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I really appreciate the kind words

No, this doesn't attach to the game, it simply can open the saves the game creates :)
It can also create saves for the game.

So once you save your game from Autonauts, you can open the save file in the level editor to alter it, then save it again and open inside Autonauts.  This works both ways.

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Yea, you have a great start here, I went through some of your code(you should avoid publicly releasing development builds if you wish to hide the code better, development builds have everything needed to debug and look at them for code issues) and would love to provide some general tips about C# and unity if you ever care to hear about them.  The discord server for my level editor is the best way to reach me :)

To those that need some help, here is a walkthrough:

1) Go to the left and talk to the guard. Kill one enemy, move to the right and heal yourself, repeat till you have 50 gold and get the blacksmith upgrade.

2) Repeat this step killing two enemies on the left until you have 280 gold, remember that the blacksmith also heals you when you have enough, also pick up three potions from the healer. (p key)

3) Head left and talk to the guard, get as far as you can and check the body, then run back to the guard.  Talk to the left guard to complete the quest. Heal yourself and get three more potions.

4) Now head right and talk to the guard, go as far as you can without dying, you should be able to kill on green goblin creature before running back to camp.  If you see the body on the ground use up near it and head back to the guard to claim your reward.

5) Heal up and get three potions, move to the left as FAR as you can go, you will likely die.  This is ok as it resets the enemies to a better state.

6) If you died, head to the right and kill as much as you can, then heal and buy three potions heading to the left.  Repeat this till you can get to the left town.  Spawns make this hard and your timing matters.

7) If successful, you will be at a new town, heal up and get three potions. Carefully go right till one enemy spawns (near the body), farm these enemies till you have enough gold to buy armor upgrade for shield.

8) Talk to the guard and then move left, talking to the druid. Return to the guard for the final reward.  The druid will provide necklace information in a particular order. (Triangle, Solid, Black)

9) Grind using step 7 until you have 1000 gold, then finally head to the right.

10) Heal up and buy three potions, move to the right, using shield against green goblins.

11) At the final boss, move quick, striking the stones in the order provided by the druid, you can kill the blue shooters for a limited time, have fun!

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Hey, just to let you know you need the data folder unity builds, not just the exe.  Keep up your work, and consider remapping shield to a different key, as webgl down gets interpreted as scroll down on some browsers

A wonderful game, please keep making more games, whatever they are.

You might have hit on an access violation, where a file is temporarily locked.  Consider saving edited levels in a different directory from the main game levels, then moving them.

Thanks for alerting me to this bug!  I am unsure how to reproduce it,  can you give me some info such as:

Operating System
File directory you are writing to

If you are on the discord for this editor we can discuss it.

No problem, I will look into a more standardized way of putting them in, thanks for the feedback!

Weeds now have a 5% chance to generate.  Report any bugs about this please.

Wow, thanks for notifying me of this bug Ben!

I will look into this and send a patch soon for weeds.

I haven't even looked at how much has changed in autonauts, mostly glad the editor still works.   Early on I decided on mostly map creator and mild editor, I am going to stick to that for now. Sorry :(

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Hey, I know you wanted to do a limited run at the $3.99, however people often don't scroll down to special rewards for a price reduction.  It would be a really good idea to instead run it as a time limited sale using tools so people see up and front it is regularly $9.99 but for.. say 2 days it is $3.99

That way more people will click through, as itch market is very small for higher priced games.

Sadly, I get an out of memory error. "If you are the developer allocate more memory in webgl settings"

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I mentioned this already, but I will clarify. The beta tools are already in the public release right now, you can see on the main page that beta access has no additional tools and is currently identical to public version.

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Hi there! At this time BETA and Regular version are identical and all is free at this moment.  Usually BETA keeps features for 7 days, and 14 days for things that take longer to fix.

The difficulty bar has moved up significantly for a first exposure to the game. The only winning strategy I could find was to buy nothing on the first day besides coal, then purchasing one bio fuel plant. Next purchase being one water and then mix of the two renewables. 

I want this to succeed but please consider methods to reduce the overall difficulty of this level.  This may be the only contact some have with the game, and it is rather hard.

Hooray! I have already switched to the new theme editor and away from custom css due to these changes, thanks so much for your hard work!

I am glad you are enjoying it! Some great new features are coming out Saturday, I hope you look forward to them then as well. :D

It's alright, I understand. You did bring up a valid point that people think Beta means more tools forever, which simply isn't true. I am going to more carefully phrase things in the future thanks to your feedback. I will stress more that it is TESTING new features, not just getting new features.

The editor does backup your files for you and in the latest version does versioning on the backups.  In fact the move and rotate tool have moved over as they finished being tested in Beta

Beta tools are in testing, and I made the personal decision to keep those to ones that would understand how they can damage a save file and that I can personally contact. The Beta testers are actually beta testing the game, and I provide the beta as a reward for those that choose to donate.

What follows is a discussion of each point you make and my reply.

"if your gona make monney of something like autonauts,really?"
I have permission from Denki to create this with a limited license, and I do not charge for access to the stable Level Editor. The small amount of money it has made were from people that wanted to support my 60+ hours in working on this editor.

"you made a editor and all,but autonauts don't cost monney!evrything is free on that so should this!"
Autonauts has a real cost of the time Aaron and Gary tirelessly spend on the game, and it will be moving to some financial model in the future, as has been revealed in the discord.

"you understand why i am saying this right?"
I understand you want access to every tool, however the means in which you are asking shows a disreguard for my time and effort and the realities of development.

"just make the specail tools an update!" - As tools become stable, I release them on the main editor in an update.  The move tool originally damaged bot code and ruined entire maps, this works better in a smaller and carefully curated environment to find such bugs and rare cases that "glitch" the game.

I thank you for bringing up this question in a public forum, and look forward to your reply.

I think they look swell, but please consider making it more obvious which is on and which is off for those that are green weak in vision. For some forms of color blindness there is no way to tell which is by the use of the same luminosity in the red and green.

You can set it so that users that are using itch app to properly auto update when you release a patch using unity super build and butler.  It does proper versioning and creates kb sized patch files for games that adjusts the contents.  And you don't have to manually put the files up on itch.

Sadly only the executable I believe.

Instead of raring your own files, you can set up unity builder to create and upload for you to itch, and users get auto updates and no extract needed. I am also a unity dev and can show you how if you like, but it is so much easier than manually putting up builds.

Just as a note, all of these have been added to the game proper.

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Hey Aleq, these are all AWESOME suggestions, I will get to implementing all of them very soon :)

I will be contacting you shortly over discord with some additional info.

Howdy, an update has been released to the editor that should correct this issue, if you still occurs after updating please get in contact with me over on the map editor, I have opened up the community to allow bug reporting.

Hey! 32 bit is listed as x86, hope that helps :D

Hey there! I really agreed with the need to produce custom maps, and was the main motivation behind the editor, hope you have fun!