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Arena battle, short game, prototype.
Submitted by Advance Games (@IdealGfDev) — 2 days, 12 hours before the deadline

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What the deal to make a game about a dead meme? Anyway Sprint does not count when you press it while aiming, sprint button should negate aiming but if you sprint with rmb holded you should return to aiming instantly after the sprint end.
The crosshair should change depending by the spell in use, a different crosshair would benefit the "grenade launcher" spell.
a dash button for avoiding incoming fire could be useful.
There is a power up for jumps, because i can't see why you place items is such high place.
Arena battle will be the only level? If this so you should hide some power up exploring the level, is almost fun to explore now, don't know if you aim to make it larger.


I have in mind the fact that is a dead meme and that's why i'm distancing the game from it to get their own path.
There are hidden power ups, also  you can buy potions which work as power up, and the last thing, demo has the only purpose to make the combat system and get feedback from it without exposing soo much about the game itself.

Thanks for all the feedback, is added to my to do list add new crosshairs which are better for the skill.


Tbh I thought this game was a never ending shitpost because It wasn't clear what it was about. That being said, it's not the most best feeling third person shooter I've tried. For the number of things shooting at you at the same time I feel like the stamina consumption while running/jumping was pretty limiting, same thing about slowing down when aiming. Controls are kinda clunky.  Also it would be nice to have hotkeys to the inventory to use items instead of having to open the inventory and click stuff.

I guess slowing things down / making the player faster / tankier / nimbler could help. Cute graphics tho, the realism of the scenery and the cartoonyness of the characters is more jarring in screenshots than in game somehow.

Overall, one of the least worst fever dreams I've ever had. 

I rate it a "Make the game over screen shorter / 10"


thanks, foor the feedback. Gonna check the controls to make it easier and better and add quick items to my to-do list.

Thanks again.


Really cute graphics and nice art. Really enjoyed playing the demo! Here are some of the things I thought of while playing.

  • It is pretty confusing to have to zoom in to fire upon enemies.
  • Pretty hard game, died a lot.
  • Would be nice to have feedback on spell cooldown, and some description about the different spells.
  • Exit button does not seem to work ingame.
  • Need twin tails hair, would pay $ for DLC.
Developer (1 edit)

I'm looking to add more hairs into the game, if you have some reference for it i will add it without a doubt, if not, don't worry i can create one.
Yes, the exit button isn't working i'm fixing it and the skill's cooldown, i'm working on it.

Thanks for play it too.

No twittail reference pic at hand sadly. Looking forward to next release!