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You propose this under the assumption that everyone shares the same idea of what is a serious game project and what is a tutorial showoff, an unworthy prototype, a low-effort clone, a meme, a shitpost. That assumption is wrong.

Take the one game you've released on itch as an example. Out there, around the world, there are people who will call your game a serious project, people who will call it a prototype unworthy of any attention, and people who will call it a shitpost, in more equal proportions than you might think. And none of them can be proven wrong.

Unity's PC project preset is called "PC, Mac & Linux Standalone", but it still outputs a build for one target platform at a time. Linux and macOS users won't be able to play Windows EXEs. To support all three, you will have to make 3 builds, one for each target platform (you can choose it in the build settings window), each in a separate folder, and then pack each into a separate zip. Nothing about the project itself changes, but Unity needs a minute to compile some things differently.

Oh, I forgot to add: there is no savegame system yet. Don't quit the game if you wanna continue! ;) If you quit to menu and click 'play' again, it starts from the beginning of the level you left off at.

For people who are struggling to update:

Scroll up, click the arrow next to your name in the top right, select "My Library". Among Us should be somewhere under "Things you own", if you bought it on itch. Click the download button underneath it.

It's honestly such a ton of fun for 5 dollars

I should probably mention, that the gun has an alt-fire mode. If you hold down the right mouse button, it charges up and fires a bunch of pellets like a shotgun. Didn't have time to explain controls in-game ;)

Neat! Thanks for your video. It's so rewarding to see someone try out our game, and even more so after a mere 2 hours after submission :)