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Hi. The Mac 0.39 doesn't work. I'm hearing the ambient audio and a blurred visual of Node in the middle of the screen.

0.38 worked and still works though.

Thanks for the feedback.
Can you tell me what your configuration is? And what is your screen resolution?
The latest graphical settings seem to have problems on MacOs because of the Retina support.

No problemo on the feedback. I'm rooting for this game.

My system specs below. The screen res is 1440 x 900.

Thank you,

Ok, with the 0.39 update I switched to a better rendering system which has a higher cost and forces me to use Metal on MacOs.
I tried this build on a MacBook Air, and it works, slowly... 

By the way, I work on Mac, so the game runs on MacOs and it's my first build target  :)

So maybe it's High Sierra and Metal, maybe the GPU... I'll keep investigating that. 
I'm working on improving all of this, and I'll release an update as soon as I can. 

Thanks again for the feedback, and thank you for your interest in the game!

Cool. I'll keep an eye out for future updates. While you're at it– a save feature is on my wish list. :D