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So I played this game again to get a different ending and while I did get a different ending to the game, the gameplay was pretty much the same. I will play again to get the other 2 ending that I have not gotten yet but I am running out of ideas of what to do to get the other two endings. Maybe a hint would be nice but no spoilers. I hope you enjoy part 2 

This game is absolutly amazing. Pure gold. It has an Interesting story and isn't that focused on cheap jumpscares that makes it into almost every single horror game. This is very refreashing and I am glad I was lucky enough to play this before it got way too much notariety so I could experience this game for myself. I am definitely going to return to this game and try to find all 4 endings because this game deserves so much praise. Nothing was wrong or out of place apart from some of the tedious collection parts thoughout the game but they were nothing too hard that the player isn't able to figure out. I hope the full game goes well ebcause I cannot wait to play Faceless. Good luck in your development and I hope you enjoy the video.

I had the game on fullscreen mode and not windowed and there still was no 1080p option for me. Also, in my playthough of the game, they did seem random but that might be because I had not played the level. Some kind of indication or warning would be a good thought for the game. Also, just a thought now but maybe add some kind of indication of how many enemies will spawn. The reason tower defence games do so great is because that most offer a linear path for the enemies to come from and split these paths off in later stages. I like the more freeflow you are aiming for but an indication of how many enemies will spawn would be nice. Also, maybe some kind of reward for defeating a wave would be nice like additional ore or currency depending on the level. Again, this game is a long way from being a complete game and there are always things you can add and take away to make the game amazing. These are just a few idea. I hope everything goes well for you and your studio.

This game reminds me of starcraft + Command and Conquer and traditional tower defence games. While I do think the concept for this is pretty good, I did have issues with some of the mechanics in the game. The main one being the randomness of the sandstorms. They would hit whenever they wanted to which greatly impacted the gameplay of this game. There would be no power which meant you couldn't defend you base properly and you would end up loosing all because of the random sandstorms. I think these need balancing so that they are not suxh a hinderence to the game or taken out completely. If it was more of a real time strategy game then maybe sandstorms wouldn't be much of a problem in the game because you could constantly be gettimg more resouces to upgrade your base to combat the sandstorms effect but this isn't the case.

Also, there needs to be a tutorial. While I myself hate tutorials, you should at least give the player the option to play one. Especially because of the management aspect to this game. While I disagree with a tutorial being a mandatory part of the game, it should still be an option for the player.

Lastly, there is no 1080p option in the menu so we have to play it at 720p. 

Apart from those things, the game plays pretty solid and how you would expect it to. There is still work to be done here before its really ready to be released fully but you are on the right tracks to creating an awesome real time tower defence management game.

Heres a video for you to enjoy. 

This is a nice neat game, shame it wasn't longer though. I don't know what kind of experiment you are doing with this game but I filled out the survey after completing the game. The game itself wasn't too bad, not as scary as I thought it would be but I do have a question... Why do I not have any arms? I also played the game after the end credits and for those who have not, I recommend you do. I did try searching for more secrets in the game but couldn't find any more. I made a video so I hope you enjoy and I go more in depth 

Of course. Happy to help and I'm glad that my feedback made an impact. The mask part wasn't too bad for me personally because it kinda added a spooky element to the game and made the player run the other way to proceed. It still kinda felt part of the game just instead of the notes, it forced you to go the other way. The spider just didn't feel like that at all. There does need to be some kind of enemy in the game, like a shadow creature in the part like the forest, the apartments where you just kept running around till you came to a dead end and had to go backward to proceed or add like eyes in the shadows to give it a more eeri feeling. If the enemy stayed constant thoughout then I don't think it would be a problem in the full game. I hope development goes well for you and wish you all the best for the future. 

This game was honestly awesome. I loved nearly everything about this... NEARLY. The last part of the game felt really out of place where you had to escape the spider. It was tedious for the most part... and i'm not saying that because I hate spiders. It just didn't feel like it belonged in the game. You have a game that revolves around solving puzzles and having these weird mechanics where you had to kinda figure out how to proceed but then you have a massive maze with a spider. No puzzle solving, just a tedious maze you have to get though to get to the end of the game. Everything else was perfect. The sound design, the puzzles and the way everything was portrayed was awesome. I do think that the notes made the puzzles way to easy to complete and I think that it would be better to remove them completely and allow the player to figure out how to move on. And trust me, they would. I go into more detail in my video so I hope you enjoy. I HATE SPIDERS!!! - Penumbra

This game is pretty cool. An interesting concept for a game but way too short. It does need to be longer in the sence of gameplay because after you have played though it once which takes about 5 minutes, there isn't anything left to do. So I decided to speedrun the game and I won't spoil my time but I challange people to complete it quicker. I hope you enjoy the video.

So I played this games and while the story was absolutly awesome, the way that you have to choose the right options to get to the end was way to tedious. It took me way over an hour to try and figure out and I had to even look at other peoples videos to try and figure out what to do. I think that you should take the choices away from the player once they have exausted all of the options for that choice because repeating the same choice and trying to keep track over everything you have already done is not an easy task plus I think the story should be the main focus instead of the tedious task of choosing options to get to the end. I go more in depth in my video about this kind of mechanic but I did cut a lot of the gameplay out because it took me so long to complete. I hope you enjoy the video. 

This game is interesting. It reminds me of tetris but in reverse where instead of breaking block, you have to surround yourself with block. The gameplay seems awesome but the one thing that let the game down was that there was no tutorial to the game. I honestly don't like tutorials in games but for a game like this, you really do need one to explain the mechanic of the game because I kept getting destoryed over and over again and I didn't know why. I figured it out in the end but add a tutorial to this game. Other than that, its an awesome game to play. I go into more detail in my video. 

This game is pretty awesome to play. The controls are a little fiddly and takes time to get used to but this game had potential. I created a video on it and go into more detail on what I like and don't like about this game. 

Well... What to say about this game... The first think was that we just jumped straight into the game without warning and then proceed to get scared of a scarecrow that is nothing but sticks and a top hat. After the first playthough of the game, you start to not gety scared anymore and even if the playthrough is short I.E you purposely get caught, the tension of the game quickly disappears because nothing happens. I did give you some more feedback in my video and I did look at ways to improve your game without sacraficing too much. I hope you enjoy 

This game is a perfect example of how to pull of atmosphere and suspense but deliver an experience that feels imcomplete. When I first saw this game and started it up, I had high hopes for it and while the atmosphere in the game was well organised, there wasn't much else to it. There was really nothing scary or horrific about the game to call it a horror game. I feel like many indie developers fall for this by either making a horror game with tons of jumpscares that get old fast or make an atmospheric game that really has no conclusion. This game is the latter. The atmosphere is there but apart from that, there is nothing else. Nothing to really scare the player or to make them feel more on edge while playing and the only reason players feel scared is more due to the phycology of how the game is marketed rather than the gameplay itself. 

With that being said, it does have potential to become something more than just an atmospheric game and there are even some examples of games that do this perfectly. Madison being one game in particular that creates perfect suspense for the player while delovering a good payoff in the end game. I feel like this game was to follow a similar pattern but fell short of that.

I do go more into detail about this game in my video so I hope you give it a watch.

This game is pretty awesome to play. A bit short but has potential.

I did find a glitch where if you stand in one of the "cups" when there is cream and a marshmellow in there, after it disappeared, you would glitch under the map.

Also, you could cheat the game by hopping across the small ramp to get to the milk which most of the time would save you time.

I do think that there does need to be more levels in the game because the game is way to short, after some time you get bored of the repetitive gameplay but other than that, the game has potential to be something like overcooked from a platformer perspective. I made a video and went into more detail.

Sometimes its hard and you just need to take a break. Well thats the same for marshmellows.

Awesome game and I think I will be buying the steam version of the game because this was genuinly fun to play. Its weird and wacky humour with its cartoony asthetic wook so well together. Anyone who has not played this game needs to download it and play it because it is brilliant. 

The only flaw is that I couldn't pick up the bugs and throw them around the room and for a physics game such as this, that was a bit of a disappointment but overall, the game is fantastic to play. They lied to us. Gods are not humanlike at all. They are tentacle aliens from another planet here to control us. GODS ARE ALIENS.

This game is interesting. The use of FMV as a game mechanic to piece together the mystery is genius however, thats were it stops because I honestly think this is way too easy especially while there is time stamps on the recording which makes the game a whole lot easier to complete. 

Also, I anticipated a jumpscare in the game but nothing came from it. The suspence quickly decipated while playing because of this. Even after failing on purpose to see what would happen.... still nothing but a video showing the killer and what he "potentially" did to the player.

Another flaw is that the play button didn't play the whole video and we never got to see the whole rendered video which made me feel disappointed.

However, even with these flaws, the game still stands out to me because of the way it is portrayed. Also, there seems to be a deeper mystery to all this with 2 tape not even fitting into the game at all.

Either way, the game is fun to play and to piece together but there needs to be something else there for it to be a horror game. If its not a horror game then the vibe you went for is all wrong. I do recommend other to play this because it seems to have a bigger mystery to all of it. I made a video on this game and go into more detail. I hope you enjoy.

This game is absolutely adorable. The asthetics of the game, the story and the puzzles are fantastic. Not as hard as some other puzzle games but the last puzzle... or should I say riddles was the hardest out of them all. It took me at least 20 minutes to figure that out which calculated to most of my time on this game.

The wooden beam (as said by other commenters) did seem out of place as there was no introduction to enviromental mechanics anywhere else but this one section however, it was easy to figure out for the most part. 

Honestly, I did think that the ending was.... Well wasn't was I expected. I wouldn't say it was underwhelming, just that we were looking for the fox all thoughout the gameplay but in the end it felt like it didn't matter. 

The only mechanical problem was the menu system which used the same mechanic as the riddle scrolling in game. I felt like this was really out of place and even fiddly to move the cursor so I suggest using either W and S to move though the menu or use an actual cursor. It worked in game but it did feel a bit weird however, towards the end, I understood why that kind of mechanic was there.

Other than that, the game is fantastic and there is hardly anything to fault on the actual gameplay. More of the mechanical side to the game. I go in more depth in my video so I hope you enjoy. 

This is a really fun game but it makes me feel like im in a theatre production with the quirky jokes. The one thing that was a problem was with the tutorial. I made a video on it and would love to hear what you thought about it. 

Thank you for watching the video and I can't wait to see more games from you. Good luck for the future. 

This is a really beautiful and erm depressing game but it does it in a way that allows you to make sence of it all. For some people playing this game, it can really hit close to home with the story about loneliness, even if you have people around you, you can still feel alone. Thats my understanding of the game anyway. I made a video on it which I hope you enjoy. 

This game has a simple but effective message to send. It all goes well together, the gameplay, the music, the scene, it all fits. Not much is wrong with this game however, trying to find everyone to give presents to can be a pain. I did play the game from start to finish though. Also, I encountered a glitch with the presents. You could jump on your presents and it would make you jump forever in one spot making the player restart the game. I did a video on this game, yours is third in the video. 

This game was... weird to say the least. The game is actually fun to play with funny parts in it (not going to spoil it for those who have not played it yet) but I do have a problem with all the copyrighted music in the game. It is a nightmare when editing all the original music out. Also, the contols seemed a little weird because of the prespective we are given but thats not a major problem. I hope your bae likes the game however she might have something to say when she sees "that part". Anyway, I did a video on this, your game is second in the video. 

Don't worry. I know what it is like to be a developers and the time constrains you have. I was joking about putting my name in the credits. I just love to play games and review them and this series you have going on is a pretty awesome one. Can't wait for more from the team and to see more from this series. Good luck for the future.

I played the first northbury grove (and was one of the first to upload the gameplay of it) and I juts had to play this one. I dind't know that you had released another game until today but as soon as I saw it, I played it and I have to say that it is absolutely amazing. You took so much feedback from the previous game and put so much effort into this game which is something you rarely see. 

The game is almost perfect apart from two things.

1. The killer always knows where you are and instead of looking for you like in the previous game, it felt a bit forced that the killer would chase after you or go to the room you was in. 

2. the end scene with the killer was way too dark. I really couldn't see anything at all so I hope I didn't miss anything by not completing the end scene.

They are really small flaws that I thought the game had but the game is amazing. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to play more of northbury grove in the future. Here is my video so I hope you enjoy. (Also, the last part about me not being named in the credits was a joke, I don't mind lol)

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This game was so fun to play and probably one of my favorite games in my video. I didn't get that far into the game but just from the start, it was a really fun game to play and everything melded together nicely. But those god damn hoverboard people.... WHY YOU NO MOVE. Your game is last in my video. 

This game was so rage inducing that I had to quit. It was so hard to tell the difference between the objects and the background because everything looks the same. I'd hate to be colour blind and playing this game and the controls... I just don't want to mention the controls. Your game is second in my video. 

What the hell is this game!? This is fantastic. Who doesn't like hotdogs??

Honestly this game was really fun to play and please, send me all the hot dogs you have because I to need hot dogs in my dreams but seriously, this game was a blast. I don't really have anything negative to say about the game. Your game is first in the video.

This game is so good. It reminds me of undertale... IF IT WAS A MUSICAL. However, the game was fantastic, the music went well with the bosses and the art style is cool. I do think that the game does need more visuals in the enviroment because most of the enviroments seemed empty. Keep the art style but add a bit more to the enviroments to make them feel more lived in. I go into more detail in my video and if you want to send me a full copy of the game then e-mail me. My e-mail is on my channel. 

So the game took me by surprise. I didn't expect it to start as soon as I loaded the game up but this was interesting. It seemed like this game had an objective to it which you don't normally see in other clicker games but it didn't really go anywhere. It just kinda stayed the same throughout. It didn't get harder or anything. It was fun to play however, and is a great time waster for those who have way too much time on their hands... I just hope I didn't get a virus in the process of playing this game. Your game is last on my list 

I was going to try and reach level 500 but stopped because my hand really started to hurt. I took your advice though so I think that was a success. Out of all the game I played in my video, this was the most fleshed out of them all but I still think it is a... SCAM. WHERE THE HELL IS MY LOOT. Your game is fourth in my video.

The game crashed on me when I got to 103... I did like the sound effects in the game though but with most clicker games, there wasn't much to do other than click. A great time waster thatn anything else. Your game is second in the video. 

I finally got around to playing this game and I have to say that this game was definitely ridiculous. I got to 10,000 though. Thanks for the genre suggestion. 

This game is absolutly fantastic. The art style, the mechanics, the gameplay, it is all so awesome to play. I just picked this game up today as it was free so I thought I would give it a try and it has absolutly blew my expectations out of the water for this game. I did have a few problems with the game.

1. The crafting didn't seem that fluid with the gameplay. Sometimes you could just click to craft and other times you had to navigate to the bushcraft menu to craft. While this isn't a big problem, I did think that it was a strange system to have. Most survival games I have played have everything in one menu for easier accessability so the player knows exactly where things are and how to craft.

2. The AI needs an improvement. When I was attacking the enemies, they would turn 180 degrees to attack and damage me. Also, I found that I would get damaged if I was behind the enemy so I couldn't attack an enemy from behind or sneak up on an enemy because they would always know where I was. They just didn't seem that fluid when trying to fight them.

Apart from those problems, the game seemed very fluid and fun to play. I go more in depth in my video so I hope you enjoy it and I will be doing more videos on this in the future. 

This has a pretty cool concept and maybe even a cooler storyline to go with the gameplay. While there were some parts of the game that were rage inducing for me to get past, I put this down to my skill more than the game mechanics and because you don't really get punished too hard for failing, it seems like there is a perfect challenge to overcome. I saved the best for last. Your game is last in my video. 

The game seemed more for mobile than anything else. There wasn't much mechanics to the game other than to click when you heard your mother but that was it. Some of the sounds sounded very familiar to the way mother sounded. I would like to see a bit more content like having some kind of consequence for clicking in the wrong animal. Your game is fourth in my video 

You are right, mostly everything is broken in this game and while it was fun, most of the broken assests took way too much away from the experience of the game. I do feel like this could be a good physics game but with its current state, its not going to win any awards. Your game is third in my video. 

The game is pretty basic and minimalistic and there isn't much to do for the player. It reminded me more of a mobile game than a PC game because of its point and click controls but the game was fun. T did notice that the aliens wouldn't always go towards where the sheep were so trying to get the aliens to move to a bomb was pretty fustrating. Your game is first in my video. Unfortunantly it didn't capture the gameplay.

This game wasn't all I thought it was going to be. It had a very nice atmosphere and had a very eerie feeling to it but I didn't feel any sence of danger going through the game. There were moments earli on where I thought that this was it for me but it turned out to be nothing but noise and this continued throughout the game which took away any sense of danger away from the game. Hardly anything scary happened and when it did, it was expected that something was going to happen. I quite liked the ending to the game though, that did make me jump a bit and got me a little scared. I turned around to try and run and I realised that I couldn't. I don't think any other player has throught to turn around or at least from what I had saw, no one else has but that was a nice touch to the game. Really good technique to use. I do think it your next game could do with more unpredictability because after a while this game became predictable. I go more in depth in my video. Feel free to watch it and give me some feedback. 

This game has potential to be the next little nightmares, limbo or inside. Love the game so much that it has left me wanting more. To see more of mira and how her mind works. Please continue to work on this game or a game similar to this because it was so fun and I would love to play this game again if it was ever released fully.

Theres wasn't any problems in my playthough however, I do have some improvements that could be made to the game.

1. Make the game bigger by adding more areas to the game. The downfall of this game is that the game is way too short for the player to have a clear understanding on what the storyline is. Adding more areas and telling the story through enviromental storytelling and through dialogue (It can just all be enviromental and then leave it up to the player to piece everything together) will keep the player engaged longer and be wanting a lot more from the game.

2. Adding a crouch and mantle mechanic. If you look at similar games like the ones I have mentioned, they all have a crouch and mantle control mechanic and make use of these in a variety of ways. Maybe look into implimenting something similar into the game. It just adds more to the gameplay and the experience to the game. Little nightmares has it so everything is climbable as long as you can reach it. Maybe add a similar mechanic to the game.

3. Add some kind of antagonist. I get that you want the water to be the main antagonist but you also have to think that the player is exploring a mind of a child. There imagination can conjure up unspeakable monstrosities. Take advantage of that and add more enemies to the game to give the game a more challenging feel but don't forget to make these monsters fit into the story of the game. An nexample of this would be something like a monster that is linked to water to help tell the story of how mira came to be in the water. I go more in depth in my video so I hope you enjoy and good luck for the future of this game and others you will work on.