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Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks! When and if I'll polish and publish the shader and the cube-voxel-to-flat-voxel-conversion script I'll think about it.

I loved DD too but I also wanted some more substantial progression, so here I am. Hopefully this doesn't become some awful perversion of the original simplicity (and hopefully it will stand on its own).

Thanks for checking it out fren!

Someday I'll muster up the will to clean the game up a bit but I fear it won't be soon (a sequel is actually more probable).
Happy to hear you enjoyed it tho, looking forward to the videos!

The ending that was robbed from you was just a short cutscene, I'll send it to you If i find it.

Man that's a shame, unfortunately this is a very old project of mine and I forgot most of its inner workings. Did it say that after building the last pieces of the ship or after the boss?

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Thanks for playing frien.
The idea is to have a central elevator / arena where you fight boss / ascension battles, and winning grants you access to the next floor. You can explore the floors to get upgrades and see things. Basically an fps metroidvania kind of thing.

Thanks for playing frien
Level design with free cam should be very possible (see : echochrome lol), and mouse controls are definitely the way to go but I don't think I will take this game much further unless inspiration strikes :^/

Thank for playing frien.
Good thing I threw all that time on shaders then :^)

Yos, I think that with sound disorientation would be mostly fixed, but I plan on having a tatto of sorts on the hand that glows in the direction of the closest enemies or something.

I always forgot there's one less n in the email

it's soz lol

Yeah OG voxels are nice and I don't know why more people use them, but it's probably because it's somehow harder to do them with current things. I might be wrong but I think the OG ones aren't even "billboarded" but literally just 2D rectangles and then scaled based on perspective. Really wish there was a different term for "flat" voxels and the "full 3d" ones.

In unity however you can't really tell shaders "draw a rectangle" and everything kinda has to go through a mesh. What I do is I have a script that  first take a voxel object (.vox from MagicaVoxel) and from each voxels I make a quad, so the whole object becomes a mesh made of individual floating quads. The colors get saved into vertex colors and local positions into an UV. Then the shader does the billboarding (by doing some arcane matrix operations with the local positions that I may or may not have hacked together from some forum posts) and coloring.

I think a more "true to the original" way to do this  would be with GL.QUADS but I'm not sure if it worth it.

At some point I'd like to share it all as a package but it's kind of a finicky and arcane process right now and there are a bunch of unused / experimental things floating in the code that might be confusing, but that's the gist of it.

Glad you like the game!

Man that name got me really confused for more than it should have.
Also while I'm working on it the whole game is supposed to be unlocked so WOOOPS uploaded the fix.
Perhaps I should mention the F11+F12 cheat to unlock everything in the main menu.

In any case, thanks for playing frien, glad you like the game.

Oh also I don't know if this is by design or not but not all machines can reach the machine gun rates that I posted, it feels like the 3 way ones, piercers and amplifiers can kinda go nuts while the other ones are rate limited. So maybe limiting the maximum "refresh rate" could help balance things.

Also I don't know what happened but when I started machinegunning balls out some of the buildings sometimes disappeared (some pooling issue?), maybe I missed something in the tutorials?

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The game is pretty fun and tactile, I love the sound design. 
However I think it's kinda too easy to build a cheese machine like this and then spam amplifiers all over the map. Really like it tho.

Thanks for playing frien!
-Yeah tooltips are maybe needed, I thought that with so few options one could just slide them around and see.
-Definitively adding the 2x speed in, I don't know why I didn't ever think of that
-Do you mean you'd want an hotkey along with the "?" button?


Thanks for playing frien!

It's a shame but I think you maybe misclicked and advanced the tutorial when it was explaining clocks. When they are flashing (ticking) and you click them they delay the trains, otherwise they will start it immediately. I think I might just have two different buttons for it because it's not the first time people got confused. I guess less options != clearer choices. I'll see if I can implement a "back" button to the tutorial or have a quick help button always handy.

Also yeah the game does require quite a bit of concentration, it used to be even faster (lol). I can never tell if the game is too hard or too easy by myself since I have to play it so much and "know" the solutions to the levels because I make them. A second "slowing everything down" pass is in the works already. I do know very well how it feels to be running on low sleep, so no worries.

Twas pretty fun and pretty cute, BUT :
I really wish dodging without a direction would make you backstep.

When switching the current weapon on the one on the ground my dum dum brain got confused everytime, I wanted the mainhand stats to be on the right and the offhand on the left,  instead of one on top of the other.

Oh and I guess maybe later on controls will be more configurable, but wouldn't it make more sense to have R1 and L1 be the equip for each hand and R2 and L2 the attack for each hand? 

Thanks for videogames.

pizza devs represent 

'tis fun and pretty. Movement feels pretty good too and I appreciate the squashing of bugs. However I didn't quite understand how to upgrade / level up things, maybe the UI isn't finished yet.

Red train goes to red station, etc etc. You have to click and drag to another arrow, but I guess it isn't the clearest thing in the world.
Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing frien.
You have to drag to the other arrows, I guess I should change the unselected ones to some other sprite to make it clearer. Definitely should have an option to turn off pixelation too.

Thanks for playing frien.
You have to lead trains to a station that is colored like them. I thought it was clear enough in the tutorial but I guess I gotta figure something out.


That's worrying. I'll investigate.

What do you mean? When they get queued in a station the circle says what color the train will be, 
I do need bigger levels tho.

Y-you too

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Hey, I'm really glad you like the game! Unfortunately I don't think I will expanding this one any time soon, or ever probably. Being my first "complete" game, there's a lot of garbage code that I'd rather not look at again >_> . 

BUT I actually want to make a sequel (after finishing two other games I have queued up...) where you have to make your way through a giant wall of space meat. I promise I will try to finish more things unu .

Did you ever get to the final boss?

Oof, my bad then. I guess you gotta save up to get it. Bad design on my part.

You can dig a pit out and drop them there, I'm almost sure that dropped items get saved when you exit the game :P

Very cool videogame, I just wish my guy didn't twirl the giant ass weapons in front of me every 5 seconds, maybe bind that to a key? Other than that it feels nice to play , good job.

Very thanks frien

Hopefully both. It's going to be a full big boy (free) videogame.

I feel like the fun par is over

I'll probably try to spawn enemies slower so it doesn't tank the fps even tho it doesn't happen to me. And I seem to be able to research stuff just fine. Still, this game is still in development(tm) so that's why it's buggy. I'll fix it all , slowly but surely.

Yeah, I'll balance it better when I'll add more turrets and enemies. Also planning on having building destroying foes.

In order to use the research center you have to click the cursor looking button on the left of the screen and then right click on the building. Kinda clunky I know.

Tbh I thought this game was a never ending shitpost because It wasn't clear what it was about. That being said, it's not the most best feeling third person shooter I've tried. For the number of things shooting at you at the same time I feel like the stamina consumption while running/jumping was pretty limiting, same thing about slowing down when aiming. Controls are kinda clunky.  Also it would be nice to have hotkeys to the inventory to use items instead of having to open the inventory and click stuff.

I guess slowing things down / making the player faster / tankier / nimbler could help. Cute graphics tho, the realism of the scenery and the cartoonyness of the characters is more jarring in screenshots than in game somehow.

Overall, one of the least worst fever dreams I've ever had. 

I rate it a "Make the game over screen shorter / 10"

Caught up in uni tbh.

Also aside from some minor bugs,I consider this game finished. So it probably wont be update anymore unless I feel some sudden urge to.

The third item should be around there,there are about 6 of those. 001 you can find after opening the sigil and 


beating the boss

The first bug I've never encountered, I'll look into it. The other bug is a loading issue that im still fighting with. Thanks for playing the game, Im glad you liked it!