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You can if you wish delete the files it downloads, it loads them into locallow appdata folder on windows under hexhog.

The issue with the UI was that making a new tile had a much farther allowance to show UI, while editing a tile was set to require you be significantly closer. This is being adjusted.

Edit: This has been adjusted to be the same distance, however I dislike how it feels and am considering reverting since you now are constantly getting the "what do you want to do with this tile" the moment you add one. Compared to before where you had to zoom in to do so.

I managed to get to play it, enjoyed it and found it a quick and light game. I found the sword spinners to be easily the best, with the large one the least effective for cost. Managed to not lose any health (asides from forced ability use)

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It crashes after playing the third level with no fade.

Repeated twice on webgl to crash at end of third level and click fiinish. (the one where you get first ability)
Windows build closes itself at end of third level.

Edit: Tried playing the level without the new tower, with, not using speed up, but it simply locks up at the same point.

I was uncertain if the crash is intended as it freezes on the windows build and html5 build at the same point. Looking forward to seeing this continued or fixed. Enjoyed the core concepts.

Hey Haikoo! I would love to do some more, and can bring it up with Dragon's Rest soon. Thanks for commenting :)

Sadly I caused something similar to a null reference exception by setting the sword die to nothing (via moving a die). It will roll forever.

I was making coffee! I didn't realize the timer and was trying to do it slowly. Still enjoyed myself and learned the only way to pour milk is to spray it all across the room! :D

What fun, what joy! I died. But at least I collected a god in a square container found under a rock!

Lovely singing and effects, the squares that come out and then go back down on a different layer are clever.

I enjoyed researching, the pain of moving my mouse, ah! (Pali is better)

Man did I have fun building little routes and then watching it go, then making better routes with better ships and BLOWING UP THE OLD ONES. It was a blast :D I also like how colonization help you discover more ships.

This was a blast, I felt every clue was reasonable and once I played with community it made things far more clear. It clearly took a lot of effort to make this all work, thank you for doing the work and giving the community something fun to do together. :)

That is so kind, thank you very much for trying it and taking the time to comment :)

I got water in a lake, We will not die of thirst this day! Please ration your food though. 150 food and environment by day 23.

I explored areas, from unknown shapes to recognizing just by a tile. My love for milk snakes is now real thanks to this game.

I found one treasure then succumbed to my own inability to find treasure, just like in the book!

I got lost, and then I was found. I was human, but not all was what it seemed. I loved this "experience" and will testify against you in the copyright case.

Thank you, these kind comments make my day :D

This was so fun! I was confused about the third second first thing in top right and thought it was levels or something. But now I am victorious!

I got 31 first time, I found it very hard to understand vase vs bottle, but appreciated the tutorial start.

I died of thirst. WINNING!

It was so cute, and the music was a bop.  The graphics were fun and colorful. Cassie, the programming was well done with thought out transitions.

Hoorah! Another friend on the search results page for roots! Very glad to have played your game, I am going through the rest of your catalog right now ;)

I gave this a revisit, and found it just as charming as my first go. It is much appreciated. I was rolling in the dough :D

On the note of optimization, the battery packs now visibly load in, could they perhaps get an exception? Them being tall makes it more obvious on the "load seam" right now.

"I've figured it out"

I was wrong, so wrong. Each day brings more and more, that darn cat! And mouse! And Jukebox! and Puke!

Never want to be a barkeep now, thanks for illuminating me.

Thanks so much for the game :D

Thanks so much! Greatly appreciate the comment. Will update with last gameplay update on weekend. :D

May he nom nom nom forever and ever.

(Thanks for playing!)

I dug down into cocoa puffs!

All was good.

I kept digging, the ceiling above me betrayed me into a river of chocolate milk.

I continued.

The world grew slower, the computer got hot, fans kicked on.

It crashed.

Perfect example of what would happen if I became a miner, thanks for the game!

I enjoyed this tribute chess game. Learning the pieces was very fun, though I wish I could hover over enemy pieces to learn how they could move next turn. Thanks again for the game :D

I really wanted to play this, and sat and tried.

Try 1) Crashed on making map.

Try 2) Got to place altar and make gatherers, sacrificed and still saw on list so I left then loaded, map loaded all messed up.

Try 3) On second day, could not sacrifice anymore, killed everyone.

Pretty much an accurate simulation of if I really tried to run a place. Thank you for the adventure!

The logo looks right to me! Thanks the honest whale dan!

Blob Simulator 2020

Released as part of the Honest Game Jam

Play free in browser

Howdy all! If you have three minutes, you have time to play a round of Blob Simulator 2020!

Your new pet blob is hungry, make sure you feed him food:

Your blob continues to grow, better make way with redecorating!

Play for free in your browser today. Blobs grow in 5 minutes or less! Made across 7 days for Honest Dan game jam.

Play Now In Browser

Also check out twitch, where I stream game dev:

Blob thanks you for your support and ultimate tribute. (Thanks Roidz!)

Thanks for the feedback on that, in the future I would add a "click here to start" to grab the focus.

Who needs instructions when you have love!

Not sharks, said the birds.

Not lilypads, said the hearts.

I had a blast collecting and dumping love on the altar. Thanks for making a multiplayer game, it was fun to see you there during the gameplay :D


Attack? Attack. Attack attack attack.

Thank you for letting me attack.

I ran through this for a bit and enjoyed being reminded of what the game was originally. Lately this game is attached to all sorts of silliness. This is a fine tribute.