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The butcher is on the hunt, avoid him and escape from the cabin.
Submitted by Azul Mousseigne, JiRath (@GarethAguilar), Neil (@neilquillen), Franco Vega, Dylan Piserchia (@aaron_2677) โ€” 1 hour, 59 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sound Design#73.8183.818
Enjoyment (Best Game)#682.7272.727

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really good atmosphere! The sound design combined with the darkness created a really chilling environment! I found myself looking back every often just to check if something, or someone, was behind me, and this was before even the butcher started showing up. This game was really good at giving me a sense of dread. 

In terms of gameplay, I feel like the puzzles could use a bit of easing up. Besides placing them on the spice pads, I couldn't really figure out what to do with the spices, or how they were related to making pancakes, if they were related at all. The game could've given a little more hints. Of course, I also suck at these types of puzzles, so that could've been a factor.

I also ran into a couple of technical issues. I was trying to grab the book from the drawer, but I kept closing the drawer instead, which was a little annoying. And for some reason, the spices kept duplicating into my inventory, even after I placed them on the spice pads. 

Aside from these nitpicks, this game was really enjoyable! The first time I encountered the butcher was when I threw an item on the ground. That moment when I saw the text pop up on screen about an enemy, I panicked. This game's strong point really is the dread and tension it gives off, visually and audibly. Great job to everyone on the team!


Hey srg, thanks so much for checking the game out! I really appreciate it. This was actually my first time doing any sort of horror audio, so I'm glad you felt it contributed well to the atmosphere of dread. As it always is with jams, I could imagine doing sooo much more. I didn't really get a chance to play with the mechanic of sound drawing out the monster, but I definitely learned a lot for my next horror project haha.


Absolutely! You did amazing work for this game! I can only imagine how much more you'll improve next time. Looking forward to your next work!


Ok first, the bad. First puzzle took me way to long. Aloms give up at that first room. But is just because of the controls. The inventori was a killer for me. The "Equipe to read" and how to equipe was not clear at all. I was fighting with a game. Also there's no clear indication of stuff happening. Like the lever hidden behind the night table. I was pressing and wandering did it do anything? Besides the clunky inventory controls i did not go far. Now the GOOD/ AWESOME. I'm a fan of retro ps1 like graphics! This looks amazing! The aesthetics is just perfect. I can see it being a great game if you considering developing on the idea it self. Sound was great. Constant music looping did not get annoying at all. Wood creaking and footsteps just awesome sound design.  I was afraid  the bucher coming out of a corner!


Thanks for playing and for the feedback!
We'll keep those details in mind to fix them when the voting period ends.
Hope you had fun anyway!


Thanks so much Grytis! I'm glad you enjoyed the sound <3 This was my first foray into horror audio, and I had a ton of fun with it.

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

Enjoyed the game! Took me a little while to get the first puzzle and got the second just by chance.


I tried this and 17 other games from the scream jam. Butcher is probably the highest in ripe-to-complex ratio, although I didn't get far.

I really loved the look of the game, and the atmosphere got me really creeped out. I have to admit I got stuck after finding the bedroom and had to give up after messing with the beans for longer than I should have hahaha

But yeah really nicely done!


Thank you for trying out our game! We spent a lot of time developing the game and missed out on some playtesting so I completely understand if some areas may have been confusing. I appreciate the feedback!


Really good submission, pretty creepy feeling and I love the graphics. I thought the inventory system/general controls could do with a little improvement, it was a little clunky and unintiuitive, but that's only a small point. Great job!


Thank you for the constructive criticism. I agree that the controls and UI could have used some work, we will keep that in mind for future games!


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to play this all the way through cos my laptop sucks, and while it was capable of running the game, the screen was constantly flashing black so I couldn't play for very long >.< I wish I could use my PC to play some of these entries properly! 

Cool concept though from what I did see of it :3 I'm a fan of that kind of escape scenario type thing, haha. I love escape rooms and scare mazes!


Really great aesthetics, I'm a big fan of the PS1 retro style graphics! 

The dark atmosphere is quite cool!

Overall gg for your work!


I got stumped after finding the lever! Am I supposed to be looking for the lockpick at this point? I'll come back and give it another go soon :)


Yeah, there are some doors that you can unlock in any order, even if you didnt complete any of the puzzles yet. The lockpick is a reward for completing a puzzle! Thanks for playing!


Very Atmospheric and creepy I love this kinda stuff well done 


Liked the PS1 feel and the escape room vibe.