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This game is interesting. The use of FMV as a game mechanic to piece together the mystery is genius however, thats were it stops because I honestly think this is way too easy especially while there is time stamps on the recording which makes the game a whole lot easier to complete. 

Also, I anticipated a jumpscare in the game but nothing came from it. The suspence quickly decipated while playing because of this. Even after failing on purpose to see what would happen.... still nothing but a video showing the killer and what he "potentially" did to the player.

Another flaw is that the play button didn't play the whole video and we never got to see the whole rendered video which made me feel disappointed.

However, even with these flaws, the game still stands out to me because of the way it is portrayed. Also, there seems to be a deeper mystery to all this with 2 tape not even fitting into the game at all.

Either way, the game is fun to play and to piece together but there needs to be something else there for it to be a horror game. If its not a horror game then the vibe you went for is all wrong. I do recommend other to play this because it seems to have a bigger mystery to all of it. I made a video on this game and go into more detail. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you so much for your in-depth feedback for the game! 

You make a lot of strong points towards ways in which we can improve the game play experience and we are super thankful for that.  We will definitely keep these points in mind for potential future releases of this game and in future games.  

We're glad that you were still able to enjoy your game play experience and again greatly appreciate the feedback. :)