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Edutainment that really looks like a game. Cool.

But the Mac version won't open. Anyone else having the same issue?

I ran the Terminal fix "xattr -cr /<app location>" but it did not work.

try moving it out of the downloads folder if that doesn't work Al check out what I can do tomorrow for you it's late here. Glad your playing the game have fun if you get it working. And Al message you tomorrow.

Hi I updated a new version although the current one might work. Make sure you are completely updated and then go to system preferences and allow the game. From there it should work. I got a mac user to ensure that this method works. Also make sure after that it is not in the downloads file after that. Happy gaming thanks for your interest in the game it means a lot to my development process in game dev.
Have a great day any more questions please ask.


The latest build works! Even within the Downloads folder.

Wow. The graphics and music are retro-awesome.  Thanks for the fix.

My pleasure please enjoy. You will learn a lot from the game about the core elements of the eras of Japanese History.  And it is a spin off from the language game if you are interested in learning Japanese.
Thanks for your interest it means a lot to a small time developer dreaming big.