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c̷̙̽ü̵͍r̴͕͋s̷̄ͅê̴̩d̷͖̀ ̵͙̏l̷̗̈́e̷̹̅a̶̟̍s̵̟͛h̴̤̀ (CURSED LEASH)View game page

you are a dog. now human. whats h̵͉͝ä̷̻́p̴͇̆p̸e̴̢̍n̶̗̏i̵̖͒n̸̢̕g̵͐͜!
Submitted by st_phan (@st_phan), Jan C. Borchardt (@jancborchardt) — 1 hour, 12 minutes before the deadline
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c̷̙̽ü̵͍r̴͕͋s̷̄ͅê̴̩d̷͖̀ ̵͙̏l̷̗̈́e̷̹̅a̶̟̍s̵̟͛h̴̤̀ (CURSED LEASH)'s page


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How does your game fit the theme?
dog and human are joined with a cursed leash which swaps your bodies every few seconds. but hey you got it for FREE off of crayslist

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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This was so cute! Took me a minute to figure it out but once i did i had a blast. Great job!


Haha, chaos rules 🤘
I am glad you enjoyed it – Jan and me had a blast making it too.


Thanks so much for the kind words! :) And yes it is a bit confusing in the beginning, seems cursed! :D


hi i love the cursed energy of this sm and would totally love playing this w a friend, but it cant be opened on Mac unfortunately; I followed the install instructions but get this: "Cursed Leash quit unexpectedly"


Hi Angela, which version of MacOS are you using?


Mac Catalina!


Hi Angela,

I feel now like a real game developer: Releasing something and immediately after publishing it's not working when somebody wants to actually play the game 😂
Anyways, please check out

Note: I now updated to Catalina (was surprised to see I was still on Mojave) and and also exported as a debug build since some people have had similar issues otherwise. I hope this fixes the issue, because I've never worked with Godot before and it's my first game in like 12 years ... so I have no other ideas on how to fix the issue 😅


Haha indeed, game jammer struggles  ><

Now I get this error: 

So a different error message - progress? a quick google search says it might be your godot version


Thanks for the debugging help :) Much appreciated!
Just to confirm: Does the same error message also appear if you start the game with Right click > Open 


Indeed it does!


Hi Angela,

Thanks for your patience and interest.

If you have 【System Preferences】>【Security & Privacy】>【Allow apps downloaded from:】set to  "App Store and identified developers" and open the app by Right Click > Open (after unzipping) ... it should work 🤞😬

(Apparently Apple got stricter and stricter and requires code signing – which I am not capable of yet –  for the smoothest experience but the above should work)


hi i tried it and it failed silently this time  - heres a screen recording of what happens -


Hi Angela, thanks for helping out!

Unfortunately I couldn't find the issue and don't have time these days to investigate further :(

But thanks for the help and the shared excitement about the game :)


Hi Angela, I really love your games, thanks so much for checking ours out! :) Hope we can get it running for you. If you happen to have Godot, maybe it runs via using the code from ?


aw thanks! :) and i dont sorry!  but if you have a workable build past the deadline i can play it and give feedback but wont rate


FYI while we used a lot of pre-existing art (especially thanks to all models by Quaternius and the background picture by Lance Asper), we remixed and edited a lot of them to create sort of a mixed media style. :)