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This is a top quality Playdate game and lots of fun! Thank you so much! :)

Just echoing 2 pieces of feedback others have given already, played with the beta:

- It is possible to place any card on an empty space, not just Kings, which is against the rules. (As mentioned by Raccoon Formality)

- The "Move cards up" via crank could be given as a hint when you are left with obviously solved stacks. In our initial games we forgot about the crank and didn't read the help of course. ;) (As mentioned by Domedin)

Doesn’t work for me either. After "Start game" I only see 2 cut off buttons on the left and right, and on clicking either only: "mirror. You are dumbfounded at the sheer beauty gazing back at you."

Really enjoyable game with nice design! The difficulty curve ramps up a lot though, quickly going from 3 HP to 30 HP enemies.

No, in fullscreen I only get a quarter of the screen displayed (similar issue with other games). I do see the text itself, but no value next to it. (Can’t seem to post an image here, sorry.)

The art and music was really cool! Had my issues with the controls – I did understand that it was about the direction of movement, but it was quite frustrating and could have been better if it would have been just about which of the directional buttons you press with shift at that moment.

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Agree with the others, it’s quite difficult and a lot of time is spent waiting for the non-visible enemies to move.
Additionally, the map seems quite big (not knowing where to go). It would be cool if there was the possibility to kill or freeze enemies when they are within your area, maybe spending 1 dice point?
I do like the spaceperson and alien art though! :D

It’s a fun little take on tower-defense! It was a bit difficult to win due to the set directions of the bullets, and it was a bit unclear and difficult to see what the different sides of the dice do.

Funny idea with the audience coming and going! I did feel though as if I was in a loop of attacking, losing health and drinking potions until eventually the audience left. :D

Interesting idea, but I encountered a few bugs: You can click "roll the dice" however often you like, accruing endless jumps. And it didn’t seem to display the "jumps/attacks given" at all for me.

If your goal was to make it relaxing and simple then I’d say you succeeded. :) Only the sounds were a bit off-time but you mentioned that in the text.
It did feel a bit simple though – maybe a timer or slightly smaller field would be nice to increase the feeling of pride and accomplishment. ;)

Super nice atmospher, and I love the presentation and limited field of view. However, it was a bit frustrating for 2 reasons: it was unclear what to do when the steps start: Move out of the way, or do nothing – neither seemed to work. And being reset when getting caught was a bit annoying after several tries. But really enjoyable otherwise!

It’s an enjoyable game, one thing which needs tweaking though is the wall jump mechanic. From what I can tell, you have to hit and hold A/← or D/→ slightly before space for the wall jump to work. Which also might move you away from the wall so it’s counter-intuitive.

In lots of other games you get a little window instead and don’t have to be super exact – it feels like you press them at the same time, but really either directional or jump might be a bit earlier, but if feels smooth to players.

Thanks so much for the kind words! :) And yes it is a bit confusing in the beginning, seems cursed! :D

Hi Angela, I really love your games, thanks so much for checking ours out! :) Hope we can get it running for you. If you happen to have Godot, maybe it runs via using the code from ?

"It’s unintentionally a rage game." :D really reminded me of spaceBOUND, which is a properly released game and all but still rage inducing

This is a super fun re-imagining of Tic Tac Toe, especially with the online matchmaking! :)

Fun puzzle and really cute artwork! :) Cheers from a fellow dev of the leash game genre :D

took me way too long to actually finish the game. very realistic A+++

Really cool, this is gameplay that can get you into the zone! :D

The concept is quite interesting! In practice it seemed like the mouse is really at a heavy advantage, maybe you can add a mechanic to balance it a bit? :)

Super nice, cool and very polished leash game! Cheers from a fellow leash game dev :D

FYI while we used a lot of pre-existing art (especially thanks to all models by Quaternius and the background picture by Lance Asper), we remixed and edited a lot of them to create sort of a mixed media style. :)

btw this game is c̵̦̝͌͊u̶̖̓r̸̝̔̀͜s̶̖̽̕e̶͉͗̕͜d̵̞̅ lol