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John Peres

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Perfect game, very well polished and great aesthetics! Bonus points for the game name XD

Perfect game, very well polished and great aesthetics! Bonus points for the game name XD

Loved the idea, the only change I would make is to have lifes so the player can make some mistakes, but overall it's an excellent entry!

Like the last comment said, it's a very unique mechanic and very beautiful aesthetic , liked a lot! What you used to implement it?

I got surprised by it being a shotter, overall the game controls fells nice, I would add a power-up where you can reverse the polarity and repel enemies for few seconds with a long cooldown so the game feels better related with the theme

Very cute game and beautiful aesthetics and sounds, gameplay is easy to understand, it would be a good mobile game if add more elements to add a difficulty curve

Nice job, if you put more time in it you would have a better game than most of the similar mobile ones

Liked all about your game! Excellent job!

Very simple but cool concept and implementation, Perfect!

Great game, liked everything about it! Played until I found the perfect position for the 4 shields that block all incomming attacks XD

Great job, fun, easy to play and quality aesthetics!

Loved all about this game.

Played all the levels, you have good concept to explore if you want, you can do a lot of new things to add more content like switches, mobile platforms and etc...

Good job!

Really solid game! The car controls are nice, just tune down the difficult and make it increase as the game progresses, I think making a protection shield for few seconds power-up would fit really well both with the game and theme. 

Great job, very well polished, the camera shake when the arrows comes is perfect!

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Very unique and intersting concept, the minimalist art fits great with the game too, the only thing I think you need to improve is the key mapping, I would have played a lot more if you made the power-ups clickable mouse buttons, and the change color the mouse scroll or just one key that swaps across all colors for example, but overall a really good job!

Loved the art style, and the difficult level is very well tuned!

Very well made and a lot of features for a jam game, the movement and camera setup are nice, I just find it hard to hit the enemies sometimes and the twerking enemies are hilarious :D

Hi, I am working alone :)

For me it was the most important task the "feel" of the player movement

Thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed!

First, thanks for the feedback and ideas!

  • About the colliders I am planning to do a fix in future, I did not have time and it was a low priority for me, it also happens when the player is dropping in the ground, he still can catch air balls :)
  • The difficulty slowly ramps up as the time goes on, there is an information about the difficult level in the bottom, It gets harder about the 15 level ~60-70 saves, I just didn't want to be too hard in the beggining

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback again!

Loved the different music according the dwarf we get, also its a really well made puzzle with a lot of different things to solve even with the limited actions we have, Good Job!

Very well made man, my daughter loved it, very glad I found this hidden gem.

Amazing art!

Good implementation and cute drawing, just the audio could be better

Everything is so well made, from the tips in popups, the eyes of the player rolling down when distracted, the dog meeting XD, this is what clicker game must be, Good Job!

Really fun and one of the best presentations in the jam for 3D games

Great job, everything is very well done, the secret code part was really clever XD

Amazing idea and loved that you showed the technical details in your devlog! Keep the good work!

Very original idea and the art is amazing, but it took some time for me to figure out what to do, if you plan to continue developing would be good to add an arrow to indicate the Buoy direction and maybe you can make that you can only find the big treasure after you open some minor ones or get a key, because it was spawned very near me in my second try XD

Perfect game, hope you continue to improve in the future!

Very fun and unique gameplay, really cute animation in the end :)

Fun game and good concept, I beat all the levels, its was easy to block the enemies XD, hope you make more levels after the jam

I am Furee XD

Great game, good job!

Very cool, I just wish a faster game pace

Loved the concept, hope you will continue to develop in the future, seems promising

Thanks for playing! I plan to update in the future and make some drum solo melodies! Also when you finish the first time you can play double speed (Impossible Mode), I just could not make a selection screen

Loved the art, good job!

Very fun and cute art, congrats!

Very cool and creative! The most difficult for me was level 5 XD

Hi, it makes the "upload" time faster