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I really enjoyed the atmosphere and art style. But I ran into a bug where the witch couldn't climb the first staircase and I was trapped upstairs. I also was not sure how to escape the witch once she saw me. Other than that, I think this project has a lot of potential!

Very interesting! The game was a little hard and sometimes projectiles were impossible to avoid while transitioning rooms. I liked the art style a lot, great job.
I got a highscore of 70

Thank you for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed the game as much as we did.

Thank you for playing! I appreciate the positive feedback.

I appreciate the review! After our composer came up with the music, the game really started to come together for us. I'm glad you liked it as much as we did.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for the review! The html download shouldn't actually be available haha. I initially intended to make this an html game but there were a few outstanding bugs that I did not have time to iron out.

We appreciate the feedback! It was an ambitious game and a few mechanics were not completely finished by the end of the jam. We hope to release a post-jam patch to address some of these issues. Thank you for trying out our game.

Ah ok no problem. One of the issues I encountered was during the floating pillars on the castle wall. Depending on who was possessed, the pillar speed would rapidly change. In addition, since the player/camera rotated with the pillars she was on top of, solving the puzzle was even more difficult. Another small issue was getting the large character over the broken bridge, I just walked around the ravine but it did not feel like that was intentional.

It looks like a really promising game and the movement feels satisfying. At the same time, everything feels over the top and the gameplay suffers as a result. Although the game is not bad at all by any stretch, it feels like a demonstration of programming skills rather than a game.

I liked the art style and sequences at the start and end of the game. Though the gameplay started feeling dull near the end, I thought it was an interesting game.

The mood of the game was great but the animation and gameplay felt rough around the edges. Overall, I appreciated the voice acting and special abilities but it just needed a little bit more polish.

I liked the atmosphere of the game and the puzzles seemed interesting enough to keep me playing till the end. There were a few bugs which made reading text and solving puzzles difficult but I had fun overall.

A very simple game but the gameplay was solid and satisfying. I enjoyed my time playing even though it began to get tiring near the end.

Not necessarily a bad game, but the puzzles felt a bit out of place and I could not feel invested in the characters. There were a few spelling errors but it does not take away from the gameplay.

A very simple game with a simple concept. But that is not exactly a bad thing, it was straightforward and easy to play, I ended with a score of 61 by the end.

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Interested concept with a visually pleasing art style. I was unable to find the traitors probably because I was distracted with doing the objectives. Though, the game/UI was a bit confusing for a new player, I still have no idea why I picked some players at the start of the game.
Edit: There is a small bug where you cannot click play again when you finish the game.

A very interesting game, I believe I made it to the boss battle but was presented with gamepad controls while I was on a keyboard. The art style felt unique but the combat fell a bit flat for me.

Thank you for the constructive criticism. I agree that the controls and UI could have used some work, we will keep that in mind for future games!

Thank you for trying out our game! We spent a lot of time developing the game and missed out on some playtesting so I completely understand if some areas may have been confusing. I appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for reporting a bug! We will work to patch that issue as soon as possible, most likely after the jam. In terms of solving that puzzle, were you able to find the Recipe Note in the kitchen? The jars of food each have specific names related to solving the puzzle. Let me know if you still have trouble. Thanks for playing!

Sorry to hear that, what section did you get stuck on? Were you able to find all 3 hooks?

I thought the art was great. But, it looks like the gameplay is lacking and there are a few bugs here and there that take me out of the immersion. At some point, I got completely stuck while attempting to climb up a wood log.

I really enjoyed this game. The sounds, mechanics, and gameplay were enjoyable. My only suggestion would be to have better controls while using a mouse. Good job!

While there is no story and the game is not scary in the traditional sense, the atmosphere makes me want to know more about the character and why he is going through this maze.  I think the aesthetics are the strongest point in the game, I was able to complete it in about 9 minutes.

For a game made in a short time frame, I think it has potential. There was a lot of build up and unfortunately the game suddenly ended just when I felt it was getting interesting. 

An intriguing text adventure. I think this game sets up the atmosphere well but it looks like some parts may be unfinished. For example, the parents room displayed "Double-click this passage to edit it."

For a unique game, I think that this was done well. I dont believe I fully completed the game, but it is clear that a lot of detail went into this game. Up to where I got to, it was not particularly scary but I do not think that was the intention.

I think this was a fun little game to experience. There was not a lot of story or gameplay, but the monster definitely had me on my toes.

I do not normally play visual novels, but I found this to be very interesting. The voice acting was well done and while the build up was slow, the atmosphere kept me playing until the end.

Thank you for the review. I focused a lot on the style of the game and as a result, I was lacking in gameplay and mechanics. I will use this jam experience to help me fully complete my future games.

Hey kokutouchichi, I believe you are absolutely right. I should have been more clear that this was an unfinished game since there is no game loop or real point for the game at this time.  I appreciate the feedback and I will make sure to use this knowledge in my future games.

It was a short game, but what was there was polished and well done. I think with a few more features, it could be a solid game.

An interesting game. The game was a bit short and there was not too much gameplay. But it looked like a good start. The ghosts caught me off guard a bit.

I believe this is one of my favorite games of the jam so far. I liked the mechanics and puzzles. My only gripe was the level design and move speed being slow at times.

I like how the world feels alive. I think this is a good use of the assets given. I could not finish the game but I found it very interesting.

A unique type of game. I found the camera angles interesting but I grew tired of them after a few minutes of playing.