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This is a side project. I was thinking from now to use American English. Thanks for your feedback, this project is not a primary focus. However, I will look into what you have said. I used Microsoft word but the different forms of English can be troublesome. I have been trying to use basic vocabulary to make it accessible to all.  And as you say the art is good and I think the actual historical content is good. One thing I have never been able to develop well is dialogue. It's all a learning curve.

I used Microsoft word the British edition. I would have thought that would have picked up any errors.

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This link is for discord it wil invite you to the channel where you can ask for help on any of the games in the series. It expires in 24 hours. If, you don't have discord you can sign up easily it's great for game queries and socialising... And it will notify me quicker than this page :)

Im guessing the game file is still in the downloads file it's a common problem with this type of game with Mac's. If you move it onto the desktop it should work fine.

Start by interacting with the doll and then go to bed  the game should explain itself from there.

Al get you a discord link to the channel one moment

Ok so the keyboard up and down arrow keys etc move the charachter. Enter is interact with the environment such as dolls bookcases and beds. Escape is open menu. Hope this helps. Don't feel silly you must be new to these types of games and it's a good question really I should have put a list of controls for fresh players. If you want you can join a discord channel and you can ask me any questions regarding the game series.

My pleasure please enjoy. You will learn a lot from the game about the core elements of the eras of Japanese History.  And it is a spin off from the language game if you are interested in learning Japanese.
Thanks for your interest it means a lot to a small time developer dreaming big.

Hi I updated a new version although the current one might work. Make sure you are completely updated and then go to system preferences and allow the game. From there it should work. I got a mac user to ensure that this method works. Also make sure after that it is not in the downloads file after that. Happy gaming thanks for your interest in the game it means a lot to my development process in game dev.
Have a great day any more questions please ask.

try moving it out of the downloads folder if that doesn't work Al check out what I can do tomorrow for you it's late here. Glad your playing the game have fun if you get it working. And Al message you tomorrow.

I fixed a a few bugs that were having a big impact on the game and added a guard that gives guidance. Thanks for the feedback

Glad that you appreciate the game. If you get into any trouble on the game you can join the discord channel Al post the link this afternoon. Essentially you go to the city and do the quests there. Start with the big building where the Shogun lives and then each neighborhood opens up as you speak to the infamous characters of Japanese history.

Sorry you found bugs I thought I got rid of them.  The player is guided by it saying it's quiet in this part of the town and the doors to the next buildings only open when you complete the previous challenge. I will put a guide character in the game this afternoon.

What bugs did you find?

This is such a cool concept.

Glad you enjoyed the game. The story is based on real life events and I am glad you enjoyed. Why not try the other games...? I will make another part to this mini series hopefully this year.

Great, you should be able to enter the bassement then and give the tavern enough food parcels to be stored for the weeks ahead. From there the quests fall into place, good luck and let me know how you get on.

Have you cleared the tavern basement?

Sometimes, when using the mac if it is in the download file it will not save. Simply move the game folder to the desktop or another location and it should save. If, the problem persists please let me know :)

If you have more than 12 packages you deffo need to go to the tavern and do the quest.

Ok, so I am about to play through to find where you possibly are in the game. But I think possibly you are before the basement quest? And need to go to the tavern? Also, you need to go to the tavern twice in the game.
Hope that helps for now and I will continue to try and work this out for you.

Maybe you already got to the part where you can go deeper into the mine ? I will investigate further for you. Give me some time but check the mine entrance while I do that...

I will also add a guide that can show the player what to do 

You go to the chalk boards and do the lesson. I should have guided the player more for the concept of the game. Thanks for playing and your feedback I will fix the tilesets asap. I was thinking about just not including the poem tbh ... 

You have to sleep twice perhaps you are at the point you need to take another rest? I don't think you will have broke the game. Also, there is food parcels left over for you.

Hi, I love the concept of this game!

Would you consider doing a creator bundle with my games that also teach Japanese?

Hi, I love the concept I am working on teaching Japanese via RPGmakerMV. Maybe we can can work together to market our products? I live in Japan and would like to help you market it!

Sorry for the late reply, you need to go to the bed and press enter.

The concept is you play a gaijin crew a misunderstood group of foreign people who aspire to learn about Japan.

Also, I think this Jam is a great idea and RPGmaker can still be a relevant game engine even now years later from it's genesis.

In the future I am interested in contributing to larger projects with the engine. And I hope you enjoy the game if you have chance... It will certainly teach you a lot...

Thank you. Yes we can talk directly on Thanks for your help!

I was going for the pronunciation rather than the kana spelling I phase into it later in the game. But I think you are right I should have continuity on these matters. Thanks for your assistance.

And I certainly need to revise my roman numerals.

And all the women in the embassy are supposed to be British. But I suppose only one teaches the basic greetings so I should have that changed.

And omg leigh man is Olde English... It has etymological links but that’s it. I am such a layman...

I look forward to your help on this project, thanks for your support and well wishes.

Oh, ok you have to read the scrolls on the tables and then do the quiz on the chalkboards :) good luck it aint easy...

Yes sorry about that its the nature of the software. Also, I used dlc so its a bit bigger than excpected I guess....

I loved gauntlet when I was younger and made an rpg that is educational hope you people enjoy... And I hope it is ok I think it fits within the paradigm.

Thanks for the kind comment the narrative teaches a moral lesson and describes a historical event. I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

Awesome, thanks a lot :) Glad you enjoyed it ... Education games add another challenge to the classic rpg quest, I appreciate you sharing it on Instagram a lot :)