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This game is absolutely amazing

A topic by Intex Gaming created 96 days ago Views: 108 Replies: 2
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I played the first northbury grove (and was one of the first to upload the gameplay of it) and I juts had to play this one. I dind't know that you had released another game until today but as soon as I saw it, I played it and I have to say that it is absolutely amazing. You took so much feedback from the previous game and put so much effort into this game which is something you rarely see. 

The game is almost perfect apart from two things.

1. The killer always knows where you are and instead of looking for you like in the previous game, it felt a bit forced that the killer would chase after you or go to the room you was in. 

2. the end scene with the killer was way too dark. I really couldn't see anything at all so I hope I didn't miss anything by not completing the end scene.

They are really small flaws that I thought the game had but the game is amazing. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to play more of northbury grove in the future. Here is my video so I hope you enjoy. (Also, the last part about me not being named in the credits was a joke, I don't mind lol)


Thanks so much for playing King's Comfort, Intex! Glad you enjoyed the new game, I look forward to watching your playthrough!

I really did want to write out EVERYONE that has streamed the game in the credits. In fact, I had a giant list I was writing out but I forgot to save the document and I couldn't bring myself to rewrite it. I do recognize pretty much everyone and we appreciate your feedback and support, these playthroughs are crucial to take notes with. And in many ways, it's how we can experience the game as we would if we hadn't made it ourselves, which is huge.



Don't worry. I know what it is like to be a developers and the time constrains you have. I was joking about putting my name in the credits. I just love to play games and review them and this series you have going on is a pretty awesome one. Can't wait for more from the team and to see more from this series. Good luck for the future.