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The puzzles are good, the tutorial could be inproved tho, make it intractable or segmented. In rest, it was fun :)

Fun to learn, and definitely a great concept. I wold like to see this more polished and user friendly in the future :)

The fact that the cars go flying like that is hilarious. Nice concept, could work a bit on the presentation and audio (maybe some music)

I really like the player animations and the menus, everything looks really consistent and feels like eye candy. The game mechanic is fun and well made as well! It is a little difficult here and there but enjoyable.

Nice graphics and the game is really smooth

Visuals are nice, but the topic isn't really there

Very polished simple game!

The leveling system got me hooked for a bit ngl, and the art is adorable

It is a bit difficult but i managed it eventually. Had fun!

The idea is really cool, but it gets repetitive fast. It was enjoyable for like 5 minutes.

It has a cool idea and nice gameplay. The visuals could be a bit polished, and as well as the sound.

Fun and a really creative idea!

huh, weird bug, none of my testers encountered it. Sorry for the issue.

Fun but a bit tedious.  More variety in gameplay wold have made it better. In rest, it is fun and relaxing. Enjoyed it :)

I use linux as well and it works fine for me. Check if it is running on cpu or gpu.

yup, this seems right.

I could fill like 2 pages with that but I'll stop here.

This is really fun ngl :D

Really cool mechanics!

It's connect 4. The AI is good and funny twist of the theme as well.

My favorite game from the entire jam.

Really cool idea! It has some little bugs  but those are not very big.

yeah, my engine export is a mess right now, sorry for that :)

gl to you too!