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The salmon cube is a really good meat to price ratio. 9/10 highly recommend

Well weird, I was 100% sure I had tried both the uxnemu included here and also my compiled-from-source one, but today it's running fine from the downloaded uxnemu. I'll hunt down my compilation problem some other day, I've got a virtual pet to take care of. Sorry for the false alarm!

Having some trouble with this on Linux emu, both this version and if I build it myself. I can run piano.rom just fine but this rom just comes up as a black unresponsive screen in the emu. ??? help? ideas?

then follow the dev and watch for it to go on sale like a normal human being ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I loved this game, but by the time I got to some of the later levels the balance just felt SUPER unforgiving! Is the final 'industrial park' level even winnable?

Hey everyone

do you like birbs? do you like skateboards? do you like hilariously written quests while skating around weird birb-sized skate parks to help your big fren?

sure, we all do! and that's why you should get this game. it's friggin awesome. you're welcome.

FYI it's on multiple other platforms already (steam, switch, uh probably other consoles I don't care about)

Thanks! I don't remember if I put this anywhere on the document, but I'm fine with people reusing / extending the dice mechanics with attribution. If you want to reuse actual text or art then maybe message me privately and we'll see.

Distributing directly to kids or students is fine!

this is the best NFT response of all time, the discourse can end now

oh and I'm using Ubuntu 20.something if that helps at all

Weird Linux build problem: some of the time, game works great. Some of the time, everything seems fine and normal in the menus but when gameplay starts, pieces are shoved to the right immediately. I can still tap Right and Left and the screen does the little 'bump' animation, so it's registering those normally, but at most I can bump the piece left for just a moment and then it hugs the right wall the rest of the way.

Keyboard only, no gamepad / joystick of any kind plugged in.

Thanks so much!

seconded, this game is my happy place

love them both. wow


Love this!



Link to bundle is 404?




(it's a free one-page RPG, if things are just too full you can drop it)

We had A Big Discussion around possibilities for games that explore a katamari-ish idea of growth.

  • Themes:
    • Changes in scale affecting what you can interact with in the environment
    • Collecting objects, ending up with a chaos of inventory

There are enough ways to go with this that we may want a couple of teams exploring this with different tools or ideas!

I want to run with this using Inform 7, and there's plenty of room for other teams to play with the ideas in Twine, ink, etc. I like the literal-katamari concept technically, and I like the idea of playing with what it means to "get" something, what counts as getting something "bigger".

Any takers?

I'll add another recommendation:


  • Pros:
    • Free web-based tool for choice-ish games
    • Interesting interaction mechanism - you drag 'verb' words onto target words/phrases in the main text to choose an action
    • lots of room for literary play in how you decide what the 'verbs' are
    • visual UI for creating, no need for direct text coding
    • Projects can be hosted on their site for public play, or downloaded as web code
  • Cons:
    • Solely text-based; I don't think you can add images?
    • Unusual interaction mechanism may not be your thing

Sort of random thought, but I think "fridge door RPG" gets the idea across better than "fridge RPG". For, I dunno, future genre branding?

Anyway also I'm only sharing this because I LOVE this idea and I'm very wanting to write something for it now, so off I go

Running on Linux, game is crashing when I try loading the Halloween mod (either by clicking 'Restart' or by going to the mods menu and loading it there).

It's also crashed once now that I'm loading a non-halloween save game ... where should I send the crash log?

Le Grand Guignol has no limit on time taken to create the game, but it's still meant to be for games made starting now-ish, not for that game you've been working on for the last five months, or five years. If you're starting this month that's no problem.

I don't think there's been a limit in the past, and I can't think of a good reason for one now. (Keep in mind the intent is for interactive fiction only, and for games produced during the month of October.)


I'm gonna say heck-yeah.

Will the v23 app update itself to this eventually, or is uninstalling / reinstalling required?

Any rule against starting early?

What the title says. The docs just say "you can add customized fields!" but nothing actually explains what format you're supposed to put things in so that, eg. you can have actual text show up in the multiple choice fields.

Extended! Until end of March because what's the rush.

Hey everyone,

Any objection if I just extend this jam so that it lasts through to the end of January? I've heard from at least one participant that more time would be helpful, and I've been too swamped to get far myself.