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nvmd... i think ive broken other maps now.. ill fix it later

I just released my new game JarlSlice !

Its a fast paced puzzle platformer with many different mechanics and tools.

Go Play it here:

its JarlsSliceTime !

Ah my bad .. should work now (wasn't home til today) . Found the issue. I had to unfortunately remove it from the gmtk-jam to update it , but whatever

oh? like the game doesnt even start? or where does it fail?

np, thanks alot for playing 😄

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I assume you mean this one ?

The longer you stay alive the more you grow . You should eventually turn into a "young frog" which can jump higher than the froglet. Tho you can actually climb the rocks behind the rock wall in the froglet stage if you are impatient haha.

thanks, which rock did you mean?

Looks , sounds and plays super well. I dont think i can add anything that someone hasnt said yet , so uhh great job !

I felt like i was in a touhou game while doging all those bullets. great stuff ! i think if you plan to flesh out this game , a boss fight or upgrades would be a nice addition.

Pretty fun. The best ive gotten was a score of 282. I did find a visual bug : hold space and fall down without letting go of space and the charging bar will stay at the last height the frog was. Other than that great job !

Thanks for the feedback. If i rework the game after the gamejam voting, I think ill first redo the pits a bit , so that you can get up again. Having to restart all over just because 1 small misstep can be a bit unfair .

thank you !
I had hoped to make the division clearer with more special routes , but I myself had a time limit to obey ;D

haha I'm glad you liked it . Some of the "Mission" messages were a little silly ,as there isn't alot to explain/special to do in some stages.

thanks alot . i noticed that swimming up and down interferes with moving normally with wasd . Do you mean that or just the controls in general ?

There is no way to control the leg right? Other than , well timing it ?

Haha pretty cool, kinda expected a jumpscare near the end hehe. The last screw rly took a long time . I think what would put up the fear factor is if dark creatures start crawling near you once you get unsafe.

Its a bit hard to know how far you will jump. i do like the addition of a predator . p cool

The art is super cute . great result. i feel like the left right movement could have been a little faster , but that might just be me. Maybe a dash instead 🤔. Other than that , great stuff !

Cool idea and super cool execution. love the art too. probably one of my favorites in this jam from all that ive seen.

Simple and yet fun. I think what this game is missing is another variable . Maybe something to avoid?

hmmm yea, right now there isnt any way to get out of the pits . thats a good idea. What is possible is resetting by pressing  "esc" -> reset or by simply pressing "r" to reset.

I really like the puzzle idea and the art. great stuff !

pretty hard , but fun ! 
i kinda got stuck here :

Cool idea ! Level 7 might be too hard or i am just bad haha.

I really like the overall feel of the game.  The art also fits very nicely . My best was 147m

I think its save to say that this is the most chaotic submission haha . Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm a bit lost on the controls. p funny tho 

The frogs are super cute. Great game !

Super Impressive. I love the idea, i kinda hoped that if the frogs collide ,that they would bonk each other away and fall into the water . Getting thanos'd is also fine :p

haha , i hope you didn't give up because it was too hard :P . would additional platforms help?

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Took me a few tries .I think the distance between the objects might be too small. 
Some moving objects would have been cool or other variation. Other than that, pretty neat !

There are 2 hidden signs somewhere on the map.
Also if anyone thinks the game is too easy, try collecting all the food.

Pretty cool, holding space is funny

I think the performance is better if you download it. I might add a options menu . thanks for the feedback

thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it 👌

My first time entering a game jam :

Let me know what you think of it 👌