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El Tiburón

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Cool. I'll keep an eye out for future updates. While you're at it– a save feature is on my wish list. :D

It looks beautiful. Would you please consider a MacOS version?

No problemo on the feedback. I'm rooting for this game.

My system specs below. The screen res is 1440 x 900.

Hi. The Mac 0.39 doesn't work. I'm hearing the ambient audio and a blurred visual of Node in the middle of the screen.

0.38 worked and still works though.

They got the card/board mechanics on the 4th game. Thanks a lot for including this game in the bundle.

Wow. The aesthetics, the math, the elegance – so beautiful. The only thing missing for me is a way to turn creations into printable posters or wallpaper. :D

The kids loved this! They're begging for a part 2.

Looks like a lot of fun but there are problems with the Mac version. Mostly related to controller mapping.

The right joystick has the horizontal and vertical controls switched. The keyboard always controls all 4 players.

LOADS OF FUN! The mini games were a big hit for our 8 and 10 year olds. The full game with cards is still a bit over their heads after 3 games.

The latest build works! Even within the Downloads folder.

Wow. The graphics and music are retro-awesome.  Thanks for the fix.

Edutainment that really looks like a game. Cool.

But the Mac version won't open. Anyone else having the same issue?

I ran the Terminal fix "xattr -cr /<app location>" but it did not work.

Thanks for the reply! We got the game working on an older Mac laptop. But here are details for future reference.

Did not work on this newer MackBook Air running OS version 10.13.6, as described in the previous post.

Everything worked great on this MacBook Pro from 2009 :D running OS version 10.11.6.

Really appreciate you offering to look  into the issue but I'm good, happy the kids are playing on the older computer.

Anyone else experiencing this on MacOS? Game quits when you save the key binding, and also when a player wins. :(

My kids absolutely LOVE this game though. We just keep rebooting and rebinding after every round.

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I used the tip here and it worked, too. It's basically the same thing.


Thanks for the link to the corpus. What a great source.

By George, it did work!

Now I'm on the 4 keyboards issue hahah. I'm so determined to play this game.

No, but please re-upload. I bet this workaround will work. Another game was having the same issue the other day and the new build seems to include a script that opened the terminal. It worked great.

I'm using an old OS, High Sierra, 10.13. 

Thanks for considering though. The game seemed fun. Good word games have become a rarity.

COOL. Works on a Mac now. Can't wait to finish the tutorial!

Testing... Intriguing aesthetics

Cool. Thanks!

Hello. Upon first boot up, MacOS tells me that the file is corrupted and recommends trashing.

Same issue. File is damaged?