music came in extremely late so there wasn't much time to make polished beatmaps. I still appreciate you playing the game!

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Yeah I was concerned with the lack of track key labeling. Thanks for playing!

This was really fun!

Sadly it crashed right before the last couple rooms, but I'll give it another try if you patch it more!

It was so good I stuck around just messing around with the enemies and combat system

Should be up now!

Great animations and voice acting. I love the UI and other elements!

"However... while the graphics and the audio is from heaven, the level design is definitely from hell... because this is a platformer from hell. " I LOVE THIS LMAO

I was really looking forward to playing this judging by your other work! You never cease to amaze me. Everything about this is very polished to the bone. The feeling you get when you land a successful attack, the sprite work and the gameplay. 

Story was compelling enough for me to see Tama's goals 'till the end. Music was fire and the sfx were great too. 

I enjoyed my time with this a whole lot!

The graphics are extremely cool. I'm pretty nostalgic for the fifth generation of console and PC games. Music and sound effects serve their purpose, though you might want to add more attack voice clips to the player attack and run it on a randomizer to play each clip.

Gameplay concept is really cool and unique. I feel this game has a interesting twist on combat with the electricity and all. Although this game might need a better tutorial. 

Some expansion of the level, tweaked gameplay mechanics and some bug fixing would benefit this game greatly, but great effort! 

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This was a lot of fun! I love the 2D visuals and the lighting. The music and SFX are amazing in this game. The team nailed the atmosphere. Pacing was just right, it didn't feel like I was in the same area for too long. The game felt fair and the difficulty curve is really gradual in a good way, so great job on that! What stood out to me was the lighting mechanic and torches and how that interacts with the world, player and enemies. That aspect was really fun.

Only thing I had an issue with is some aspects of the player controller feel a little weird. The movement doesn't feel 1:1 at times and the collision box around the player felt a tad iffy at times;  I found myself stuck onto some ledges lol. However it didn't hinder the whole experience for me, I say with some improvement with the controls and player controller; this can turn out to be a better game than it already is. Great job to the team that worked on this!

Thank you so much for playing!

The Jam version is done yeah lol

We didn't have time to record all of the lines for the last scene yeah. 

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Thank you for playing! If there are any bugs in you want to report, just let me know. There will be more in the future!

You can use the Reload Scene button in the pause menu if needed. That I will do that, thank you for playing!

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What bugs did you encounter? Also the magical/normal forms is explained at the start of the gameplay, it's tied to the day and night cycle. Unless do you think I should change the tutorial in some way? Thank you for playing

my apologies I didn't specify. The projectiles that the player fires off.

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I really enjoyed playing this! I'm a huge Souls/Borne fan.

The flying mechanic is really good and interesting, great use for it. My only issue with it is when you exit out of the state it stops the player's Z movement if you pressing W or S while exiting the state, maybe this is intentional? Projectiles are good, particle effects need to be a tad slower it's hard to look at. 

Other than that wow color me impressed. I had a lot of fun. Boss fights were awesome, especially Hyper Fairy. That was sure hype lol

Thank you for playing and thank you for the feedback!

Hey Yang! Source file is attached to the project.