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Kind of like the ol' Quake2 jump maps.  As a Quake vet, I couldn't quite get the hang of the strafe jumping.  It's a bit different from how the Quake series handles it.  It seemed to either not do much or accelerate at a ridiculous rate causing me to overshoot platforms, but I appreciate the effort to create momentum based mechanics!

Unfortunately, the jump was super unreliable (especially when up against a wall), making it needlessly frustrating.  I'm guessing you're checking if you're on the ground the frame you press the jump button, and sometimes you're not.  I prefer the quake style jumping where if you're holding jump, you jump as soon as you're on the ground, so long as you've released and pressed jump since the last time you jumped.  I did get to the end, though.


Thanks for checking it out! I had trouble getting the strafejump math to work. Should revisit that sometime.

Great point about the jump. It's been so long since I played Quake that I forgot that was a thing. Thanks a lot for the feedback!


If I recall correctly, the speed is capped using a dot product instead of a vector length of your current speed, so if you veer slightly to the side, you can get a little more speed than going straight forward, but, obviously, if you go too far to the side, you'll start countering your speed and/or go off course and slow down.