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John Peres

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Hi, it makes the "upload" time faster

Thanks! Its even better to see someone playing the game, subscribed to the channel and will watch your reviews.

Really liked interpretation of the theme and backstory!

Thanks for playing! The AI just tries to discard the most negative score cards and has a random chance to discard more than one card, so its easy to win unless it gets 30+ points XD

Loved playing, very well polished game and nice sound effects and graphics!

Thanks for the feedback, my initial intention was to do more phases and add more opponents to the table but I runned out of time.

Yes, theres a bit of strategy but in the end you will always do the same moves after you figure out

Thanks for the feedback, I really wanted to make a card game this jam and I wish I had more time to think about the mechanics and maybe add more phases and strategy.

Very creative! I ditched both in 2 tries :D

Very cool game! Good job

Nice game! Really liked the art and music.

Cool concept, I just would make some kind of bonus effect when you get more friends, maybe the player could start weak and shoot the bullets at a slow speed and then the bullet speed increases or damage

One of my favorite games of this jam so far, the music choice and the art are perfect! 

Thanks for your comment! Really liked your work too!

Loved the art and concept, I found some bugs but acceptable for the time limit. Great job!

Very fun game, a little difficult for me but it brought back the nostalgia of playing medabots for gba, really like this mechanic of the robot parts :)

Thanks for playing, really enjoyed your game too!

Very fun puzzles!

Thanks for playing!

Great interpretation of the theme, I think the only point to improve is the enemy AI, sometimes they got stuck in a wall

Thanks for playing!

Nice job very fun and creative game, really like the interactions with the plants, the only problem I found is that we can get stuck below the ground and we cannot jump anymore.

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for the detailed feedback! The cons will help me a lot in improving my gamedev skills! Really looking forward for the next jam :)

Sorry, I could not test the balancing properly, but I will upgrade it soon™

Thanks for playing! Really tight this time around so I could not test properly and could not finish a lot of disered features, but this is the fun of the game jams XD

Thanks for playing and for the very good ideas! 

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing XD

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! The game was made to a specific resolution, I don't know if is something related with the browser or the html player that make the game area bigger.

Very fun little game, really liked the Kick XD

Very relaxing experience, almost slept XD

Cool idea, but it was really difficult for me.

Fun and simple! Also nice name choice XD

Very creative!

Nice game, loved the animations and music!

Nice art and sound effects!

I discovered the auto destruct button before understanding the game too XD

Cool concept!

Very cool game, really liked the art, remembers terraria for me. The only thing I think you can improve is adding sound effects for the hook lauch and when it collides with terrain.

Good job!