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Paraperspective [DEMO]View game page

Perspective-bending puzzles
Submitted by heinn (@heinn_dev) — 11 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline
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Small things:

Rotation origin is sometimes noticeably far from the center of mass of a level

clicking/double clicking on a level on the level select screen should start it

first time opening the game could bring you right into the first tutorial

an idle animation might be cute

having a time visible by default is a stressful choice for a puzzle game

the first level shows that m1 selects a guy, but theres only 1 guy. The "left clicking selects a guy" thing should probably show up on the level where multiple guys are introduced

What guy is selected isn't obvious, and sometimes is completely invisible

How come on this level i just had to combine 4 guys? Why don't I have to get this guy to an X? On get-to-the-X levels, the guy doesn't have a dot. All i did was make a no-dot guy. Why no X?

When the guy changes his down direction by walking along a curve, rotation feels really weird. This is a fixable issue. Make the camera able to rotate in all 3 axis, always relative to the current position. Should feel closer to a 3d modelling software, and not a 3rd person game.

"Next" button when beating a level could be bigger and centered

Oh theres multiple X's. So its not get-guy-to-X, its every-X-needs-to-be-stepped-on

After beating the last tutorial level, it prompted me to "load next", and it took be back to the first tutorial level

Sometimes, the level will get off screen, expecially when the rotation origin is very far from the center-of-mass of a level. On the main campaign level 2, Its pretty easy to make the main guy totally off screen.

Pressing R has like a 0.5 second delay before the animation starts

Replace "close" with resume

Change custom-main-tutorial to tutorial-main-custom

preessing ESC on settings window is weird

settings window is hard to use when in a level, since its translucent

I have no idea what "switch left/right" means

Big Things:

Option 1: go linear
Why are the tutorial and main campaign separate? Most puzzle games go: introduce mechanic, couple puzzles to master mechanic, introduce mechanic, couple puzzles to master mechanic, puzzles that combine last 2 mechanics, etc. Instead, Paraperspective just introduces all mechanics in the tutorial, and then has a bunch of random levels in the main campaign.

Option 2: open world level selector
Level selector could be replaced with an open world type thing to select levels . Open world would use mechanics itself (see: stephen's sausage roll, the witness, taiji, baba is you). Different mechanics would be in different "biomes"


Thanks for playing! This is very useful feedback.

From the small things :
For camera stuff, I'll consider having an "orbital" mode again, but I remember trying it out and scrapping it for some reason. Maybe it would be useful to visualize the "right-forward" plane instead somehow.  
For things going off-camera, I'm thinking of either having panning or some dynamic zoom to fit the whole level on screen at different angles.
And yeah, I really need a "camera origin" block in the editor.

The rules for completing a level are : all Xs have to be walked on and all dudes have to be no-dot dudes. Dotted dudes can't walk on Xs. Initially I wanted these to be two separate modes but I feel like making Xs and dots interact this way leaves me with a third mode. It should be explained in a clearer way, I agree with that.

(switch left (mouse button) / right (mouse button), menus are kind of cramped)

The BIG things:
I've been thinking about the "open world" level selector for a while, in a possible rework to simplify UI / menus. While it is more difficult to maintain than a list of levels I feel like it would be pretty neat to walk around with a dude to pick a level. From that it would also make it pretty natural for "tutorial" levels to be gates to areas that require you to understand that mechanic.

Thanks again for the valuable feedback.


Hey. I played your game as part of a Demo Day stream. If you didn't catch the stream live, here's a link to the video:

You can see my other demo day 46 streams as well on my channel.


After being annoyed with this game last time, I was wary to give it another shot. It seems like connecting the various sections works a bit better now, and it even makes a satisfying little click when the perspective is correct. That being said, on the final tutorial level it refused to connect the stairs even though the perspective looked perfect. Only after resetting the level and attempting an imperfect perspective did it work.


This is actually really cool. Fun concept, good art style, and interesting puzzles. Great work.

In the level A3, I landed on the side of a staircase, and I wasn't able to move anywhere (see screenshot). I ended up having to reset the level. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not, but if the player ever gets themselves stuck, maybe play some kind of "failure" sound effect, and reset the level automatically.


Thanks for playing! I've recently reworked the holes and forgot to re-include a check, you're not supposed to be able to land on faces you can't walk out of, good catch.