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My game Slime Catcher has yet to be indexed I have been patiently waiting for more than 2 weeks. I just was curious where it is at in the review que? 

@no time to play I have been waiting 2 weeks any news on when mine will be indexed? here is the link sorry about that should have posted it the original post. If you decide to try it I hope you like it me and my daughter worked hard on the game

I have been patiently waiting for 8 days. I know things are behind and that my first game that has a price tag takes longer but I noticed someone who has been waiting less time than me now has his game visible. Just wondering when mine will be too?

It's probably because it's a Chromebook they run on different operating systems most games are meant for windows operating system

I have been patiently waiting for 7 days it's gonna be awhile

when i looked at the marketing video they recomended roguelike deck builders which would give you the greatest chance of success. because it isnt over saturated with games. but there were other popular ones check youtube videos on marketing your game

I would think not much. But I don't know much about your game. Looks like a puzzle game or platformer which are not very popular on steam. But it depends on how much time your willing to market your game and how much of a following you have. 

Slime Catcher just released on itch. A RPG/treasure hunt some slimes are trying to kill you while others are hidden throughout the world.

7 days? I was wondering the same thing I have been patiently waiting three so far guess it takes awhile was hoping it would be visible this weekend. Maybe Monday 

Aseperite is super cheap and worth every penny if your looking to make pixel art

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I just uploaded my game to it is a rpg/treasure hunt where you have to catch 50 different slimes if you have a minute check it out. Some slimes are trying to kill you while others are hidden throughout the world here i decided to do a launch party sale the game is 15% off until Feb 16 

Aseperite is worth every penny

I just released my first game slime catcher and I am looking to start on another project

@Rockygames I feel my strength is pixel art let's team up and make great games Applecrispgaming#7789