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Super Slime Arena

Slimy 16-bit style, party-fighting game using any controller in 2-50+ multiplayer matches! · By JellyTeam

Mac Version Quits

A topic by El Tiburón created Jun 15, 2020 Views: 284 Replies: 3
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Anyone else experiencing this on MacOS? Game quits when you save the key binding, and also when a player wins. :(

My kids absolutely LOVE this game though. We just keep rebooting and rebinding after every round.


Thanks for letting us know, we'll look into this! Would you be able to provide us with your specific operating system and other technical specs of your computer?
This wasn't happening when we tested in the past so it might be related to the newer OS. We can talk directly on our Discord if that's easier for you. Stay slimy!


Thanks for the reply! We got the game working on an older Mac laptop. But here are details for future reference.

Did not work on this newer MackBook Air running OS version 10.13.6, as described in the previous post.

Everything worked great on this MacBook Pro from 2009 :D running OS version 10.11.6.

Really appreciate you offering to look  into the issue but I'm good, happy the kids are playing on the older computer.


Gotcha! Thanks a bunch for giving us this info! We've gotten several other messages about problems with the Mac version specifically and will do what we can to get them resolved. Stay slimy!