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Funny little game , but the movement doesnt rly feel like the original and its a little short.

nice job tho

awesome !!! thank you

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also did this recently haha:


am i the fastest recursion sponge player ? :P

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pretty sure thats intended

since you jump out of 1 and land into 2 go back into 1 with 2 blocks going in..

if you go out and land you also "make" 2 blocks. they will just need 2 moves if you want to put them both back because they dont act as one anymore

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rly nice game!
cant seem to get lvl10 in 3 moves.. rly hard.(best i can do is 4)
(oh and to anyone having trouble running the game.. downloading it is better)
i think i gotta slide into the goal with the jump upwards..but thats ...idk next to impossible . i think im happy with just 15/16 blue haha

pretty cool ! but maybe add the option to stop the game and view the particles. (speed and name) that would make it easier


great game ! even tho im a bit late to find it. took me a bit to finish ,but after after some time its not too hard

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really nice game .a bit short tho.. ;( i won after ~5min or even less ( didnt look at time)

edit: ok after2nd play .. seems like i missed the in game timer haha . 2nd play time is 1:28min

edit2 : also didnt notice the log .. im excited for a "full version" also my current pb is 0:58:809min

its faster to bhop

Hehe nice i need som crouch boost tho ;)

it looks good but gameplay is all the same or did i miss something?

nice art and funky music !maybe make the walls connected it looked kinda odd.good game

pretty nice,but a level counter would have been nice .i wasnt sure if the levels are looping or if there are new levels.maybe change them up more,even if its something smal like color

haha verry nice dani ;D

it already is ;D look up karlson speedruns

i hope you can still piss.......hahhah ;D

he left it in bcs its fun lol

really well done and that just in 2 days .i had a lot of fun trying to finish it as fast as possible ;D

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nice game btw you can push/shoot the crates behind walls. got to floor 4 :D

hope to find some diamonds tonight


nice work dani .but it would be cool if you could get more points the higher you go

love it looks really cool

pretty sure its just 1 map

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Hi i wanted to check out this game and it looked verry cool,but i cant really proceed.i think this glitch is stoping me from proceeding.or is it intended to be like this?

cool game .i kinda like the camera angles :D

hahahaha i love it

i dont think people playing the first time will find any of these glitches, the wall glitch has to be verry precise. sorry for making it seem like its broken :D

there it is

yeah the "double jump" is great .i would also leave it in the game

i have made a little video with some thing that i have found in the game .But the video isnt online right now cause i have to upload it.i will post the link when done

you can actually  step on the cube jump pick up the cube and use it as the " double jump" you can skip some things in the game ,but there are better ways to skip....the whole game.., lel     ( in the video below i use the normal double jumb and the extended)

i saw the video and was like damn lucky game dev :DD

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cool game.But you should fix the glitch where u can go into walls

u cant really see it in this video but ,there is a way  to glitch into the walls(some not all).if you want i can make a video to show

edit: i have found a way to glitch into all walls that have  enough space