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wonderful mod, thank you

Hello, I was wondering if you have to use the master servers to play multiplayer or can you host it yourself and connect directly via ip address? (I can port forward and all of that)


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I played through the first two acts. Visual novels aren't my favorite genre but the art was excellent and there was enough world building to keep my interest.  Not to mention the application ran very smoothly and the menus all worked well. Nice Job!

note: you still have a bit of "DEBUG" text visible

lmao @ replying 4 years later - but hey keep at it and I'm still rooting for you!

Hi, this is one of our first games!
We ran a little close to the dead line and messed up a bit with the balance and rent payment button. You can pay rent even if you don't have enough money! Feel free to use this glitch (feature?) to progress through the game and see all the art we worked hard on.

Thanks so much! Haha yea the commander was heavily inspired by metal gear. Level design is the last thing to do, and I didn’t budget enough time to work on the design as I would of liked, a lot of the times I just put stuff randomly and tweaked it until the challenge was decent. So yea some of the levels you have to take damage.

I think the dungeon flow is very weird, you can immediately leave the dungeon by going from room 5 to 1. If the PC's really start with no equipment I can't think of much incentive for them to hang around in the dungeon.

Maybe just release the server hosting software?