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Audio Fiction

A topic by dk5000p created Oct 08, 2018 Views: 167 Replies: 12
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What if my game is interactive fiction but purely audio, is that okay?

Jam Host

I'm gonna say heck-yeah.


Okay time to get to writing and recording, trying to make different characters with just myself is tough.




it SOUNDS interesting


Wow the puns, well my page has the start of it if anyone wants to take a listen., invoking horror with just sound is definitely a feat but the real issue is figuring out how to trigger the sounds to play at the right time in code.


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The idea is absolutely amazing! :D

I'm thinking on stealing the idea for my own game in the spanish version of Ectocomp ¬.¬

Please, tell me, dk5000p, how do you feel about this?

  1. Oh, it's an honor for me to be stolen that way!
  2. Ok, do what you want, i'm not your father, Luke.
  3. Well, i would feel more comfortable if you don't do it.
  4. Unacceptable, please, take care of this guy!

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1. I want more audio games in general, also I'll be submitting for English.  Just need to get the ending to play and I am basically done

@Az Also, what engine do you use because I could use some help figuring out my Unity code

I was planning to use my own tool, Parser Commander. It is still under development but i recently use it in a game based in the story "Celephaïs" written by H.P.Lovecraft. That game is in Spanish, at least by the moment, but can be played here if you want to take a look: 

Play "Where the sea meets the sky - Celephaïs by H.P.Lovecraft" (spanish version only)

The game for this Ectocomp will be mainly played in a web browser, and the sounds will be probably controlled through the javascript "Howler.js" library.

Let's see where this ship goes! :D


Yeah mine currently has yes and no answers when prompted


Dk5000 Are you danish? I work with a buddy to create a company  with choice-based games all of them made available in audio format:-)

You can learn more at


Nope, American


Ahh ok. was only because DK is short for Denmark:-)