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I am glad that you liked the game even if the movements were a little slow and that there were a couple of bugs. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I probably did too much in the game for me to debug so thanks for spotting the movements.

I am very happy to that you enjoyed the game and that you liked the graphics. I did have a little bit of trouble putting everything into the game. 16 enemies, 12 levels, a boss, maybe it was a little too much now that  I look at it. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I will keep in mind the movements next time to make the character a little bit quicker.

I am happy to see that you liked the game, and that you figured out that it was based off of some of the old Kirby games. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I am glad to see that even with the bugs you enjoyed it. I did try to base the game around the old Kirby games, specifically on the Gameboy.

I didn't realize all of the bugs in the game until I played all the way through. So sorry if any are annoying to play with.

Here are a couple of the bugs:

  • Invisible doors.
  • Can't jump on some enemies.
  • Boss is unbeatable.

Sorry about all of that.

Nice game that you have here, and very good soundtrack. The movements and the pixel art are great. Good solid entry!

Great game! Thanks for playing mine.

I see that you found the technique that I used when I was making the game, where you just ram into everything. Thanks for playing!

Glad to see that you liked the game!

This game was great to play! Only wish there were more levels.

Really great game! I wouldn't change anything.

Very interesting idea for a game. Excluding the bugs, it was a great game with good audio, and graphics. I didn't up beating archery so I never got to see what happens after that, but great job!

Great game. I would say that you could explain what the goal of the game is inside of the game, and to also be clear on how to play and what you are looking for. The enemies seemed to just appear on top of me at times when I enter a room so maybe that's something that could have been slightly adjusted too. I really liked the audio and the sort of maze that I had to go through to get what I needed. Very clever idea.

Great game. I think that this game would have been great with some sounds/music, and maybe some special effects. I also found that the mouse was a little difficult to use and that you couldn't turn around made it a difficult to kill anything. I had fun playing it and looking through the whole story of the game though. Great job!

I like that you can use the two characters to help you progress through the levels. I wish there were more levels. This is a great idea.

I would agree that the arena was too small and that I could have tried making it bigger in some way. I tried shrinking the player, enemies, and the rock and it ended up here. Thanks for playing. I will try your game too.

Thanks for the advice, I will be sure to try out some new ideas with the gameplay and try to make everything work out. Thanks for playing!

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I have a similar problem where I can open the app, but I can't export/save the files that I made.  I heard that you could fix this by saving inside of the app files, yet I don't know how to do that. When I try to export the sprite sheet, it will usually have a name but no file type. If there is any way of fixing this, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Edit: I got it to work by going to Security and Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access then click the plus and locate Pixel FX Designer to give full access on files.

That would be great. How should I do it?

Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I couldn’t submit the game, because of an error that occurred when I tried to upload the it. Hope the jam will go well for you.

I have found out that may game, for some reason, won’t run on the browser because of an error. I couldn’t resolve the problem. Because I couldn’t get onto discord to submit anything else, I didn’t have a chance at having my game actually playable. So I wish best of luck to everyone else.

I have tried to open the game in another browser, and it still logged the same error as before. I would like to try to create a build for Windows and MacOS, yet the deadline is already over and my Discord is, for some reason, not logging in so if you have any other ideas I would like to hear. Thanks again.

Thanks for the advice.

I noticed that I got an error message that I don't know how to fix. Could anyone help? I have been trying to fix it for the past hour. Thanks.

I am glad to see that you like it. I hope it was not to hard or confusing to play. 

I was going to add those things if I had the time. So sorry if it felt unfinished.

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Thanks for the tip, I would have done it if I had enough time. Thanks for playing!

I will be sure next time when I make a game I will fix a lot of the main mechanics. Thank you for all of the compliments on art and sound, they are greatly appreciated. Thanks for playing!

Glad to see that you took the time to play it! Thanks for playing!

I will be sure to have cleaner mechanics next time. Thanks for playing!

As a lot of these comments said with small details like the camera, and tile palette for world two deteriorating gameplay.  I also could of wished for a cleaner feel to the game. Thanks for playing!

I tried my best to get everything from art, effects, and gameplay while trying to have good levels to play. One thing I really could of wished I changed was the camera movements, and tile pallet for world two. Thanks for playing!

Good to see that you liked it. Sorry if it was hard to play, or seemed confusing in some places.

I actually thought that first two worlds could have been more interesting than the third. I did not polish that first couple to actually have good gameplay, sorry. Thanks for playing.

I thought that the camera changing could have been fixed with better level design. I wish I could have changed it. Thanks for playing.

I would have also changed a lot in the first two worlds, yet I couldn't due to the time I had. Sorry about a couple of poor mechanics.

It does say save. I just missed it.

I now have it working, and it looks great!