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it is I fixed it. Im gonna rerelease this when this is all over. Thank you for playing

yeeeeeaaaahhhh i knnnnoooowww

Sanka Youuu for playing, I forgot about WASD completely. 

thanks I’m glad someone likes my art. See it’s weird to me because I tested it so much I didn’t think anyone would have any trouble. Thank you for playing

Nooooooo it won't start I was sooo curious

I thought the godot logos were really funny and I loved the game play. I think it would've been cool if you added some ambiance but I get that you were time constrained. I couldn't make that in a week, Good Job 

Interesting concept, I feel like it could've been expanded a bit. The lack of ability to heal was a little detrimental, because of the level of rng needed to progress. Plus the boss was unkillable which means there's nothing to really work towards. The art and sound was great though! There were also couple bugs.  

Yeah that happens, I ended up sending it to a couple people and there were a lot of bugs in the first build. Now I gotta fix another one. Thanks for playing.

You KNOW it ;)

That seemed a little stand-off-ish. I really appreciate the comment and the rating.

Thanks! I was thinking about adding more for the last 2 days but I just spent it on making sure there were no bugs and other polish. Maybe I could've added an idle mechanic but I was a little scared I'd run out of time. Thanks for playing and rating, I appreciate it.

Well it's kind of an arcade, survival thing. If you get a three match they'll give you a certain number of coins depending on the rarity. Just see how Lucky you can be.

Thank you SIIIRRR. I honestly should've took a risk but I tried to underscope since this is my first game jam

Thanks g

Its a good game the graphics and color palette are good. I just wish I could place x's, that made it a bit difficult to succeed.

The writing was super good actually I was so ready to play the rest of the game.

The game is really funny, You missed a couple of collision boxes like you can walk through the school. Also I don't know if I would prefer a checkpoint system or not. Overall I'd say this was a win.

Super fun and cute game, Awesome art with a bunch of charm. I found a tiny bug with the pause menu where if you pause while moving, it'll still play the sound. But if you were to make this into a full Manual Samuel type game, i'd totally play it.

I like the music and the art for the characters, it's charming. The controls are a little weird and phase 2 for the boss is a little clunky, just because the boss will charge at you when you're off the screen. Obviously art for the projectiles is a must and maybe some aiming for the player. Good job on finishing the game though that's always hard.

The idea is cool, the window is kinda messed up on my end. But the art looks good and overall feels pretty  good to play. But there is no way to get back to the menu from the 'about' page. 

It looks promising, I'm interested.

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Art looks awesome, music is awesome. there are a couple things id prefer. Like the health will come back but id want something to tell me if how fast or just to let me know that it IS coming back y'know. And maybe the enemies shooting even though the player isn't in their line of sight. And do a better menu but overall Id say this is something to be proud of. Sorry if I sound dumb, I talk a lot.