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Thanks for saying as such. I appreciate your time and it's food for thought as I continue my journey of artistic expression. I've never been gifted at drawing or music due to some personal reasons. So this avenue is big for me. I appreciate your reply and comments. Also acknowledging that I did this in a very small amount of time and it's alright n unique is reassuring. Thank you, fellow rpgmaker. Let's keep developing and lifting one another up, ey.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to comment and play. I spent possibly too much time studying and writing the content. I am pleased you acknowledge the effort I put into the research and historical content put forward in the game. 

Yeah, I love the Last Samurai Movie! But you are right Hollywood still needs to do more work on Samurai history etc and be more reflective on things.

I made the game to primary assis people in study or with an interest in learning Japanese history. Documentary video games are a style I've only been working on for a short time during my amateur experience with game design. A comment like this inspires me to keep pushing myself to hone my craft. Thank you for your time and kindness. Let's lift one another up, ey.

I'm still developing and honing my style of making documentary video games. It could have been more spread out, I acknowledge that. I just had the information I wanted to impart and a limited time to do the eventing and such. I think JRPG's usually are heavy on lore and such. In this case it's cultural history and topics like these are by most people found to be polemic and unsavoury. Religion and philosophy are often divisive and distasteful topics to bring up. So having them the feature instead of lore and universe building is a bit of a push.

I apologize about the background music. I thought I'd set it up right setting the volume at 60percent then I added a plugin to let the player choose the sound and it reverted the sound to 100percent. I'm sorry for that it is uncomfortable and has impact on the ambience I was trying to create for this documentary video game.

I'm sorry you dislike my choice to use AI. I am on a very tight budget and cannot afford the commission's I require to make the cutscenes I envision. I think again AI is a divisive topic. I understand your feelings to an extent. I was once a Neo-Luddite adverse to AI.

Overall, there is a lot of polish to be done. I only developed this game for a few hours a day over a period of ten days. I have commitments to work and family. So, I take that into consideration when I reflect on this project.  

Thank you for taking the time to play some of the game and being kind enough to offer feedback.

This game is kinda an experimental documentary video game. It has got some way to go before it is polished. Nevertheless, I don't wanna get too distressed about it. I worked hard, learned new things, made new friends, and made a half decent game in under two weeks. 

It's been a good do, I hope so also for you.

Have a great day!

This game is beautiful to look at and fun to play. The concept is really cool, and it seems like it has a lot of potential to develop with the various collectibles and combat potential. The monsters look epic, and the ambience is epic.

I thought the lore of the blood moon, the art, and the race against time created an epic ambience. It was a lot of fun to play.

I very much enjoyed playing this game. It was exciting and at times exhillirating!

Well done, you made a fantastic entry.

I thought the lore of the blood moon, the art, and the race against time created an epic ambience. It was a lot of fun to play.

I very much enjoyed playing this game. It was exciting and at times exhillirating!

Well done, you made a fantastic entry.

Thanks for your supportive comment. I am glad that was the result. I intended it to be informative so if you learned just one thing I am happy. This comment is great! I have some work to do in polishing the game in the future, but this comment is motovational. Have a good one!

Thanks for your critique. I'm glad you appreciated the historical information and story. 

I'm sorry you don't like the style I take the story and presenting the information. 

I see this series of games as historical-documentary games. I'm sorry you felt it was half baked I put a lot of effort into it in a short amount of time. I only developed for ten days during the jam and intend to polish it later.

I have a busy life and as much as I wanted to pour more time into it... Family and work life come first. I think you understand that.

I'm glad you have experience in playing RM games, it will help you to create even greater games than the great games I'm sure you've made.

As for the comment on Low's amazing tool. I think it's a great software and had fun using it. Although I didn't have the time to make as many sprites as I would have liked. Thanks for playing. I will take on board your critique.

I hope you had a great time during the jam. I hope you enjoy your journey with RPGMaker. 

It was a good jam it was nice to see people supporting one another and working to make games. 

I look forward to playing your game. Have a good one.

Please join this Discord. I will give you a key that can be claimed.

Thank you for your kind review and interesting interjection. Thanks for playing it means a lot.

This is a very nice quiz! I enjoyed it. 

I want to play this game but you need to adjust the screen size. It looks cool.

I enjoyed the way you chose to present the information. The graphics made me feel like I was back in my childhood exploring a new world. This is a cool game I enjoyed giving it a bash. Great work.

The images for the cutscenes are AI. I am not very artistic. I also thought it would be ironic to approach the Luddite fallacy in this manner as it is pertinent to the times. It was close to impossible to find paintings etc of the mills that were free for use.
All other images are created by various artists that have designed sprites and tile sets for the software.
I am glad you found the voice-over entertaining, though.  Thanks for playing.

Thank you, kind human. I am glad it was entertainingly told.
Yeah, the AI thing was an ironic element that I chuckled about. I made an AI image of Ned Ludd, he is probably gonna wake up next Halloween...
The interesting thing was the AI without prompts knew to make the wrists and arms deformed. As many people from that time through labour had deformed arms and wrists.  Also, people's arms often got mangled in the machines. So it was a bit of a weird experience.
Anyway, the Luddite fallacy is probably emphasised in this game somewhat and the irony is there.

Thank you for your comments. I worked really hard on this game. It was a labour of love and homage to Yorkshire. I managed to balance a full-time job, and parenting duties, and get this game done. This comment put a smile on my face. I am really glad my approach did some justice to this legendary event in Yorkshire.

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. It is really heart-warming when someone reaches out!

Please join our Discord the community needs someone like you!

Please put me in the credits of your game. e.g. Thanks to the template designer JBo at Jbooch Games.
You can do what you wish with the template. I made it to empower fans of games like Harvest Moon to create their farming game dreams.

Since I was 9 years old I dreamed of making a farm RPG and I wanted to share that achievement with anyone who has a similar aspiration.

Also, I would love to see what you create and play your game one day!

Enjoy creating!
If you are interested in joining JBOOCH Games Discord server

This game has been a lot of fun to work on. It has been a great way to build on our friendship and it is a pleasure to work with you. Let's keep pushing to make it an even more interesting game.

I think the player feedback has been great. I am looking forward to finalizing the game.

A lot of people have been wondering what I have been working on lately with other projects on pause. And I hope when they play this they see why..!

Anyway, I respect the hard work you have put into this game and am blessed to have contributed.

JBo out

Thank you, ever so much for the feedback. I think it needs a lot of work and so I made it free for now. I am currently working on another game which I am trying to get perfect and to push the boundaries of what I can do with this software. The Zoo game is something I am going to revisit in the near future. We could add on discord if you like; it is always good to network, and your feedback is really good.

That is great. Do you use RPG Maker MV ? I am open to working on this project in a collaborative manner.

Yeah, it is a bit random. I melded fantasy with some obscure history and threw in some welsh language learning. I hope you enjoy it in the end. It is the story of how my family lost all their wealth and became orphans. It is a really gritty tale when you get to it. I hope it is something you enjoy and take the moral message of kindness and more.

What are your long-term plans for this tool? Have you found any issues with the tool thus far? I am going to purchase it very soon. I want to support you so I will pay via PayPal in due course.

The difference is you can customize the weapons and armour with augments.

To obtain the augments you get a tarot reading and a rune reading. The tarot cards are based on the real Arcana tarot cards with a brief description.

The Runes are also based on the name of Freya in the ancient nordic language and they also have a brief description helping you to get a reading of your destiny.

The item augments also speed up battle when you utilize their synergy.

Thanks for asking I appreciate your interest.
These updates came out of some interesting feedback from a player.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to comment I really appreciate that.

Happy Halloween!

yeah, okay if you are happy to post your email here on itch I can do that.

No it's an app.

Oh, that is great to know. Thank you for being so helpful. I hope you are having a good day.

sure, do you have discord?

Yeah, the trouble is the tool i used to make the game is outdated so if I enable screen size changes it can make it difficult to work on everyone's pc.

If you enjoy the game I will send you a key and you can have the game as an owned item to download whenever you want :)

That is intentional. After the sale, you cannot download it. I hope you understand. I spent a long time making this game. I am offering it for free for people to play in October as it is Halloween.

I have tested the fix and it works happy game making.

I found the fix and I will upload a new version of the template tomorrow.

The fix is pretty simple where it says on the bed event at the top
if the variable main days is 28
change that
variable to days of the season.

It seems that was an oversight of mine and I am very thankful you have brought that to my attention.
The making of this template took 120hours and I made this error as I first started with a different time system when I was experimenting with the time and crop growth design.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

OK, so I found that in the template it does not add a year despite the command being there. I am looking into it now

I think it is possible you have deleted one of the events that roles the years but im not sure I will check now I never had this problem in the game im making or testing. I am gonna listen to you and check, nonetheless.

If you are talking about the variable of year it starts in year 1 instead of year 0.
This was for a number of reasons including making it easier to make the time system work and then when the new year rolls around it adds 1 to the variable. I hope that answers your question.
If it does not answer your question feel free to join the discord for further assistance.
If you do not have discord then feel free to comment below and I will respond when I can.

I hope your issue has been resolved and you have a great time making a farm game. If it is not I will be available in 10hours from now. I am clocking off please @JBo in the discord channel. I will be with you asap.

Thank you for your purchase it means a lot.

Please join the discord and I will give you further details...

The location that you put the numbers in is in this video. You can see the location at the 8th minute.