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Goo day to you! We have launched our official Discord for Super Slime Arena and JellyTeam's future projects! Stay slimy friends!


Thanks!  This was made in HaxeFlixel, a nifty little 2D game framework that can easily compile to multiple targets.

We just launched a few hours ago, so not too many people are playing online yet!  For now, try playing with friends, or making a room of your own and waiting to see if anyone wants to join.  Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much!  We're super happy to be on the homepage!

Super Slime Arena is a multiplayer party fighting game for 2-50+ players that embraces accessibility and chaos; every slime character has a unique attack and every attack is a one-hit-KO.  With 32 unique slimes, 13 different stages, and 5 distinct game modes, every match can be a new experience.  Play locally or online with as many players as you have controllers for, and enjoy handmade 16-bit pixel art and an awesome soundtrack from over a dozen different artists!

Super Slime Arena started its life as a class project back in 2013, so it's been a long road to bring it here to you today.  Check it out if you're looking for a fun local or online competitive game to play with friends, are into cutesy retro aesthetics, or just love slimes.  Stay slimy!

Interested in the soundtrack for Super Slime Arena? We are hosting a listening party livestream with the devs & composers on today  at 9:00 PM EST!

Get an early preview of the OST along with some insights from the composers and developers of the upcoming party-fighting game!

We will also have some time for questions from the audience so please tune in! Thank you and stay slimy!

Twitch Event:
Twitch chat + IRC chat @ EsperNet / #superslime


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