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At our jams the teams are usually formed during the brain storm session at Discord so best chance of finding a team is joining it.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! We are really happy you enjoyed it! :D

Thank you, glad you enjoy it! :D

Thanks! We really enjoyed your video! :D

Try now, just pushed Windows, Linux and Mac build. C:

I am not so sure what you mean… Can’t play the game?

The game is just a web build for now but executables will probably be created as it gets more finished.

Thank you for clarifying and thanks for an amazing website! :D


Me and some friends are hosting a game jam here on and I wonder if there is a way to disable email pings each time someone joins it.

Thank you! I think we manage to capture something fun with the gameplay... but like all game jam games it is hard to continue to build on them.

10 / 10

Thank you, glad you enjoy it! C:

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the feedback, I think you connected to my game at one point!

I suspect that the delay is caused by the firing of bullets is done by events, and even in single player those are put in an event queue. The AI should shoot via the same event queue however, might be that it is hard to detect a delay there. 

Hope to show great progress in the future.

That is true. The description is for the full and releasedgame. I will update the description to reflect that. 

No twittail reference pic at hand sadly. Looking forward to next release!

Cute witch/10.

Gave a skull the good succ then got transformed into a qt skellewitch. Did not manage to get over the fence however.

Really cute graphics and nice art. Really enjoyed playing the demo! Here are some of the things I thought of while playing.

  • It is pretty confusing to have to zoom in to fire upon enemies.
  • Pretty hard game, died a lot.
  • Would be nice to have feedback on spell cooldown, and some description about the different spells.
  • Exit button does not seem to work ingame.
  • Need twin tails hair, would pay $ for DLC.
AGDG DEMODAY 7 major progress
  • Added new music tracks from Connor O.R.T Linning.
  • Music adapts to game state; build music during building, battle music during battle.
  • New camera tracking system. Uses 3D camera instead of 2D
  • Add recoil to guns.
  • (and much more...)

When starting I get the following error:

"The program can't start because LIBEAY32.dll is missing from your system."

g8 b8 m8 8/8!

"The link you're trying to access has expired."

Quite creepy game with spiderwaifu. Awesome work!

C rank.... You have brought shame to the family.
Time taken: 16m 25s
HP left: 52%
Tapes found: 75%

Great work with telling the played the controls and mechanics via the levels. Screen effects feel solid.

Second level jump is a bit to tight.

Very cute game! Would waifu/10

It is hard to know where the items you want to find are, game reverts to a "click every shelf until you find the item", perhaps highlight the location you are looking after.

'Would be nice to see enemies line of sight / angle they see in.

I want to hold multiple keys, not hold and release. Makes the control feel limited.

Thanks. First version was made in 5 days. Then I've polished a bit since that, mostly adding more clutters and fixing things from user feedback.

Thanks for the feedback!

If you turn 180 degree in start you will see a coffin with a cross on it, over it is a bar meeter with the text "knights".

I assume you played the 2017 version, I hoped that would fix the annoying camera. Feedback noted.

First jump with booster is very tight.
Can not get second jump with M1 + M2 to work. :<

Neat game and idea.

Skull in main menu talks very fast
Instruction's text are uneccesarly complicated. The mechanics are quite simple.

Negative score?

Spooky and neat art style. Solid controls and gameplay in general. Right amount of "OH FUCK FOR GODS SAKE I TOTALLY DID NOT SEE THAT BAT"

"Hold space to win"


I played with this music.

Pretty comfy Sonic Simulator & nice color scheme. Grapple is quite over powered as it is now, I assume that it will be more limited when some game play is added.

tWayfarer: Is it better in the 2017 edition?

Very solid gameplay elements. Like Hotline Miami in 2D but more tactical.

Why can I knock on opened doors?

Very cool art style & neat game. Feels really comfy playing it. Been wanting to try it since I saw your gifs for the first time.

It is hard to see when you are jumping if you can jump or if you will hit a wall.

I also look after a pure-jump key.

Good concept of merging tower defence and action. It feels like King and enemies are in the same style and should belong to the same faction. Use different color schemes for allied / enemies.

I want to rotate my guy while holding in my bow.

First wave is to hard, let the player learn the game mechanic first. And place out his first tower.

Level select screen is confusing - ABC? XYZ?

A bit unclear what the goal is in the different game modes.

"use special bullet" - what bullet? Are some stuff power ups?

Otherwise good solid space shooter. Art is goofy but uniform & fits.

Supercute art and really neat animations. Wanted to test it since I first saw it.

Good proof of concept, what it needs now is more enemy types so combat is more dynamic. I do not think I got any health power ups when I played also, more of that.
Explain to the player what the two icons in the right corner are.

Graphics weird in other graphics modes.
WASD + QE is akward to play with.
Starting location is very dark, hard to see player.

Cute art style.I got really spooked when I discovered a body, walked into a trap then died horribly, twice. I suggest adding some shadows underneath the trees, it is kind of hard to see where you can walk right now, the walking speed is also very fast for a horror game.