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I really, really love this game!

I did it also before playing it dued to its lovely aesthetics.

I agree with all the favorable comments in the Jam page, but I prefer to left mine here to stay after the competition.

The minimalistic look and feel is perfectly matched with the minimalistic gameplay and controls using only arrow keys.

This game captures the quintessence of this kind of games and serves it to you in a format that you want for a quick game, but leaves your body asking for an even longer version for long gameplays.

Good job, boy! ;)

Cool! Two months and three weeks left to work hard, and change plans at the last moment!

I'm in!

Bravo pour vous ! L'important c'est de profiter du voyage :D

Pour ceux qui lisent ceci, rappelez-vous que vous pouvez demander diverses "aide" dans n'importe quel endroit, mais le super bonhome bâton n'utilise pas l'aide :)

Merci d'y avoir joué !

At the begining I thought organisers had run away with our money and games without giving final results, but finally I saw that they are in the "Overview" page of this comp, and more details are available also in "ParserComp 2022 - Results!" at 

What a travel, man!

Thanks to everybody!

Bueno, he hecho una subida básica de la aventura al CAAD, por lo menos para que quede constancia de que existe :)

Si quieres completar la descripción con algún texto adicional escríbeme a parsercommander en mi cuenta de gmail con la info.

¡Hola TheFarlander!

¿No tienes esta aventura añadida a las fuchas del CAAD?

Estaba buscandola allí pero no la encuentro.

¡Buen trabajo! ;)

Cool new cover! ^_^

Requiring click to end the game is not a reason to desqualify:

My game is navigable by clicking key words - can I enter it in ParserComp?
Yes, as long as the main game mechanic is text input, parsing, and text output and the game can't be traversed purely by clicking on pre-defined choices to advance through passages of text. 

If so, please remove all the games with "Press to continue" from the jam.

Lets see that witches burn!


Not exactly that way:  In the top of the first tree, you can "Look to the left" or "Go left", each one doing different actions.

Poor Gent Stickman tries to understand you the best he can with his open head, using what is known as loose parsing mode, versus strict parsing mode that would be more suitable for learning languages games, for example, to check correct gramar.

Thanks for playing! ;)

No, such limit does not exists. It recognices two word clasic inputs, but you can try plain english in all the game, as a gentleman would do! :D

Solution to SKYCHARGER user question at this post, to avoid more spoilers:

I will delete the old posts to avoid Spoilers on them.


where are you trying to jump?

These messages will be deletted as soon as you confirm you read them :)

And left comments, don't be shy!

bufff... that's an old time consuming "friend" of mine...


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Hello CrocMiam!

I think that I found the problem, dued to a random IPV6 set by the domain provider, instead of using the right one, and people using IPV6 to connect was redirected to a parked server instead the right one.

Please, check again and tell me if you finally can play! :)

PS: Sometimes those chages in DNS are immediate, and sometimes they can take some hours :/

Hello CrocMiam!

I think that I found the problem, dued to a random IPV6 set by the domain provider, instead of using the right one, and people using IPV6 to connect was redirected to a parked server instead the right one.

Please, check again and tell me if you finally can play! :)

PS: Sometimes those chages in DNS are immediate, and sometimes they culd take some hours :/

The system has finally became self-conscious and is voting alone, leading the humanity to its destruction.

We all knew that this was only a matter of time.

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Do you imagine all this beeing a marketing campaing to generate Hype on people can't playing the game? :D

Toghether we will achieve you to help Gent Stickman and his mission! ;)

mmmm...  perhaps you are refering to "Rayuela",  a 1963 book from the also Argentinian writer Julio Cortázar (another great great one, hey, man, what's the heck with you Argentinians! :D ), that gives name to that Spanish videogames Jam I was talking about, having this two great authors as a leitmotiv.

And in the sake of truth, I have read about some medieval non linear books or that required "dice rolls". I will search the info, because I don't remember very well, really ^.^

Oh, sorry, it seams that the sheet was created using my default language preferences. I suppose this can be easyly changed, but I need to see how.

As you say, there is a "CONTAR.SI" equivalent to "COUNTIF". I hate this of translating commands of language programs/Excel. It's a source of problems and the effort to learn one word or other is mainly the same, having you to learn again if you work in other language. Inherited bad ideas...

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@AZ: "Garden of the forking paths" is actually a great name for an out of competition category.  Can we steal it?

I'm not the organizer of that "Rayuela de Arena Jam". There are two guys, one of them "Ruber Eaglenest" with profile at, if you want to ask.

I suppose there will be not problem as I see this as a way of brotherhood between communities, and in fact the name comes from a book ("El jardín de los senderos que se bifurcan")of the great (great, great) Argentinian writer Borges (Jorge Luis Borges), that wrote amazing short stories related with dreams, labyrinths, mirrors, or libraries (having been himself a librarian).

I have also soul of bandit, so mainly everything in the line of steal seems a bit right... ¬.¬

Glad to see thad Dorian's work is back, even if it's at the crossroads! : D

As the game can became unplayable and that was not your intention, I would say that this could be considered as a "bug", and as so covered by the rule of "repair bugs" as long as you don't change content, but this is only my oppinion.

Let's wait to see what the big bosses say! : )

Cool! You know, use your impresionism and powers to do good!

I was planning to privately contact with Amanda to tell her: "hey, Amanda, perhaps its good in a game to implement examine the main things", as I couldn't examine anything.

Then I thought, hey, perhaps I'm a ghost or something...

Finally I remember that the abbreviation for the examine command in English is "x" and not "ex" as in Spanish X.X

Starting to play but nice athmosphere... :)

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I have just create a Google Docs Spreadsheet template for you to store your votes and private comments on games:

It includes all categories with descriptions and the names of the games (clickable with links) and authors (ordered by them in fact). It also includes two games out of contest.

You can access to the readonly template form this link:

Then, you will need to go to "File > Make a copy" menu, and in the popup you rename it to the name you like the most, like "My personal voting".

Hope this helps because there is many work here to play and evaluate ^.^


Andrew Shultz gently improves that spreadsheet with his own version, that you can find here:

Thanks man!

It's a peculair oppinion.

Mine is that people should be pay for his work, and if they do it for free you should say thanks.

That's what I was teach at home, but I suppose not all homes are the same.