This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-07-31 11:00:00 to 2021-08-08 23:59:59. View 17 entries

UPDATE: If you need a submission link as you missed the deadline, please ask on the discord (linked below).


Lacking ideas?

  • A detective game where you gather clues to discover who is behind a mysterious crime?
  • Based in space, discover new planets to gather resources to keep your ship running?
  • A crafting game where you discover new items to craft by combining resources you find in the world around you
  • A board game where you explore a world in order to discover new places to settle your civilisation
  • Post Apocalyptic game where you search the wasteland in hope of discovering survivors
  • An archaeological game where you seek to discover the bones of ancient creatures
  • A multiplayer social game where you seek to discover if your opponents are bluffing not
  • A medical diagnosis game where you discover the cause of a patients symptoms
  • An adventure game where the hero is set to discover their true potential
  • A dungeon crawler where you seek to discover the secrets in the depths of the dungeon
  • A horror game where you wake up in a deserted town and need to discover what is going on

Not feeling inspired by the theme?

You can choose to see it as a personal challenge where you discover new skills within game development. Choose a new game engine to learn, discover how to implement a new system that you've not previously done, or try out some completely different skills, like focus on design / art / audio instead of the development.

Lacking time?

The most common format to enter a game jam is creating a video game. HOWEVER feel free to submit only a game design doc or some character designs and concepts if that's all you have time / want to do! Remember that board games and card games are also a valid format for a game jam game - though if you want me to play it - it'll need to be exported into Table Top Simulator.

Original Jam Info:
The second official Honest Jam, hosted by HonestDanGames! Dan will be streaming throughout the week of the Honest Jam on Twitch - streaming during the evenings and on the weekends. Feel free to join the community discord and share your progress over the duration of the jam! The aim is to host a relaxed jam, where people can challenge their selves to create  and learn at a pace that suits their own schedules. 

Who is HonestDanGames? 

HonestDanGames is a professional game developer, who first started off his game dev journey back on Twitch in 2017. He streamed his learning full time for 18 months, before getting hired in a UK studio in 2019. He still streams today, though is unable to commit to a strict schedule like he did in the old days. 

The first Honest Jam in December 2020 saw Dan and the community raise over £2000 for charity. One of the goals reached during the charity stream was for him to host a summer edition of the game jam. Alas, its summer, and time for the second edition of Honest Jam! 😎🌞

How does the Honest Jam work? 

Here's likely expectations for the jam:

  • About a week long, to allow people who work or who have other commitments to still take part in a jam
  • You are discouraged from using the entire duration of the jam to cram in as much work as possible!
  • You are encouraged to create the game from scratch, but it is not enforced. Please make it clear upon submitting what parts of the game were made from scratch or not (especially if using asset packs).
  • You can use art / audio / animation assets that aren't your own, just please credit them and make clear when submitting your game which parts were not originally created by you.
  • A theme will be announced on the Saturday at 12:00 UK Time (BST) on my Twitch channel.
  • Jam participants are encouraged to create a game in the spirit of that theme.
  • Honest Dan will play and give feedback to every game submitted, likely the week following the Jam's conclusion.

Making games alone can be lonely. We want contributors to feel they can communicate during the jam, share progress screen shots, and ask for general support if they need. Dan will be streaming on Twitch Monday - Friday evenings during the Jam Week, as well as weekend streams, so feel free to hang out in Twitch chat when you're working. The community discord also has a section dedicated to Game Dev.


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Merge elements to discover new ones !
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A tiny strategy game in space
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Mix plants and discover.
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Click tiles in different regions to reveal animals and learn more about them
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Set foot on a new world
Gotta gotchem all
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An endless game about discovering new places
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Rails Shooter - Work In Progress
Entry for Honest Jam II
A community-centric mystery game
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Honest Jam 2 submission: Hype Ghosts 2
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Shoot different objects to discover tool combinations
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Find items in the dark.
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Find the key on each floor to unlock the trap door to descend lower and lower into the dungeon.