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This game is a perfect example of how to pull of atmosphere and suspense but deliver an experience that feels imcomplete. When I first saw this game and started it up, I had high hopes for it and while the atmosphere in the game was well organised, there wasn't much else to it. There was really nothing scary or horrific about the game to call it a horror game. I feel like many indie developers fall for this by either making a horror game with tons of jumpscares that get old fast or make an atmospheric game that really has no conclusion. This game is the latter. The atmosphere is there but apart from that, there is nothing else. Nothing to really scare the player or to make them feel more on edge while playing and the only reason players feel scared is more due to the phycology of how the game is marketed rather than the gameplay itself. 

With that being said, it does have potential to become something more than just an atmospheric game and there are even some examples of games that do this perfectly. Madison being one game in particular that creates perfect suspense for the player while delovering a good payoff in the end game. I feel like this game was to follow a similar pattern but fell short of that.

I do go more into detail about this game in my video so I hope you give it a watch.