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A jam submission

Pali and Tolo: Getting The GIST of itView game page

Submitted by Brainoid (@brainoidgames) — 1 hour, 1 minute before the deadline
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Pali and Tolo: Getting The GIST of it's page

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Was a massive amount of content brain! I love the polish, but most importantly the quirky characters and monsters the make up the world. The mechanics are original, and it is really interesting to try it out and think about how a game with moves taken in parallel would work and how it would be balanced. Thanks for taking part in the jam, my prince!


So dope I had a blast playing this! I like how both of the characters feel very different from each other and the huge amount of upgrades. I don't know how much the day counter mattered except for displaying how long it took you to find the cure, but the fact that moving your mouse in the lab progressed time further (even when you aren't specifically researching something) was a really unique mechanic I haven't seen done before. 

The only thing I felt was missing was a way to clear your queued moves, but other than that, it was a very solid and complete experience. Great work! (sorry the vod wasn't saved!)


Cool take on action × turn-based games :) Feels very polished and engaging. Combat felt fun. I didn't get to find the cure, cause game stopped working once the window lost focus (running through wine), and being the doofus that I am I didn't grab the build that had state saving 🙃 Either way really cool!


The visual presentation is gorgeous and there's a lot to disco-ver. Sometimes it felt like I was "shooting blind" without knowing what the enemy would do. RIP Pali en Tolo.


I enjoyed researching, the pain of moving my mouse, ah! (Pali is better)

the ending made me cry


10/10 would spend 1181 hours to beat the game again.