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Finally, I reached all of the achievements, for the 3rd run. It was not easy, but I enjoyed the manipulating with the objects. It gives a unique taste to the game. It was worth the time. :-)

Thank you, I registered. Sometimes the developing environment inspires me for a new game. Your engine, the Sytches seems to me very symphatetic at first glance. :-) I tried the sample game, it was very interesting, too.

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I am happy to find this game here. I enjoyed the story, the adventuring and the investigation parts... Maybe it's not too easy to beat the game by time, but finally suceeded. I liked the description of the places, they were very atmospheric, it's good that the NPCs are vivid. The engine is very nice, too. This game made me curious about it. It is the most interesting interactive fiction, i have played recently.

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Wow! It's a very athmospheric and unique game. It was fun to play with it!

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No, You didn't die. The concept was, that nobody should die in the game. Thank you for trying it.

I haven't found the reason, why are you couldn't reach the third zone... The game was maybe a bit buggy here and there (the 4 hours weren't enough to serious playtests), but the main story can be reconstruated. When you complete the first two zones, their links should disappear but the third link was stable, at least i thought so... i'll check it...

it SOUNDS interesting

It's good to hear that you liked the game. Thank you for your comment.

It was good enough to do a little feeling of Halloween this year. I didn't count such a good game for this year's Halloween. Thank You!

Certainly I will continue the project soon. Great video, thank you for doing it. I have little time for games recently, I worked on a blog competition, where I finally won a category, and some money (roughly 350$), so now I can pay more attention to the Locus Jam games. And other games. I make original games as well, and have translated numerous Twine games to Hungarian. Antiasylum will be the first project which is not a translation of the Hungarian one, I try to do the English version first. Thank you for the video once again.

Well-written and very exciting game. I like its humor. It is true there must be other possibilites than "marry every prince".

Yes, it is based on actual Ediths. They're me co-workers. :-)

this one is really made me thinking - and finally won - this little game made my evening :-)