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Hey can I add you on discord I really enjoyed your game and would like to follow the progress. I really want to complete it. I was really immersed.

That is awesome I am glad you bought the bundle it was for a good cause.
Yeah, its not super hard and it is chiefly based on mythology with some established history.
I hope you enjoy!

I hope you enjoy the game its not the easiest game but some players have enjoyed and learnt something new and brushed up on their knowledge of ancient Greece. There are side quests to pay attention too also. if, you so choose.

Yeah I think you are right. I checked the forums help pages and found this

"It means that at some point you or other users of your computer have installed/downloaded and launched a higher version of NWjs than RPG maker MV uses. It's a completely irrelevant message though and nothing bad happens, since for important settings there is a package.json file inside the folder.

I see this message all the time ever since I downloaded NWjs v.0.30, but no actual errors occur."

Make sure the file is not in the downloads folder and click on the game file inside the folder. If the problem persists please let me know


I took i as the idiom which is "until the last moment that it is possible to do something" rather than literally. So, the idea was that its the last moment of the Druid people and you have to get the gems to enter the never-realm while its still possible.
Thanks I worked really hard on it and I appreciate your comment. And yesh I might just continue with it in time.
Thanks again have a great day!

Thanks for the feedback yeah I probably will work on it more in time. I spent a lot of the Jam time messing with plugins to make the interesting item affects and balancing the battles.
I think you are right though it needs more lore and player guidance. I was thinking to add in some priest enemy npc map battles and add some player profiles. Additionally, I was think to add giant rune stones with scattered elements of lore. And make townsfolk that explain the mechanics of the game.
I will need to do the item descriptions etc.
Thanks for your feedback its got the juices flowing.

There is a tent in the fort with a crystal orb but if youve defeated the sky titan its likely you need to go to Crete in the outer main village there was a gandalf like character saying you shall not pass you should be able to pass now. It will take you to a secret tunnel.
And well done on doing the side quest that will benefit you near end game when you find Atlantis.
Thanks for playing hope it goes well.
Unfortunately there is no quest journal. Its the first full game I made and I made i using the standard software.
I hope you enjoy!

I was wondering when you will continue with this game I really want to find out where the story goes...

I will keep trying but time is ticking. Talk about down to the wire.

I have this game it has themes of slavery and gambling in a casino at times but is handled in a mature manner. I hope that is ok.
If, its not I have a mini game I can contribute I am very passionate about contributing to this cause.
I hope I am not too late.

Sorry I am late

Thanks for playing its a pretty epic video I cant believe you did so well without finding the crafting recipes and doing the main quest line. The grinding will pay off later in the game.

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The great thing is I worked tirelessly to make it so it only requires one plugin.

The above link will take you to the page with a guide and the plugin is Event Morpher.

It would be great if you joined the Discord channel at

And I am willing to give you any assistance you need with this template and promote your game etc. 

This template took me over 120 hours to make and I really want people to have fun with it. Please join and we can share our progression with the template.

Please join discord and we can chat about any further support you need.

In regards to the template there are a couple of precursors i.e. dont delete any events other than that just set up the plug in in the list per Yanfly requirements.

and input into the plug in the numbers set in the download instructions which is 3,5,7 and 12 into the plugin.

Also, do not delete any events they work on coordinates so they are in a set order if you delete one the plants will be in the wrong event coordinate. So, only add to the template do not delete anything

Yes that is correct

If, you are interested please check out one of my other projects that we updated recently. It is the Prince Arthur game. We would appreciate players and feedback. And I will get the video done asap. Have a good day!

My reply was quick but the video will take sometime. I have a very busy weekend. I work 10 hour days and am often exhausted. I can potentially have a video up on Sunday night. Again thanx for your interest this template project was a labor of love and I hope a homage to harvest moon. I hope that fans of the series can make their own farm stories. 

Thanks for your interest. If, you like you can join the discord channel and ask me any question you want...
I am also willing to give on hand support for any project you make with this template upon purchase.

Hi I work full time but I will get a video up asap. Yes the plants must be watered once a day and if you over water them they die.

This game was my first project so I didnt save any sprite sheets. Sorry for the late reply. Hope you are well and doing well in the game. It is not an easy game to complete.

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The sound usage was changed. In addition the game play has seen a dramatic change. Thank you again for your feedback!

Thanks I recently found the sound usage did not update when changed going to put a new version up later tonight.
In regards to the gameplay we tried to make it accessible but I think it needs a quest journal and the first few battles are terribly difficult but we couldn't balance it any other way.
The balancing of the minions was very difficult.
And at certain times without visiting the health centres or crafting elixirs I can imagine that it would be difficult to use the moves. Thinking making a player guide for the game would be good in terms of the game play.
What are your thoughts on this and thank you for playing it means a lot.

I have made the changes and I am uploading now. Thanks again!

Thanks, that is great advice. I didn't know how to make the transparent object. And I didn't know about many of thee other things you said. My plan is to maintain the game in the future and I will make the changes that are not very time consuming, now. I am very busy with other projects at this time.
Thanks for your advice it is really helpful and thanks for finding the bug.
You clearly know your stuff and I respect you for sharing your guidance.
Have a great day.

Thanks again.

 There is a tent in the walled city with a crystal ball that can help.  The message is part of a paradox plot line, it will become clearer later. Have you defeated the underworld female boss or are you at the Prometheus stage? 
There are 3 occasions when you need to enter the underworld, so I am trying to ascertain where you are in the game 😊

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Great, glad to have you here. The Discord server opens tomorrow, I will be sure to  post the link here and on the main page.
Have a great day and looking forward to what this project can create.

This is a side project. I was thinking from now to use American English. Thanks for your feedback, this project is not a primary focus. However, I will look into what you have said. I used Microsoft word but the different forms of English can be troublesome. I have been trying to use basic vocabulary to make it accessible to all.  And as you say the art is good and I think the actual historical content is good. One thing I have never been able to develop well is dialogue. It's all a learning curve.

I used Microsoft word the British edition. I would have thought that would have picked up any errors.

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This link is for discord it wil invite you to the channel where you can ask for help on any of the games in the series. It expires in 24 hours. If, you don't have discord you can sign up easily it's great for game queries and socialising... And it will notify me quicker than this page :)

Im guessing the game file is still in the downloads file it's a common problem with this type of game with Mac's. If you move it onto the desktop it should work fine.

Start by interacting with the doll and then go to bed  the game should explain itself from there.

Al get you a discord link to the channel one moment

Ok so the keyboard up and down arrow keys etc move the charachter. Enter is interact with the environment such as dolls bookcases and beds. Escape is open menu. Hope this helps. Don't feel silly you must be new to these types of games and it's a good question really I should have put a list of controls for fresh players. If you want you can join a discord channel and you can ask me any questions regarding the game series.

My pleasure please enjoy. You will learn a lot from the game about the core elements of the eras of Japanese History.  And it is a spin off from the language game if you are interested in learning Japanese.
Thanks for your interest it means a lot to a small time developer dreaming big.

Hi I updated a new version although the current one might work. Make sure you are completely updated and then go to system preferences and allow the game. From there it should work. I got a mac user to ensure that this method works. Also make sure after that it is not in the downloads file after that. Happy gaming thanks for your interest in the game it means a lot to my development process in game dev.
Have a great day any more questions please ask.

try moving it out of the downloads folder if that doesn't work Al check out what I can do tomorrow for you it's late here. Glad your playing the game have fun if you get it working. And Al message you tomorrow.

I fixed a a few bugs that were having a big impact on the game and added a guard that gives guidance. Thanks for the feedback

Glad that you appreciate the game. If you get into any trouble on the game you can join the discord channel Al post the link this afternoon. Essentially you go to the city and do the quests there. Start with the big building where the Shogun lives and then each neighborhood opens up as you speak to the infamous characters of Japanese history.

Sorry you found bugs I thought I got rid of them.  The player is guided by it saying it's quiet in this part of the town and the doors to the next buildings only open when you complete the previous challenge. I will put a guide character in the game this afternoon.

What bugs did you find?