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Yeah, it was more of an experiment to see what AI would come up with than a game, but harvesting all the souls before they escape can be a bit of a challenge!

This looks amazing!  Great work!

Out of curiosity, do you have a base model you reuse as a starting point for things like hands or do you build from scratch every time?

Looks nice from the screenshot!  For some reason blender didn't want to import it, though. 😔

Hey, just wanted to say I checked this out on my stream yesterday.  UI seems very clean and polished so far!  I'm sure there's a million things you want to add, but one thing I would really love is the ability to have fill layers with masks, so it's easy to change the entire material of certain aspects of something.  That's my typical workflow with Substance: set the color, roughness, etc. for the whole layer then mask off the areas that should use those values.

I did run into a bug when I was trying to rectangle select with shift held to select multiple areas.  It kept failing to select a certain area, then when it finally did, the fill tool failed to fill that area, like the visual didn't match with what was actually selected.  

I also struggled to zoom in far enough, but later discovered it was possible to scale the model.  Might be useful to allow more zoom by default.

I know sometimes it's useful to see somebody else using your stuff, so here's the Twitch VOD of my development stream.  It'll only be around for a couple weeks: I start using Union Bytes Painter at around 2h23m

Was this at all inspired by the 90's game Terminal Velocity or is it just a coincidence that it has the same name and zooming through tunnels with obstacles? :)

Great game!  I wish releasing the mouse button released the grapple, though.  Having to click twice feels a bit awkward.  The spin timer freaked out for me once and I got a supposed 22 spin combo, even though I wasn't spinning, haha.

If I recall correctly, the speed is capped using a dot product instead of a vector length of your current speed, so if you veer slightly to the side, you can get a little more speed than going straight forward, but, obviously, if you go too far to the side, you'll start countering your speed and/or go off course and slow down.

Kind of like the ol' Quake2 jump maps.  As a Quake vet, I couldn't quite get the hang of the strafe jumping.  It's a bit different from how the Quake series handles it.  It seemed to either not do much or accelerate at a ridiculous rate causing me to overshoot platforms, but I appreciate the effort to create momentum based mechanics!

Unfortunately, the jump was super unreliable (especially when up against a wall), making it needlessly frustrating.  I'm guessing you're checking if you're on the ground the frame you press the jump button, and sometimes you're not.  I prefer the quake style jumping where if you're holding jump, you jump as soon as you're on the ground, so long as you've released and pressed jump since the last time you jumped.  I did get to the end, though.

I've got you covered!

You're in a wingsuit, so you can't really gain that much height.  It's more about controlling your descent.  If you're holding W, you should be able to aim your movement with the mouse.  It is a bit more difficult than I wanted it to be, but it was for a game jam, so the time was pretty limited.  Maybe some day I'll turn it into a full game with better controls.

Pretty fun prototype!  Wasn't until I quit the game and came back to this page that I realized there was a glider.  I was making it a lot harder for myself than it needed to be! 😅

I'm guessing the orbs don't do anything yet?  Tried to pick them up a number of times but couldn't seem to.

Looks good now!

You should link back to your LD page.  That or itch is messed up...

Yeah, some keyboards are like that.  If you have a controller, you can use the bumpers and triggers instead.  For a better gaming experience, you may want to look into a mechanical keyboard in the future, though!  I like keys with Cherry MX black switches myself.

Took a moment to realize what was going on with the grapple boost mechanic, but I like it!  I've wanted to add a grapple mechanic to a vehicle game!

I can only imagine.  Sorry for adding another to the pile.  Hope you have an awesome holiday!

Ah, that looks much cooler!  How is game journalism, by the way?  Do you constantly get bombarded by indies wanting you to check out their games? 😅

Made it to 468, but I'm not sure what hit me.  Pretty cool that you make games in addition to journalism!

Got 512, a  nice power of 2. :D  Seems every time I did a triple jump, I ended up perfectly aligned to fall in the smallest gap, haha.

Not sure if you've attempted to bundle things yet, but I just submitted a workaround to a random engine crash (for FWOP).  Changes checked in to the github repo.  Let me know if anything else needs to be done for updates/fixes.

If nothing else, I had fun and met some new people!  I'm actually pretty impressed at the % of quality games from this jam!  I hope Ludwig plays some more of the entries on stream, as there were way more than 10 that were worth playing, in my opinion.

Nice, another fish flopping game!  Yours is a bit easier since you're in the water and can control your direction better, but it's also more difficult because I'm physically wearing myself out trying to swim upstream.  My tendons hurt!  Almost made it to 1000m, but had to take a break and rest.  Fits the theme very well.

Nice visuals and overall presentation.  Thanks for having options to adjust the volume!  Fits the theme well with a very simple control scheme, yet being very difficult to master the physics.  Felt a little too slippery for my liking, but that's also part of the genre.  It's all about figuring out what your target audience wants as to how you tune it.  You might want to invest in a better microphone for sound recording.

Love the art in this!  As others have said, a little ambient sound would go a long way, as it seems eerily silent, but that's the problem with game jams and limited time.

If you tap right repeatedly, you can propel yourself forward, or you can get up against things and push off with your tail to make it past the ramps.

Analog controls could be interesting.  Didn't have time to try them.  There is some control, though.  The angular force is applied while the key is pressed, so you can have a weaker flop if you tap the key quickly.  In order to allow the fish to flip high enough to get over things, though, I had to make the velocity pretty high, so the window is REALLY small.

Really great presentation, especially with the intro camera!  Good looking entry overall.  3rd person camera got wonky in a few places, but that's a tough problem to solve, especially for a game jam.  I did feel like the resetting back to the start during the first jumps was a bit punishing for players starting out and trying to learn the mechanics.  I'd suggest using the right mouse button to detonate instead of overloading the left mouse, as sometimes you might hit something and clicking again will launch a second pumpkin.

Very chill, meditative game.  I did run into one situation where I got stuck in the wind, since there is no air control, I just kept going up and down.  Thanks for putting menu options to jump to different sections so I didn't have to start over with a soft lock!  Those are also nice when I want to check out a whole bunch of games without having to go through the entire thing over and over!  Good work!

The twitch chat integration was pretty cool!  Unfortunately the weird bugs with aiming and inverted Y made it a bit too awkward to play.  Felt more like a Fall Guys-ish game than Foddian game, in my opinion.

I'm not sure why, but I was unable to move the blocks.  I'd click, and the mouse cursor would disappear, but I wouldn't get a block.  I watched somebody stream it, so I know it's possible!  Not sure why it didn't work for me. :(

Nice presentation.  The physics felt very good and fair.  Felt like I was the one screwing up, and not the game.  I don't have any real suggestions, but I think it would fit the theme better if there were an alternative to having shot counts.  If you go to pursue this further, I think it might work better with more traditional levels scaling in difficulty rather than starting over at the beginning every time.  Had fun with it, though!

At first the controls felt backward, but after a while my mind adapted and it wasn't a problem.  I feel like this one fit the theme pretty well -- there was a focus on using physics and you were your own worst enemy a lot of the times.  There were also opportunities to catch yourself falling and recover, which I felt a lot of entries lacked and just focused on being brutally punishing.  Many Foddy games have ways you can recover using the tools at your disposal, so I feel this is more true to the theme.  Of course that's all subjective!  Nice entry.  Good vibes, and neat style.

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Pretty impressive scope for a jam entry.  Nice vibes with the music.  I felt it was a bit too punishing, though, as you could often land on platforms that needed multiple air jumps after getting knocked down, and your only option would be to drop further down to get to a platform you can get energy from.  Also, sometimes you'd get knocked to the left which would send you all the way back to the beginning with nothing in between to catch you, which seemed excessively punishing.

I felt, more often, that I was fighting the game than fighting myself (as tends to be more in the Foddian spirit).

Too cute to really get angry at, but I did find the bouncing around like a ball mechanic with no control to remove some of the fun factor.  I would like to, at the very least, be able to flail about with SOME input, even if it doesn't help. :D

If you flap in the direction you're facing (ex: right when you're facing right), it'll create some forward thrust while being less likely to flip you over.  Gotta find the right cadence.  Of course you can also tail flip off of objects you're nearby to sling yourself.  Flopping the opposite direction of the direction you're facing (tail into the ground) will launch you into the air.

Super well polished entry.  This feels like a full blown game.  I didn't quite see how the Foddy theme fit here.  It seemed much more like a traditional platformer with a roguelike flavor in the sense that you only had 1 life.  Still a very nice and interesting game, though!

Cool aesthetic, and the fighting mechanics and stuff were really neat, but, unfortunately, I felt the game design was kind of at odds with the foddian aspect of it.  It was cool to block and attack and whatnot, but your own punch when attacking an enemy sending you all the way back to the beginning of the game was kind of rough.  I felt like I was just playing a tutorial on loop most of the time.  Still a really cool concept.  I'd honestly ditch the foddian aspect of it if you pursue this project further and focus more on the combat.

The grapple mechanics fit the foddy theme pretty well.  I think I'd honestly scrap the more traditional platformer mechanics like the dashing and zero-accel movement and focus just on the grapple (if you were to do something like this again).  Fun to swing around, though!

The grapple mechanics fit the foddy theme pretty well.  I think I'd honestly scrap the more traditional platformer mechanics like the dashing and zero-accel movement and focus just on the grapple (if you were to do something like this again).  Fun to swing around, though!

Nice presentation.  I liked the vibe.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get super far in the time I had to play so I didn't get to see what unique mechanics you had ahead.  Perhaps it would be best in future jams to start off with more theme-focused content or have a shorter level?