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I really liked this, small and simple game that gets challenging when it becomes dark.

I really liked the game, gives some Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes vibes. I do agree with the other comment that the colour game is a bit difficult, so maybe some changes in it or some tweaks can make it easier. 

Thank you! Definitely the aspect rations and screen sizes is the thing that breaks the game as I didn't have time to test in anything else, but I hope when I take this idea further I would fix such a problem

I love the idea, the art is also very nice. I tried exploring and tried helping whoever comes after me, the way that I can see what other people have done is something I really like. I would definitely play something like this if you make it a full game, it was very fun!

As others have said, there were a lot of things to click in the folder, after I followed the instructions on the game page I managed to run it, but I noticed it used up a lot of ram, like 2-3 GB, not sure why. Other than that, the game was fun to play and the difficulty ramps up fast.

At first the microphone wasn't working and tried a few different things, at one point it started working and I don't know what I did. The idea is nice, I speak with a non-english accent and maybe it was a bit slower to do things, I'm not sure. I found it hard to understand that I died, because I'm looking at the screen, saying commands, and then I read that I have died, so that might be something to do, as well as the colour scheme.

Managed to only play it once today, but I do see how I could play a game like this everyday when I'm bored for a bit. Maybe it's a bit more suited for a mobile phone, but if there are more things to do that would make it even better.

Cute story, at first I got a lot of morale and got the good ending, and then I tried to go for being a bad robot and I got the bad ending. The choices were nice, I easily could tell what the consequences of each choice would be, and I enjoyed it!

Luckily I had my DS4 controller and played the game. It's a quite fun mechanic, where you're controlling two people. A bit hard at the beginning, but after I died I tried speedrunning it without killing and I got to the lava part where I died again. It looks like it's randomly generated, which makes it a bit confusing at times because I'm not sure where to go, but it was fun trying to kill or not kill the NPCs after you. 

It's a fun puzzle kind of game, I like the way that the stealth is decreased the more people you have, makes it more fair that you're so powerful with more people. Maybe it's a bit slow at times when I have to restart to do it again all over but I didn't mind that. The addition of different types of prisoners was very nice.

I don't normally play games like this, but I like how it turned out. The story itself was engaging, and I tried to read through everything, but I'm sure there's a lot that I missed. 

Liked the mechanic a lot, but the beginning was a bit confusing, and after I passed the first stage it was easier. The music and style is really nice, I would definitely play something like this if it was made into a full game.

I played it by myself but I like the idea of taking over the body slowly and competing with another player. What I did notice is that the arrows were sometimes hard to tell which direction it was pointing to, so I made a few mistakes. Other than that, it looks like a fun competitive game to play with friends.

This was very fun to play, I loved how the controls were so slippery and hard to play on purpose. The difficulty rose quite quickly and I think I managed to get to level 5 before I couldn't get items on time. The art is really nice, and it's like real life, there's no toilet paper (at least I didn't see an item like that).

I couldn't play this game as I don't have people to play with right now, but looking at the video and the PDFs I really liked the idea. The art is very nice, the instructions and game board are made very well, and it looks like it's a lot of fun. I'll play it once I have people over.

I love tower defence games, and this was an interesting one, at the beginning I wanted a fast forward because that's what most games have but the added mechanic that you have to fix them made it so I'm more into the game, because normally I would just sit and watch. It was fun upgrading stuff, but I found that I think the money broke and I had upgraded one tower to a high enough level that I probably could go on only with a single tower.

Other than that, I really liked it, I liked the healing mechanic!

I also enjoyed the cutscene, very nice art, and as others have said, I realised I have guns after reading the comments. The killing is very satisfying in the end, destroying all these viruses and it was super cool doing the slow-motion killing with the right click. 

I can see there's a potential for a very fun virus killing game!