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(Or am I to late? Can't seem to find the jam theme on the jam page)

There:  I'm in!

*start quote*

And in the end, the criminal won't be marked for you - you will have to choose from the list of suspects. And if you are wrong, the game won't say it directly, because every suspect has motive and means, and there will be a chance to accuse everyone of them. And if you choose the wrong suspect, you won't get the correct answer, so you'll have to start again.

*end quote*

First I thought: So basically, you can never be sure you got it right? It just ends and you never really know! This is a very realistic game O.O

Then I realized it wasn't a randomly generated scenario. So it's not that harsh.

Anyway. What platform are you targeting?

I've been contemplating doing  Open Source for a while now. This might be the game that finally gets that treatment.

First Weekend progress

After valiant efforts there is now a (very early) deduction UI. The idea here is to let  the player chose what observations are relevant to complete a deduction. There is no limit to how many or how few observations may be required. The player must find an exact match.

Doing it this way makes it practically impossible for players to brute force their way through the game. Every added observation, be it relevant or a red herring, doubles the possible permutations.

(This is still not integrated into the actual story. Colours will have change a bit to.)

That specific one is done using Heap.  I've used Calq for previous games and that has worked fine to. Most web analytics tools have funnel support these days.

The big advantage with Heap and HTML-based games is that, after you've added their script to the page header, Heap automatically tracks all user interaction events on the page. In other words,  metrics instrumentation is requires a very small effort as long as your in game actions have unique link/button texts.

Holmes as a real estate agent? Sounds less like "a little absurd", more like "a little brilliant" to me!
As a fan it's also marvellous to see more people putting the great detective into light from new an unexpected angles.

Above is the Full playthorugh funnel metrics from v0.1

Looking at this graph makes me a bit sad since the new mechanics are going to be after the drop of. So unless I do something about this then only 20% of players are going to ever experience the new mechanics.  Something will have to be done about this.

For this Jam I'm going to try something I've not done before. I'm continuing on a prototype from a previous JAM. It's a (extremely) short adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story 'A Scandal in Bohemia'.  My goal for this Jam is to take it from minimal interactive fition to something with more mechanics.

Since it's been in a previous Jam, there's already a game page for it:

AFIK itch does not have one. Does this JAM have an "official" discord? (Or do we just use GDL?)

I plan to design and implement mechanics, continuing on a prototype from a previous jam.

However, I'm not a (skilled enough) writer. As a work around for that I'm using an existing story (The scandal in Bohemia) as a template. That said, A.C. Doyle left some blanks, so if anyone feels like helping out with shorter blocking and dialogue snippets, then that would be highly appreciated.

An illustrator, preferably with a matching style, would also be awesome.

sheilaheady - Might get back to you on this one. Can you also do atmospheric sound-scapes (something that subliminally heightens immersion, but does not have a melody or anything attention grabbing)?

Basically any illustration draw or photography taken during the Victorian Era should be in the public domain by now. But that said I'm a bit insure what applies to contemporary compilations/collections (books, websites, etc.)  of this material.
Perhapes you can contact the history department? They might have an archive and Univerities usually like to share.

Thanks.  Then I will use the existing game as base plate and try some fresh mechanics on top of it.

Is it OK to participate with a game already in development? My last JAM entry ended up having a Sherlock Holmes theme after a few iterations. I'd like to continue working on it in this JAM.

This looks really cool, but I'm not on windows.

Is it rude to ask for a web export ?
(GameMaker Studio can do that, right?)

Very nice start. This could be something if polished properly.

Would it be possible to have the constellations descriptions fade in (and out) in the scenery, instead of in a pop-up?  The pop-up breaks immersion a bit and I frequently close it by mistake.

If you do ever want to prevent (or at least neutralize) calculators then you could add more puzzling maths problems, like equations/algebra. Traditional calculators don't really help with those, even though graph-calculators (Texas Instruments et. al.) do.

The levitation-while-shooting is an interesting twist. This  game is very hectic at times, but I assume this is your intent. GG.

My spouse worked in a "kombini" for almost a decade. Having her looking over my shoulder while playing this almost felt like cheating.

Agreeing with Chaoseed that it would be cool with an expanded version (perhaps with a story).

So bomb. Much cute. Very dog. 


Posted in Decade comments

Finally got around to playing this one. It has been waiting flagged in my in-box for roughly  9 months since (December 2016).

I somehow managed to miss how much stuff could actually salvaged, so I ended up making the first 8 years without upgrades.

Interesting use of Twine  and a nice take on the theme ('One room'). GJ.


I don't know why, but the "{{ramdomThings}} simultor {{currntYear}}" joke never gets old. :D

I like the odd control scheme. Feels a lot like lemmings, but with a hangover.

Interesting. I did not expect to be playing play a relaxing horror game. Your creation leaves it self open to a lot of reinterpretation. Perhaps something horrible happened to this person. Perhaps a journey from blissful childhood in to temperamental adolescence. Anyway GJ

Playing reminds me of my real allotment.
And the memory fills my chest with excitement.
Planting seeds under the sun, in bare soil.
Rewards my soul, as my back pays the toil.
But my urge to plant must be kept at bay.
As snow again started falling, yesterday.

Created a new topic Is this Jam open for anyone?

It does not say anywhere that this is a closed jam, but the brief description does currently say the following:

<quote> You'll be tasked to create a JAM based around or in Hell. The class will then vote on which of the JAMS submitted will be the best. Good luck and have fun!

This makes me wonder, who are the members of this "class". Sounds a bit like it's a jam organised by some game dev school by and/or for the students of that school. It could also be a particular social class (like the proletariate) or an MMORPG class (like a Shaman), but some how I doubt thath.


This was a real ride. Will most likely continue on this comic at some point in the future.
But now it's time for some well deserved rest and relaxation.

Just a heads up. I'm going to submit this in an hour or so. The jam ends in 23 hours, but most of those hours are either sleep-hours or day-job-hours in my time zone.

If I get any more pages during the night, then I'll add them and update the entry tomorrow when I get home from work.

New snapshot (again):

There is now a total of 7 pages, from 4 different artist (including myself).

For (budding) artists: Found this set of reference art recently.

(Edited 2 times)

New snapshot:
(The same URL will be reused throughout the jam).

Total number of pages: 3 (1 first page, 2 different second pages). At least one more page is apparently on it's way in from one of my collaborators. It's another (a third) second page.

I should probably start working on a first third page, preferably from a second page that is not my own.

(edit: consistent nomenclature)

Drawing interactive comics is strolling along nicely. I'm usually a programmer, so I had completely forgotten how much time it takes to clean up hand drawn art work. Perhaps it's faster to just trace the original scan.

> It's 2 am, I'm trying to learn a new engine and scripting language, I'm running out of beer and I have no idea what I'm doing...

I've never used Godot, but their site claims the scripting language is "python like", so that's always a good thing.

The first page is up!

I uploaded a sketch and not a cleaned (and spell-checked) one because I the rest of you to be able to start drawing as soon as possible. I will clean this one up tomorrow morning (it's sort of late over here).

I would like to take this occation recommend anyone interesting in participating to make at most 1-2 pages before your first page has been integrated into the game. This is to make sure that there are no misunderstandings about how this is going to work.

I will integrate pages and upload new snapshots in intervals between drawing my own pages.

The latest game snapshot can be played : http://superattack.se/games/no-comfort-jam-2016/snapshot

Do make us the honour.
If you think of something cool, then do it. The nice way with this idea is that accountability is scalable all the way from "maybe I'll draw a single page or two" to "I will spend 48 hours drawing non-stop like the fate of the world depends on it".

In other words, contributing a little here should not stop you from making a more traditional jam entry as well.

I've cheated a bit and written the bulk of the games code ahead of time.


This illustrates how it's going to work, but this is not the real story. I will draw the real first page at the start of the jam (once I've managed to get home from my day job).
Any one who wants to contribute is welcome to do so once the first page is in place.

Submission guidelines
Every page consists of one image, with an alt-text for screen readers.
Dimensions: 1000x600 px
Format: PNG, JPG, GIF
File size: < 250kb

I'll need to know what page it's supposed to follow after and what the selectable option (brown button) should say. I may take liberties with the exact phrasing to make the options stand out from each other more clearly.

Not that I think it will be a problem, but I reserve the right to refuse anything that I find pornographic or xenophobic (my hosting provider has rules and I want to make the world a more inclusive place).

Page(s) should be sent to: no-comfort@superattack.se

Short version
I am looking for people who may not want to do a whole jam, but fancy drawing a comic page or two.

If you're interested, reply to this post.

Slightly longer version
My regular way to approach a jam is to spend 90% of the time coding and then possibly cram some graphics into it at the very end. This time I'm taking the 'Unfamiliar Discipline' rout and making an interactive comic.

But thing is I usually work alone, so to up the stakes a bit more by inviting complete strangers (like you) to join me.

The basic idea is to have a comic that does not have a predefined storyline, but that branches out from a predefined first page. New alternate routes can be added from any page by any artist. The story will evolve organically.

Note: This is 'Unfamiliar Discipline', so I do not expect you have drawn a lot of comics before (but I'm also not excluding you if you happen to be experienced ^.-). I will spend the entire weekend on this, but you do not have to. Every page is appreciated.

If you think this sound interesting, post a reply to this thread. Further instructions will be provided.

(Edited 1 time)

Ops. Forgot a quite important 'un-' before 'comfort'. In other words, I agree with you; I'm just not that good with these keyboard things.

(edit(again): I should apparently avoid using written human language today)

(Edited 2 times)

Isn't "Public presentation" more or less the ultimate un-comfort almost every living person on this planet?

(edit: add the missing 'un-')