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Absolutely lovely game. Great idea, visuals and fun to play.

Fantastic GameJam entry!

(Unfortunately I got soft locked the second time I needed to collect 4 pencils. I simply threw a pencil and it somehow clipped through the ground and disappeared into the void... I tried stacking the 3 remaining pencils to be able to jump over the wall which seemed to be doable but then there was an invisible wall... :-P)

I see the work and idea behind but unfortunately there are some camera issues. It is also the first game that managed to crash my browser for some reason. Curious to see what it looks like once this is fixed!

Well done!

Unique art-style!

Well done!

Nice racing game. I like the graphics and the driving mechanics. I wish it had some sounds and the camera would be closer to the car. Also having something to work towards would be great. 

I see a lot of interesting ideas in here. I would like a version with improved controls as movement is quite floaty and imprecise.

Well done for your first game!

You got me. Wish it had continued further ;)

Nice puzzle game!

Nice one! Kept getting stuck and had to restart a couple of times.

When I saw the theme, I brainstormed and at some point I was reading through the Wikipedia article of complex numbers. I finally went a different route. :-)

I had to read the other comments to find out about the health bar in the upper right corner. This should be more prominent. Furthermore, binding attack to left shift causes on most windows machines a "sticky key" pop-up to appear. Better use a different key next time maybe? :-)

I like the truck model you created. Its the reason I clicked on your thumbnail! :-)

Nice puzzle game!

At first I played it without music (by accident) and did not get it.

But with the music it made me smile... :-)

Nice little game!

I got disoriented a few times in the white rooms that you can clip through. Maybe this is by design? I get the idea but the mechanic might need some work. :-) Well done nonetheless!

Nice game you made there. I must admit I seem to be quite bad at your game as I die way to soon. :-D

I think the "look area" should be a bit bigger and the character could be a bit more responsive. I also managed to get stuck between blocks on my very first try. My luck I guess... ;-)

Otherwise cool game. Well done!

While working on my own game I was wondering how other people would interpret the theme and I like what you did. In fact, I think its genius!

I did find the movement mechanics a bit hard though, even when I plugged in an Xbox controller. Not sure if this is by design or not. Still made it to end... ;-) Looking forward to the video!

I can only reiterate what the others have already said. Great artwork, funny idea, .... Personally I would have loved a target to work towards to increase replayability maybe? But then again, all of this in just one week... Well done.

What a wonderful game-world. I really like the art-style. I wondered what would happen when he woke up. I was expecting the character on the floor of a tavern or something. .. :-D

Still, well done!

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Wow, great game. I might be biased as my own entry has so many similarities even though the interpretation is quite different. :-) I even had something I called"Simulation Capacity" but I cut it out. I see your memory usage made it in the game. Well done.

Nice game! I would have liked to have a goal to work towards to. E.g. do as much destruction as possible in X seconds. Or am I not seeing it?

Also, nice touch to have the person on the computer work on the Brackeys GameJam itself :-D.... There is definitely potential to make this even nicer in the future with some updates.. :-)

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment! Much appreciated. :-)

This is brilliant :-D

Awesome game! :-)

What a cool game!

The pirate sounds (Yarr!) are a funny touch.