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Very thanks frien

Hopefully both. It's going to be a full big boy (free) videogame.

I feel like the fun par is over

I'll probably try to spawn enemies slower so it doesn't tank the fps even tho it doesn't happen to me. And I seem to be able to research stuff just fine. Still, this game is still in development(tm) so that's why it's buggy. I'll fix it all , slowly but surely.

Yeah, I'll balance it better when I'll add more turrets and enemies. Also planning on having building destroying foes.

In order to use the research center you have to click the cursor looking button on the left of the screen and then right click on the building. Kinda clunky I know.

Tbh I thought this game was a never ending shitpost because It wasn't clear what it was about. That being said, it's not the most best feeling third person shooter I've tried. For the number of things shooting at you at the same time I feel like the stamina consumption while running/jumping was pretty limiting, same thing about slowing down when aiming. Controls are kinda clunky.  Also it would be nice to have hotkeys to the inventory to use items instead of having to open the inventory and click stuff.

I guess slowing things down / making the player faster / tankier / nimbler could help. Cute graphics tho, the realism of the scenery and the cartoonyness of the characters is more jarring in screenshots than in game somehow.

Overall, one of the least worst fever dreams I've ever had. 

I rate it a "Make the game over screen shorter / 10"

Caught up in uni tbh.

Also aside from some minor bugs,I consider this game finished. So it probably wont be update anymore unless I feel some sudden urge to.

The third item should be around there,there are about 6 of those. 001 you can find after opening the sigil and 


beating the boss

The first bug I've never encountered, I'll look into it. The other bug is a loading issue that im still fighting with. Thanks for playing the game, Im glad you liked it!

Ok now I did it. There has been a big whoopsie on my part since I thought that the hammer turrets where some high-damage melee turrets and when one first attacked I didn't notice the effect, just the low damage.

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Pretty good but I encountered a few bugs:

Pressing the end button after losing does nothing
Laser turret stopped working after I upgraded it
After you sell a turret,you can't build on the ground where the turret was

Also the hammer turret is quite useless but I guess that's more of a balancing issue. Speaking of that, maybe it's because my laser turrets stopped working after I upgraded them, but I couldn't get past the first level, enemies are kinda too much of a damage sponge and I accumulated money without being able to do anything with it.

Wow,  I never noticed the upgrade bug,thanks for finding out. My results however are a little different. The only upgrade that didn't get saved was the player inventory upgrade, can you confirm that? Other upgrades seem to load fine.

Yup it's all intended behaviour. You have to save the game either by going to the save menu or using the save station,if you close the game before that you will lose your progress. The stash also persists throught playthroughts.

Thank you for noticing the oxygen bug,it should be fixed now. The oxygen actually got consumed,but the UI wasn't updating.

About the other things yeah,dropped items are lost when you exit to the main menu

By closing the window do you mean closing the game? If you close the game without saving your latest upgrades will be lost.

Yup, there's still a lot of stuff to explore down below . The bottom [spoilers]  right now sits at 1750 m.

Crashed on an alien  planet you must find the resources needed to repair your ship and escape, unfortunately, your only way out is down. And it's not alien-free . You can also use the resources you find to get upgrades and survive longer. The game world is procedurally generated and features 5 unique biomes and an assortment of hostile alien life.

I finally got to the point where I'm comfortable showing off the game here now that it has hopefully enough prompts ,guidance and polish. Feedback is very welcome 

Link to the game :

Link to the latest update notes :

Thanks for playing!

Im glad you liked the game. Yeah,right now when you win you litterally just get that "you won" message , soon there will be a proper game end. You can get lenses from the eye-monsters.

To build items in the shop you must have the required materials. In order to mine them,first you "loosen" them with the laser and then you change the beam mode to tractor beam with Q (or B if you have an xbox controller) and shooting them will make you collect them (like in the second gif of the page).

Will do. Congrats on getting that far dude!

I forgot to mention that the game is permadeath, I think a tutorial is due soon. By almost beating do you mean you defeated the worm?

On the surface there is a green box, it has a list of upgrades and tells you the required materials. In order to pick up mined minerals you have to press Q or B if you're using a controller, and you'll switch to tractor beam which allows you to pick up stuff.

Which menu? The main menu or the shop menu?

By "it's difficult to tell what things are" do you mean what kind of minerals?

Also yeah I'll probably add some explanations to the UI. Thanks for playing!

Yeah there's no real goal for now and yeah I'm thinking of remaking the movement system. Is it annoying because it's hard to control or because you'd rather walk? Goal will be finding all materials necessary to rebuild ship and escape.

Also you can set the sensitivity of the controller in the main menu